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  1. Portillo

    The Simpsons quotes

    Your fired.
  2. Portillo

    The Simpsons quotes

    Homer, why are we down here? I told you Bernie, to guard the bee. But why? Oh you guys are pathetic. No wonder Smithers made me head bee guy. Oh it's getting away. We did bad...
  3. Portillo

    Central Coast Mariners: Season 2018/19

    Surprised he lasted this long.
  4. Portillo

    West Melbourne: Season 2019/20

    Athletic sounded so much better.
  5. Portillo

    The Simpsons quotes

    "Alright, read me back what I have so far." “Bird, bird, giant eye, pyramid, bird.” “Very good. Uh, giant eye, dead fish, cat heat, cat head, cat head, guy doing this..."
  6. Portillo

    The Simpsons quotes

  7. Semi or pro it will fail. Haha!
  8. Portillo

    Football Media Discussion 2

    Just downloaded kayo sport and watching the asian cup. So far so good.
  9. Portillo

    Central Coast Mariners: Season 2018/19

    Can't imagine mulvey lasting the season? Aloisi should be an option I'd say.
  10. Portillo

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 1

    Reports suggesting he is keen on Australia.
  11. Portillo

    Toilet Seat Playoffs

    God of War 4. 🤙
  12. Portillo

    Toilet Seat Playoffs

    FFA admit VAR refs didn't even see the replay because of some tech stuff up. Crazy stuff. Probably my least favourite a-league season and I've been watching since season 1.
  13. Portillo

    The Simpsons quotes

    Your father really needs your help. You don't want him to get a lobotomy do you Hmmm, lobotomy. That's alright, son.
  14. Portillo

    The Simpsons quotes

    Bart, have you started smoking? No. Don't lie to me boy. Uh huh, cigarettes. Just as I thought. My boss said his warehouse was full. Yeah, right. I'm going to teach you a lesson. I'm going to stand here and watch you smoke every one of those cigarettes. Then maybe you'll learn. Fat Tony sent me over to pick up the goods. Right in here, my man. Hey kid, you look good with that cigarette, kind of sophisticated. Son, I'll never doubt you again.