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  1. I'd not be against it if it turned out to be true.
  2. JT isn't the kind of guy to leak or release info like that.
  3. Correct. Only at the corner of the ground will there be the same LED effect (being installed now)
  4. Honestly, I struggle to keep up with who is who on the forum, and who is who in real life 😂
  5. Haha don't worry man! None taken just figured and pop in and at least say hello! Hahaha if the opportunity arises I'll be singing your praises to her!
  6. I have a great Zlatan story I may share on the forum or the show one day! I've actually had some fun with other club attempted signings, might one day share those 😂 Thanks of course! I didn't even intend for it to go public! Thought my friend would have realised how outlandish it was before running it! One of the few times the A-League opened the 7 news sports reports haha!
  7. If it's any consolation, you were smarter than most my friend haha!
  8. Some context to that story, I was in media at the time. A reporter I was friends with asked for a rumour for the A-League signings, I texted back that Klose looked good for WSW. I was as surprised as most when I saw it run on Channel 7s sports broadcast that evening! I expected my friend to at least get double confirmation! 😂 Anyway, appreciate the kind words! And thank you for listening!
  9. I merely present the info I'm given. Klose was a joke at the time. Everyone is more than welcome to pass their own judgement. The comments above are accurate. Duke has no intention to return to Australia. But hey, you are right. Take it with a grain of salt if you want. Also, haven't been a real estate agent for a while. In the property game so GunnerWanderer is half right
  10. @mturnerATB has blocked you from viewing his tweets.
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