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  1. Considered it. Wasn’t overly sure if the rest of the gallery would pick up on it. have wanted to do it for a while, own goals are tricky. Don’t want to get it wrong if there’s a minor touch. next time as long as everyone realised what’s going on.
  2. Agreed. If they applied that fire and grit, some of those games where 'luck' wasn't on our side, we'd have won. Talent, and decent players is one thing, their attitude means more. If they do this for more games, we'd be in a far better position on the table.
  3. hopefully he continues it. He's a winner and can do it on the big stage. And did it at Brisbane - his goal scoring rate was good. Not a good comparison with Meier. The true test is whether he can do it consistently. I certainly hope so.
  4. The other one - is the lads showed heart. We need this every game. Every game is a final. CR talks about winners, and he said that games like this show who the real winners and leaders are. They've shown themselves. They now need to do it week in week out.
  5. Next run down I'll bring up Rammstein. I'll most likely get told to shut up, as I always do during pre-production.
  6. At the end of the day, if the rest of the fans don't sing it, what do you expect them to do? It's why they went back to this format. Song 2 is great imo!
  7. There is actually a lot of evidence floating around that the younger audience (or a specific audience) don't consume football as MUCH as the rest of us. This isn't the hard and fast rule. It's not like every single kid doesn't watch football. Examples would be like where you'd watch every A-League match in a round, or 4-5 Premier League matches because you love football, whereas there's a demo that doesn't. They will watch 90 minutes of their team sure, but won't watch the other 3-4 fixtures. It's not to do with interest in Football. In fact the younger crowd is just as engaged with
  8. the production company with the club's input of course. (all clubs around the world use an external company for this stuff, before someone decides to complain about this). We tried Glorious as a walkout theme but the sidelines didn't get into it. Hard to force something like what Victory have. Needs to be organic. Give it 10 years I'm sure something relevant will come up and be universally acceptable for sides and the active.
  9. Peak AL lost it's power as a phrase when it started getting mentioned every time someone fell over on Fox.
  10. I can’t imagine him looking any other way hahaha
  11. Don’t worry. It’s not like I choose the songs haha
  12. Natta has been fantastic. Ziggy continues to impress me.
  13. More of a lurker. Last season they ran a lot of local artists in a lot of the pre-game. This season is less music based because of the pre-game show.
  14. No drill in my repertoire but I can do Wonderwall, Greenday, and Tenacious D.
  15. I don’t control the tunes. Haha. Otherwise I’d be singing and you don’t want that.
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