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  1. 806- Lopar The Great Let’s be real, it wasn’t a game for the ages. A nil-all against Brisbane isn’t what we’d expect but it kept nil-all mainly thanks to the man between the sticks: Daniel Lopar. We will discuss Lopar amongst many others alongside fellow Wanderers fan Pia who is also part of the RBB and La Banda (the drums of the RBB) for a discussion on active support plus the preview for the match in Geelong against newcomers Western United. This is Around the Bloc and saved by Lopar. Click here to listen!
  2. ATB Blog | Football Nation Radio A Place To Call Home On the eve of the new A-League season, one of the biggest stories is the homecoming of the Wanderers. I’ve never really been one for clichés, but there’s really no other way to describe what this coming Saturday night really means. Read more HERE
  3. 801 - Home Coming We're back! In Pog Form! We're also proud to be partnering with Football Nation Radio - You're voice of Football in Australia! The season is a few days away as is the return home to Parramatta. The western side of ATB come together and discuss the current squad for the 19/20 season along with the preseason that was, our best starting eleven and what we can expect to see on the pitch. This is the refreshed Around the Bloc. Episode 801 - Seasons Greetings
  4. It's coming! I should have clarified! We'll be launching some exciting stuff this season!
  5. I'd not be against it if it turned out to be true.
  6. JT isn't the kind of guy to leak or release info like that.
  7. Correct. Only at the corner of the ground will there be the same LED effect (being installed now)
  8. Honestly, I struggle to keep up with who is who on the forum, and who is who in real life 😂
  9. Haha don't worry man! None taken just figured and pop in and at least say hello! Hahaha if the opportunity arises I'll be singing your praises to her!
  10. I have a great Zlatan story I may share on the forum or the show one day! I've actually had some fun with other club attempted signings, might one day share those 😂 Thanks of course! I didn't even intend for it to go public! Thought my friend would have realised how outlandish it was before running it! One of the few times the A-League opened the 7 news sports reports haha!
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