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  1. Oh that was you! Lovely to meet you mate! I was pretty fired up at that point! Thanks mate! It's a fun gig!
  2. Hey mate! Would have been great to meet you, should have told me it was you!
  3. I'm pretty sure they've dulled the volume. Lots of people complained about how loud the PA was. Maybe my Hosting voice is just too loud 😂
  4. Hey @wendybr you may have noticed but your feedback, and others, was taken on board for the pre-walkout drone. You'll notice it has changed last two games to music.
  5. Bit of insight from the Chief Sports Reporter for the Southend Echo! https://www.aroundthebloc.com.au/818-a-chat-with-chris-phillips-southend-echo/
  6. And here it is! https://www.aroundthebloc.com.au/818-a-chat-with-chris-phillips-southend-echo/ Great insight into our new signing Simon Cox!
  7. Another Special coming up tomorrow! What can we expect from Simon Cox! ATB chat to Chris Phillips, Chief Sports Reporter for the Southend Echo. Great insight, nice short 20 minute pod for your audio pleasure!
  8. I wasn't trying to be a dick. There's more I wish I could say. Although there are limited options.
  9. 817 – The Fall of Babbel(on) The inevitable came through on Monday morning after a frustrating and performance void of any spark or optimism. Markus Babbel’s run as Wanderers manager is over after a near year and a half and it hasn’t been the best. Turner, Josh and Nick are joined by the man-in-demand Stephen to discuss Babbel’s dismissal, what went wrong, look at the squads performance and what is needed to lift this club back to the top. We’ve taken into account the time the VAR calls have needed and included that total, so this episode is an extra thirty minutes for
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