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  1. The really interesting thing in all this is that NRL and AFL are the cause of all of this problem. Foxsports has paid over for their rights, we are talking massive amounts, and they have not driven increases in subscriptions. The cutting of football is tiny and a very short term solution to try and stem the bleeding due to AFL and NRL
  2. My view he would have the potential to be at least a Broich type longevity
  3. Holtby can also play deeper, more of the #8 role that Mooy played for us when Shinji was here
  4. oh please please yes to lewis holtby, I was sad to see him leave Spurs
  5. Clearly you don't watch WRC, the Yaris kicks serious butt with a turbo fitted
  6. There is a very clear way to succeed overseas. Hard Work.
  7. I honestly don’t think it’s the execs, the Gallops etc, I do however believe that KGJ and a number of officials do have something serious against us
  8. Don’t often agree with what you say, but this one and the previous one just above, I think you nailed it. Well said
  9. Happy it is SWS, propose that it be called the compass derby WSWvSWS, but the A league will now have a team in line with the long term planning for Sydney. The 3 cities model being followed by NSW Govt and agencies is Eastern City (based on Sydney CBD) River City (based on Parramatta east to Homebush and north to the Hills) Western or Parkland City centered around the new Aerotopolis Aligns perfectly with our teams
  10. More indication that Babel is in for the long haul, this is great news
  11. sorry that should have been 292 minutes not games (as i couldn't see which he started versus off the bench, my bad for that) I assumed he had photo's, but 3 different coaches, shook my belief in that one. Technically this is about Sotirio so I didn't break my promise on last comment on this
  12. My final comment on this, Sotirio is the longest serving player at the Wanderers, he has played 292 games. Babel has had (now) 3 League games 6 competitive games as coach. So I can see how making a judgement on 1 is equivalent to the other.
  13. Having an opinion is one thing, having a sensible, informed and knowledgeable opinion is another. I can have an opinion on whether a person should put a particular cross beam at a location when they are building a 30 storey building. It would be wise that the person not listen to me as I don't have a clue about building a skyscraper. I may be a fan of that building but it would probably be best if I kept quiet about it. Just because you have an opinion doesn't mean one should voice it. Especially when it is coming from having zero experience. Yes I get the being a fan ad having an opinion, but seriously if we are going to accept all opinions as having merit, you might as well make this the facebook page. Why don't we sign Messi, Ronaldo etc. If the comment is stupid the person should be told there comment is stupid
  14. Jesus Christ, just let him manage the side, if you can do better go and get a FIFA Pro licence and start managing a team. To many EA Sports managers on here think they can do a job. STFU, You don't have a clue
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