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  1. I don't agree with Beer on other things, but on this one Beer you are 100% spot on in my books. Yes it was wrong, it's pathetic. and I'm with Beer that i don't want people in my club claiming to represent my club making this statement. I also agree that it is wrong and pathetic what other clubs get away with, what the Cove gets away calling Victory makes my blood boil, I hate that word, have always hated it even as a school boy. Growing up with a mate who's older brother suffered brain damage at birth and was called that word I find it highly offensive. You want to call it our Media etc?
  2. The same point he has said again, and again, and again, and again, and again. Hence my comment
  3. Oh just shut up, surely your violin must be broken by now. Just get over it.
  4. Bugger I have to check the URL, I think I've logged onto Facebook
  5. Pull your head in fecking twat. Funny how you say you don’t like it., but you are constantly negative. I have zero time for people like you
  6. will do, and I will neither confirm not deny that i'm in 17............... nah I can deny I am in 17,16 or 15.
  7. No 216, it is like that isn't. Just breath, happy place happy place ( seeing Covic walking around with that trophy was a happy place)
  8. Honestly if they weren't such good seats LOL I would, at some point I will say something.
  9. Agree 100%. There is a fat arsehat that sits directly behind me, he hasn’t seen his toes in 30 years. Not sure why he comes, he seems to hate all the players, especially Georgevski, and Fussbolgot, as for Lopar, his view ‘yea not bad’ but he needs to catch the ball. His teen son is a moron who has to have basic explanations of the game. And they just don’t shut up, all game. At some I’m going to snap.
  10. Having been introduced to the mechanisms of Climate Change and Global Warming whilst an undergraduate in the early 90's by a Professor who in the true meaning of the word was a Sceptic. He was not certain at that point as the data was still not conclusive but taught us to think rationally and scientifically it is amazing to see what is happening. I honestly believe the "merchants of Doubt", their paymasters and the deluded deniers are going so hard after Great, because these are their dying days, they have delayed action, but they can see they haven't stopped it, they see that there are just
  11. The really interesting thing in all this is that NRL and AFL are the cause of all of this problem. Foxsports has paid over for their rights, we are talking massive amounts, and they have not driven increases in subscriptions. The cutting of football is tiny and a very short term solution to try and stem the bleeding due to AFL and NRL
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