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  1. So apparently Reda Johnson is being released from my beloved Sheffield Wednesday due to injury/fitness issues meaning he can't get through a standard 46-game season in the UK. Hmm...replacement for D'Apuzzo?
  2. love love love beating the mariners because it means i get to see the tears in piggy montgomery's eyes. santalab, ono, polenz and la rocca all kicked him to pieces [taste of his own medicine] then to top it all off he gets floored by his own keeper's goal kick. brilliant. speaking of which, if anyone finds any video footage of the above incident it would be greatly appreciated shame bridgey may miss the grand final - assuming santalab would just be shifted wide left with tomi coming in. d'apuzzo had the best game i've ever seen him play [6/10] so i knew it was going to be a good night...
  3. aussieowl87

    Mark Bridge

    the guy's written into wanderers history already. first goal, first brace, first hat-trick, leading scorer. why not cap it all off with another grand final goal?
  4. tickets purchased. i think the 1 extra for each member makes sense. i sit with my wife and father-in-law. mother-in-law, friend and brother coming. just fits nicely. had people at work pester me to get them tickets then complain about how someone "bought 40". despite me explaining the lengths someone would need to go to in order to do that, she still doesn't see sense. hmm. bridge to score and play in another winning grand final team. #mraleague
  5. Blasphemy .. Absolute Blasphemy! haha i knew you'd be first to reply
  6. thought both number 9's weren't particularly effective - but in the first half a lot of the build-up through the middle ended up with the ball at bridge's feet [rather than looking to find gibbs first], who then created opportunities for the remaining front 3. i like how gibbs plays i just don't think it's suited to our system which emphasises the need for a "target man". then the "target man" came on, and despite all the chants, cheers and applause, dino was still dino. a yard off every header, chasing things he doesn't need to, not looking threatening in the slightest. then the stupid theatrics and tackles come out. tired of it to be honest. people may say "what about his run down the right?" - look at it this way. if dino hadn't pointlessly ran back to triple mark a man, the cleared ball would've gone to his head [hopefully] and he would've flicked it on to appiah-kubi's run. instead, we lost shape and kwabena was forced to be the temporary top man. call me crazy but i would've much rathered it be dino on to appiah-kubi rather than vice versa... always felt ok about getting a result, as always it was just a matter of time. massive game next week. coyw.
  7. sitting behind the goal at the south end with the under 16's i coach. first game i'll have watched from anywhere else other than my usual 2nd tier halfway west stand spot. no poncho required. roll on the rain!
  8. mooy substitution had to happen. when we have 2 holding midfielders, mooy has the time to spray his passes around, but needs someone strong defensively next to him. was always going to be poljak [who was my man of the match] sitting on his own in front of the back 4. still don't understand the dino love. the man is frustrating and flatters to deceive. the chant of his name that starts up any time he does anything a technically inept footballer could manage is cringeworthy [his "shot" straight at the keeper, the one that nearly went out for a throw-in]. don't get me wrong, i'll never boo the guy, but i really think we could do with getting a new front man in... p.s. bridge was mr consistent as always. nearly had 2 assists.
  9. Mate youre not the aussieowl who posts on sheff wed's vital football forum by any chance are you? Only Wednesday forum I'm on is Owlstalk. There's a few of us floating around though...
  10. was miles better than NTS. only NTS scored and therefore got more votes
  11. as some have suggested, this will hopefully push bridge to play at 9. the number of times dino has been running the same line as the player in possession of the ball has absolutely done my nut in... best of luck to the kid. hope popa works his magic
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