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  1. stabtag


    ***couldnt edit post ^^^^^^^^^^ Was going back down memory lane and stumbled again across this thread. Not sure how the chants going these days in the bay. But here...I've found the original video that was the inspiration for the chant. The entire video is the chant but it starts weak, and slowly as the video goes on its gets stronger and stronger. Go to 5:34 to skip the weaker parts. This video was literally the inspiration for the chant. I wrote it watching this video. No trumpets. Not drumming. Just strong vocals which only get stronger, never weaker. Th
  2. Respect to South Bloc for Victory game at home. Give em hell boys
  3. Only just seen this thread and I've got to agree. I Poznan because no matter what happens on the field i will always support the team. I don't need to be watching the game to love my team. I don't need to know the score to love my team. All i need to do is be there, with the rest of the bloc. Supporting in unity.
  4. For all you sticker freaks! New batch of Official RBB stickers will be available @ The Roxy Hotel, pre-game at our next home game. We'll also have badges and some new RBB keyrings. Not to mention another batch of bar scarves. As always everything made goes right back into the terrace. Also, for anyone travelling overseas and wanting some RBB on tour stickers. Be sure to drop me a line and i'll do my best to hook you up with stickers we have in stock.
  5. We'll be moving all Official RBB videos to a new channel. I've taken all my videos down from the other channel and have created a new channel that will become the new Official channel for all RBB videos. Ill share the link once a video or two have been re-uploaded. In regards to the camera that was at the front of the terrace at the last home game. Yea we got some sweet footage. Being made into a small clip and will be uploaded onto this new channel soon.
  6. hahaha im liking it already
  7. Thread unpinned and Banter page created http://www.westsydneyfootball.com/topic/4801-bay-to-bay-banter/
  8. Where the one-upmanship takes hold
  9. Id change it to something else tbh but its ur design just my 2 cents
  10. Compass is a little too covish for my liking tbh lol
  11. Looking for a few badge designs. If you've got anything up your sleeve please PM me as soon as you can.
  12. Any designers keen on joining the team and submitting a few designs for future merch send me a pm
  13. How much $$$$? I read $10 for a mixed pack of 10 or $5 for 7 RBB on tour stickers, i could be wrong though Thats it
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