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  1. Read Bonita's article - https://footballtoday.news/features/ffa-board-confronts-their-first-governance-challenge-with-alen-stajcic-decision
  2. Guaranteed. So visible. I'd be advising all players to fall over in the box. We'll get everything tonight.
  3. I've heard many stories that corroborate this - e.g. English FA qualified ref moved to Aus coming from reffing in Championship and 1st Div told he would have to do local referees course to be able to ref State League. It's a proper boys club, all about who you know.
  4. 0-1 Early goal by Keanu. Accidental clean sheet. Santa has a goal disallowed by VAR.
  5. Best I have ever heard was 'Parts' for Anthony Hancock. Toe. Knee. Hand. C0ck.
  6. And already paying dividends. We managed to press Victory for almost the whole match, that was the main reason they looked ordinary. Count the number of players surrounding the ballplayer in the mid and front thirds. For those wondering why Babbel is getting an easier run than Gumby, there's your answer - we have defensive structure and a coherent plan for transition. This was clear early on, I remember commenting on it during some FFA Cup matches. The results have not been going our way because the cattle couldn't execute, both physically and mentall(it)y. The Brazilian seems to be getti
  7. <quote> On 07/12/2018 at 11:53 AM, TehSmileyBandit said: We will win 3-1 from 3-0 up. You heard it here first. Expect a cuppla changes Vedge Riz BJ Zig (43' / Y) Taz (Y) Tok (71') Keanu (Y) Jaush AB10 (10') Broooce Ori Bench: Fitz (Jaush 61'), Majok (Ori 88'), Raul, JoD (AB10 72'), Suman</quote> Not_bad.gif
  8. Horrible performance. Your tightarse Chairman needs to loosen the purse strings and fix the spine. Get a marquee host from a big podcast in Europe, a quality curmudgeon (maybe Sth America?) and get a min wage squaddie to supplement the analysis team. While I'm on it, where is the leader?! Stephen needs to stop standing there with his hand up waiting for a foul (language) to be called and spray Turner for his terrible defending (and segues). Sorry Tatts.
  9. We will win 3-1 from 3-0 up. You heard it here first. Expect a cuppla changes Vedge Riz BJ Zig (43' / Y) Taz (Y) Tok (71') Keanu (Y) Jaush AB10 (10') Broooce Ori Bench: Fitz (Jaush 61'), Majok (Ori 88'), Raul, JoD (AB10 72'), Suman
  10. What has Caceres got that Roly, AB10, Grozos don't have? Would be another squaddie.
  11. Wasn't that the point though? You've got an elevator ride to 'pitch' your potential sale. Shelve the tedious details, assume complexity resolves itself on your side (because why wouldn't it?) and sell your position. After all, you want to ensure that the 'discussion' goes in the direction that you want it to. I think the above speaks to the apparent 'smugness' of the left, something that has always grated, given I generally agree with its ideals - the vaccines and climate change examples above being great examples.
  12. My favourite is the WSW Fandom Reactions. I was seriously considering starting a thread called "The Optimist" because sometimes I feel like TehSmileyBandit in room full of FrowneyDowners. There is so much disgruntled, entitled commentary that it makes me sick. That's meant to be for the sky blue side of town. Be annoyed at selections, underwhelmed by specific performances and critical of set-up, but support LOVE your club. We need to be a family. Sure, you need to kick other family members up the backside on occasion, but more importantly, you must defend and support them with everything you h
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