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  1. So much for benefit of the doubt
  2. Why the **** are they playing at these balls, just leave them ffs
  3. GTA V Gameplay Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyU-sMZADiQ
  4. If it is true, i would want someone that has the same amount of passion for the club that SAF has. I would love to see Solskjaer in charge, as he is a legend and has some managerial experiece. But i would think that they would want some with experience such as Moyes. I wouldn't want someone like Mourinho, who will only be at the club for a few years and will leave when he gets bored. One thing that is certain is that no one can truly replace Sir Alex Ferguson.
  5. Jarosz213

    Dino Kresinger

    May his memory live on
  6. Apparently Gotze signed for Bayern, didn't see that coming
  7. Jarosz213

    Dino Kresinger

    I got a feeling Dino going to score the winning penalty in the shootout
  8. Any tips for beginners? I just got my first Football Manager game yesterday.
  9. Jarosz213

    Shannon Cole

  10. yeh, you could see how much it meant to him. That also brought up his 20th league goal of the season.
  11. Solid win for us against Stoke. That win means we only need 7 points to claim the tittle and can potentially claim it at Arsenal or at home against Chelsea a week later.
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