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  1. Sounds like some haven't gotten over it..... that is the beauty of some legends (in this case true) - they are eternal, just like Diego will be.
  2. sydney fc in the acl - the gift that keeps on giving....
  3. Hopefully the same will repeat itself tonight without Redmayne....
  4. alexd

    Macarthur FC

    he's caught up with Liam Reddy - only 5 to go to break all records
  5. and "has featured in 16 matches since 2013" Isn't that 2 matches per year?
  6. Will do anything to escape the lockdown
  7. I would have thought that a TD role would take a bit of time and effort - but then again it's Inter Lions
  8. "Western Sydney Wanderers star Daniel Georgievski is set to embark on his coaching journey as the 32-year-old was announced as Inter Lions’ Technical Director for the Youth Boys overseeing and implementing training sessions throughout all the club’s age groups" Does that mean he's gone? source: https://footballnsw.com.au/2020/10/13/georgievski-excited-about-inter-lions-coaching-role/
  9. Damn right... I wouldn't mind six years straight at the top, breaking records and peeping our bitter rival in the trophy count !!!
  10. Straight swap McGowan for NTS and make him captain (again)
  11. This is part that worries me - I'd like to know what the disagreements were. I'm not convinced with the club's direction since Popa left us.
  12. I honestly think that we could have ridden out the Popovic and Spotless issues, if we had for example gotten Rudan or Talay or someone who knew the AL and the club ethos (hard working, etc) and not try to change the culture. Here is the squad you have for the next year - work with it !!! - then the year after we will see about recruitments. As much as enjoyed Gambau in Adelaide, we don't share the same DNA. Overseas coaches without a long term project (3-5 years) usually don't do well. But it's not just the football - JT failed to work with the RBB and fans in general !!!! I remember he wasn't supportive of approved smoke and/or confetti (and yet hundreds of kids f%$$#ng do paper planes) at the new stadium launch.
  13. Agree also. We've become that 7th heaven club we used to laugh at...... and now its humble pie time. Not that I would take that comment from a smurf without punching them in the nose.... but it does hurt (a lot) Never in my wildest did I think a club with this much potential could ever be here - we ARE football... and yet they manage to f$#% it up. You would think the afl or Ch7 are running the club
  14. "He had become disillusioned by the financial hurdles hampering the club from striving for the success they enjoyed under Ange Postecoglou." ....an he's coming to us???
  15. The speed of the announcement smells like not amicable
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