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  1. Rolled his ankle at school playing 5 a-side. Def gone to the Stallions
  2. Now if they would only pay a fair price for the water that's gifted to them.....
  3. Done deal. Its the only club doing bad enough for Popa to take his sons to and not stick out like sore thumbs.....
  4. “In an environment when women’s football is at the centre of Football Australia’s post COVID-19 recovery the outcome of this vote is both a personal blow and a blow to other women who aspire to be leaders in our sport and to effect change for the good of the game." Just because you're a woman (or man for that matter) doesn't automatically make you the better candidate. Bonita M. contributed much more to the sport.... Maybe if you weren't such a vindictive b*&#@ !!!! Rejoice Alen S. + Stefan K.
  5. I doubt very much that ATB would have done their intro if the only commentating available was speedie's.
  6. They don't want us to do a WDYSF !!!
  7. New kits haven't come in yet or Marra already making cut$$$
  8. If he jumped for it, which he did, then he's in play as far as I'm concerned.
  9. Always felt he was also worthy of a blue banner commemoration? No guys, serious no, just a joke....
  10. That against us would have been a penalty!!!!
  11. What the f#%# was all that about? How did he award a foul from THERE?
  12. Wasn't there one that even won the AFC Champions League MVP? - the only one from memory, and incredibly hard, almost impossible for a GK to win. There were also rumours that the competition was rebranded to "ACL" in his honour (Ante Covic Legend)
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