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  1. alexd

    West Melbourne: Season 2019/20

    Why do they persist with Pride and Warriors? We already have the mardi gras and the NZ nrl franchise.....
  2. alexd

    All Doom and Gloom? There's Hope.

    Need the likes of Shaun and Lyle to truly engage with fans and dialoge/compromise with the RBB with pretty much everything except those things that are illegal not merely family unfriendly. Reinstate those banned for whims (swearing, being evicted for not seating in their seat, etc) Stop pandering to non football community/press and stop bending over for the FFA. Victory was able to rebuild their terrace, so can we - but we need our RBB front and centre..... Leaving sop/soulless will help, but people not only locations make WSW great !!!!!!
  3. Some of them have jumped back to the evil side for the free merch + tix; we'll see how they go once he hangs up those boots......
  4. And who determines that it was accidentals. In my younger years i played with individuals who would be masters of falling over opponents and stomp them on the way down and made it look accidental. We were only 10m away from the action and couldn't tell... Also strikers who would lightly elbiw opponents when jumping for a header and you also couldn't tell. Like most of the technical fouls esfc commit - these are tought and practiced... (cunning arnold methods)
  5. WESTern Sydney Wanderers WESTern Sydney Stadium BankWEST Stadium Parramatta is now only the locality....
  6. Embarrassing ain't it. Its worse here at the stadium
  7. But everyone does hate them.... not necessarily for those reasons
  8. We're in +20 (just decided as a group)
  9. alexd

    RD 2 - Smurfs - Sat 27 Oct 2018

    .... and we will oblige en-mass (by not attending and filling their pockets. Even if we're doing ****, our home derbies will get more people (by capacity ratio) than they will f*## off esfc !!!
  10. “Fans will have the opportunity to purchase affordable food and drinks, with pricing more in line with suburban grounds … (they) will also be able to bring their own food and non-alcoholic drinks into the stadium,”.... This can only be good..... right?
  11. As someone on that Twitter link said "we're fùçķed...." He will never forget how much we loathe him.....
  12. alexd

    RD 2 - Smurfs - Sat 27 Oct 2018

    Opting for riff over scg. F$@# em and their crowd average for this year.... Man U of asia.... ppplease!!!!