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  1. Thank God for that. At least we'll hold on to 9th place....
  2. Ringo Starr was also hated by fans at first..... but a no from me.
  3. And yet someone like Lyall Gorman can take a new club to ACL glory in its first attempt (Popa was responsible, but I'm sure its part teamwork) + taking the Sharks from wooden spooners to their first ever NRL title - I also hear he's doing ok at the Sea Eagles. Maybe some administrators are simply better than others.....
  4. It was never a hoax - I was Y2K project manager for our software development firm and we did do testing with '00', and yes things would have failed. Less impacting in some industries, more serious for aviation, shipping and rail - but rest assured things would have failed. The COMBINED consequences of multiple systems failing, no one could predict. What it did do is put everyone on notice and systems/software were changed to cater for the event, resulting in many $$$$ spent (necessary/unavoidable). The media, as the media does, hyped it up and the general population that didn't do a bit of reading (see above) bought into the doomsday theory.
  5. And so he was subbed - but so did Elrich in other games.....but Russel still better than Wilmering (except crossing when we played WU)
  6. I need to change my vote simply because a professional coach is not able to shut down the game by making necessary changes to bolster the defense/midfield and grinding down the win.....
  7. As if the entertainment on this side of the world is any less ghastly......
  8. Clearly a smurf. Still bitter about that goal that WASN'T one - which was inequitable confirmed by none other than Arnie's bitch (slater)
  9. Likewise but only because i didn't have my reading glasses and couldn't see the detail on the measuring tape (caps)
  10. No extra funds... just splitting the $50 kitty in half !!!!
  11. If we can't win it outright, based on the above I'd settle for 6th (and them 7th heaven again)
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