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  1. Lennon/McCartney Jagger/Richards Popa/Milicic
  2. Can't like this post enough times.... +100
  3. No different to redmayne against perth......
  4. Ono was both though many hadn't heard of him. Totally agree. Plus i would rather have 5 Polenzes than 1 Ribery
  5. I'm with wanderboy. I think they've had a nugde from AS' lawyers.... or at least I hope they did.....
  6. Not good enough..... resign now you %$#@%^. Stajcic was our best chance of wc glory even despite of Ante.
  7. And also makes Grant look like less of the c#@$ that he really is.....
  8. How hard would ot be to insert mid week games to fit those 3 weeks. F***, we do it over January already don't we? I swear that the ffa are on the afl's books. No other explanation...
  9. Sorry jumped the gun. That was last year.... still ffa=nfi
  10. 2019-20 season draw R1 melb derby R2 syd derby FFA/FOX = NFI
  11. Exactly what the smurfs wanted from the start
  12. Hamer is dismissive of anything not anglo-saxon or not north shore/eastern suburbs. Been listening for a long time and she always comes across as an undertoned racist. oi oi oi
  13. Agree. But final series is controlled by ffa/gallop... expect f### ups And JT hasn't really got a good track record of getting anything out of that mob....
  14. Until the day we play a semi vs esrc or a gf against a nsw side.......
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