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  1. alexd

    FFA Cup 2019

    Could be the krslovic connection. I thonk he was pres or board member once upon a time.
  2. And then people wonder the why behind arnietifogate.... add to it corica's "rookie coach" swipe and you can't help but agreeing with the message.
  3. Did that teenager in the crowd find DANIEL?
  4. alexd

    AFL Thread 2

    Maybe that's the 2nd best option for the afl machine... whilst they failed to capture the afl crowds (or any crowds for that matter), they figured they'd stay on to fight with local councils for field allocations to p**s off proper football clubs/comps, etc.
  5. Knowing our luck and Bossi's midas touch he'll probably get him deported....
  6. They will never reach the peak of 125 that we enjoyed back in 2014 !!!!
  7. Only a football person would think/agree to 3 full rounds with games played midweek. Anything else is PS. Plus no allowances for acl rounds/clubs.... We won it without concessions - what has everyone else done WITH them......
  8. alexd

    AFL Thread 2

    If nothing else to use him as click bait for football and then go on record saying something like football is a better sport and genuinely global/inclusive etc....
  9. I hear Acciona should be available by year's end....
  10. Can we di something about those benches.... They look like a bus stop for the T-way. Perhaps a two or three row like proper football clubs...
  11. We could do so much worse - think Ray Hadley... i think RG genuinely likes us and gets football. And Ithink he might even be supportive if most things RBB.
  12. Official: no confetti allowed at Bankwest......
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