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  1. GTFO - no way we should be allowing them to soil OUR stadium with their shitty livery/colours.....
  2. That is the whole point- they seldom ever get banned for things we would do....
  3. I'd be happy with the ffa/club owners seeking to and applying the same sanctions and penalties to our "trouble" supporters as they do to theirs and highlighting that its "the Australian way". No bonus points or changed opinions by going in harder against our own.
  4. alexd

    AFL Thread 2

    I call bullshit on the 14k in nsw if they are the numbers of the top areas. They sum to barely 6k which means the reminding areas would have to taper to about 3k. Unless they count every single school visit for every student who received a sticker or hat or ball, etc - even if they had spevific instructions from their parents not to even talk to them......
  5. alexd

    AFL Thread 2

    I still want to know how 30000 members are derived. Is there any way that someone can check to see if they've been added as a member AGAINST their wishes?
  6. alexd

    AFL Thread 2

    There is that knob that drives that gws themed small car on the M4 every morning - the times I wish I a few spare $$$$ so that I could ram him off the road.....
  7. alexd

    AFL Thread 2

    ^^^^^^^ Would be funnier if it wasn't true....
  8. alexd

    AFL Thread 2

    Appealing again.... f$#%^ off aleady - he should get 2 weeks if they loose 2nd appeal !!!!
  9. Well the smurfs signed ABJ as their 10, didn't they?
  10. Probably Slater not wanting his beloved sydney croatia to be punished anymore on live tv.
  11. Don't forget GM's ambitions.....
  12. Are any forumites there? Where can we get live scores?
  13. alexd

    FFA Cup 2019

    Could be the krslovic connection. I thonk he was pres or board member once upon a time.
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