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  1. Clearly a smurf. Still bitter about that goal that WASN'T one - which was inequitable confirmed by none other than Arnie's bitch (slater)
  2. Likewise but only because i didn't have my reading glasses and couldn't see the detail on the measuring tape (caps)
  3. No extra funds... just splitting the $50 kitty in half !!!!
  4. If we can't win it outright, based on the above I'd settle for 6th (and them 7th heaven again)
  5. Same here - we had 5 bottles and the guy had a proper look at them......
  6. And we also rode our luck in the ACL final.... so what? We've won it, they haven't - that is what champions do. Färk they're salty - imagine if that was a GF.... robbie, andy and corica would be admitted to a psychiatric ward....
  7. https://imgur.com/a/UUOPcQb how the hell does one insert pics again?
  8. We can always fix that up. Like Don Vitto did, we could make him an offer he won't refuse....
  9. They'll fit right in. You can tell by the photos that they're a balanced family. No show ponies or models.... Willkommen in Ihrem zweiten Zuhause !
  10. Even Saba did more (clash with Gao which had the Chinese sent off + p!ssed off Lippi) and even won the ACL with us. I think Trifiro sweated the shirt / played with more passion than ABlowJob...
  11. Proposed new tifo for Bay 217: SHUTZENFÄRKEN !
  12. Confetti? We can have confetti?
  13. Just this year. But I think it was regulars in the rbb, not necessarily rbb official.
  14. My 20c worth.... when Welcome to Our Wanderland came out I cringed. But the lyrics resonate with most, including the kids/family and the tune is catchy and has plenty of commercial pluses (which could easily be "broadcasted" on tv in the background). (+ it was done by our fans, not some PR firm) I still think that something like "western sydney wanderers" to the opening/intro of "we will rock you" (10-12 times) chanted by whole stadium would force visiting teams back to the sheds. Drums could even be over PA and can't get easier lyrics than that....
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