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  1. That's what we were shouting in Bay 217 !!!!
  2. Not much point canceling membership now, but we're handing back 2 red seats at season's end and swapping to out of town ones. We'll come back when JT f$#%s off. We were there before he was and will be there after he goes. Gorman did more for fans in ONE season than JT did since he took over. LG understood the value of the RBB and fans overall, even if he didn't agree with everything.
  3. By the way, Ibini's and Triosi's last minutes efforts in the last two weeks explain our season to a tee. How the $÷@€ can they miss the target on those shots? Mclaren, LeFondre or Derbyshire would had scored 3-4 goals with those 2 chances.
  4. What I would give for 20mins cameos from Santalab.....
  5. Shouldn't this be in the match thread?
  6. But that is the whole thing - the FFA/PFA (or whatever its called) need to realise that franchises need to be granted for the long term and for the growth of the game. If every new buyer wants to be in Sydney and Melbourne, then the 20K members we can rally (and the 12-15-20K the scum can muster) will decimate to below 15-10K and lower as the number of clubs per capital city increase. Look at the cows - they will never get to our numbers. We need to grow and promote the game in regional centres + other larger cities, where we (as a code) can saturate the local media and grassroots
  7. I don't understand why they just create two new licences and offer them to these powerhouses (pending location and other metrics) Surely CCM earned the right to exist in their own right and surely a bigger club than WU and more spine than those "invented" Cows. Matter of fact, we need another 4 teams to make it a proper 30 round league - Gold Coast, Wollongong + 2 others.
  8. Another salty trophy for the team for all Sydney.....
  9. No different to Popa in season 1. All players bought into the master plan and believing in themselves + the whole club/fans pulling in the same direction.
  10. And Popa didn't want sign on Covic, Polenz, Martinez or Antonis for another year or two.........
  11. Tass > Aspro > Spiranovic > McGowan
  12. Can we have a list for Gladys please !!! I know she's done a lot and the opposition is non-existent. But how much are all these initiatives costing the NSW taxpayer in the long term? Most things are user-pay (new stadiums, tollways, parking stations, etc)
  13. Does anybody else see the resemblance and mannerism between scomo and the one and only....... George Costanza Take a close look next time he does a press conference or a photo op !!
  14. next opponent - a RED hot Adelaide, love it
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