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  1. alexd

    Macarthur FC

    I'd give them nothing..... I know more people in Oran Park / Harrington Park that follow (and will continue to follow) WSW because we went out there first. That also applies to Kemps Creek, Leppington, Casula and Bankstown. There will be turncoats, no doubt, but we are ALL of the WEST. Btw, how did the map come up with those lines - not even a radius? Liverpool is closer to Parra and about the same distance to our club.
  2. See previous post for the correct mode. Don't be fooled into thinking that the club will pay the players if we renew (as least in full) Does anybody know if one keeps their foundation status if they downgrade to a non-ticketed or part-season membership and show up on the day to the games one can?
  3. alexd

    Macarthur FC

    One of Gino Marra's baby.... no different than Centuria is to us
  4. Only if you haven't adjusted the details to get f$#&% mode....
  5. Who misses shinsi, hersi and polenz?
  6. Time to come home Shaun (even though you are from the central coast). We're in need of some club leadership + true fan engagement.
  7. alexd

    Macarthur FC

    You can probably add any/all CCM players to the potential list
  8. Now we just need the whole of the AL on Optus
  9. Stay loyal, stay strong. This fight is generational. Maybe my grandkids will see more impartial coverage as the traditional media platforms evolve. I'm hoping that in the long run our grassroots support numbers crystalise into non-fickled fans of both the world and local game (even if it takes multiple clubs to replicate what shitney did with del piero)
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