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  1. I don't care what the new rule says (**** rule btw). Thatwas 100% pen for NWC.
  2. Totally agree. Huge pitential and a very good find from the academy. IMO better than Wilmering, howeverthe kid missed 3 in 3 games, the fisrt game the easiest. Agree yesterday's a bit harder from the header but he was alone.
  3. There's more than 5 (adults) in that clan.....
  4. You're a couple of weeks (if not some months too late)....
  5. Remember Baccus is going with the olyroos (as might Tass + Tate)
  6. You didn't offend me, on the contrary. I wish you had you restraint..... My son keeps threatening me not to sit with me if I let loose...
  7. I think I heard you... were you in 217?
  8. Fox/FFA metrics my dear. Never mind common sense, fairness and transparency....
  9. alexd

    Daniel Lopar

    "The same situation with Bernie. People say people have got contracts, but there's always a reason why a player leaves - like I said with my No.1 goalkeeper (Sweden's Daniel Lopar who left for family reasons)." Bad form SBS' TWG....
  10. And not showing ant ACL now that our teams are out. God I long for the old days of sbs. They would be all over it....
  11. I think having Covic "around" may see him being promoted and giving our keepers a hand. If that doesn't work, then simply glove up Ante. Dino Zoff played until 41 and won WC at 40 as the main gk. I rate Ante in the same vein.
  12. I on the other hand can't see Johnson splitting them. He's the only one so far that feels like the "whole of football" thingy. And he knows we won't have this opportunity for a few years to come. I trust him much more than the previous 2 administrators (afl and nrl). Hope I'm right....
  13. You could try Victor Hugo Morales' version. I suppose its all about perspective.... one gracious, the other passionate.
  14. Sounds like some haven't gotten over it..... that is the beauty of some legends (in this case true) - they are eternal, just like Diego will be.
  15. sydney fc in the acl - the gift that keeps on giving....
  16. Hopefully the same will repeat itself tonight without Redmayne....
  17. he's caught up with Liam Reddy - only 5 to go to break all records
  18. and "has featured in 16 matches since 2013" Isn't that 2 matches per year?
  19. Will do anything to escape the lockdown
  20. I would have thought that a TD role would take a bit of time and effort - but then again it's Inter Lions
  21. "Western Sydney Wanderers star Daniel Georgievski is set to embark on his coaching journey as the 32-year-old was announced as Inter Lions’ Technical Director for the Youth Boys overseeing and implementing training sessions throughout all the club’s age groups" Does that mean he's gone? source: https://footballnsw.com.au/2020/10/13/georgievski-excited-about-inter-lions-coaching-role/
  22. Damn right... I wouldn't mind six years straight at the top, breaking records and peeping our bitter rival in the trophy count !!!
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