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  1. Another salty trophy for the team for all Sydney.....
  2. No different to Popa in season 1. All players bought into the master plan and believing in themselves + the whole club/fans pulling in the same direction.
  3. And Popa didn't want sign on Covic, Polenz, Martinez or Antonis for another year or two.........
  4. Can we have a list for Gladys please !!! I know she's done a lot and the opposition is non-existent. But how much are all these initiatives costing the NSW taxpayer in the long term? Most things are user-pay (new stadiums, tollways, parking stations, etc)
  5. Does anybody else see the resemblance and mannerism between scomo and the one and only....... George Costanza Take a close look next time he does a press conference or a photo op !!
  6. next opponent - a RED hot Adelaide, love it
  7. **** that was close... bimbi frothing at the mouth
  8. Fuchs Castro, would had score against anybody else.... ABJ Bingo at 77'
  9. C'mon glory - draw some cards from the scum.... and get the 3 points (although 1 would frustrate the sh** out of them )
  10. nothing is being given to fornaroli tonight....
  11. Who's on VAR duty tonight? - surely not KGJ Pr*&^@s, just got the 1-1
  12. That's right. Only McGowan and Ziegler make crystal clear and easy for refs/VAR to give pens away...
  13. I know it's been said above, but please somebody SHUT ARCHIE UP !!!!
  14. give him Ziegler - he's an Aussie now !!!!
  15. Was going to mention it but didn't want to get banned
  16. You mean our forwards?...... So good to see Ante in our colours again !!!!
  17. Not sure exactly why, but I'm enjoying the sauces doing well. Maybe because they're not a plastic fox installed club. Or maybe because arnie no longer there. Or maybe because Staj is finally doing with a club what he did with the matildas (their best ever version). Or maybe because of Shaun. Or maybe because of Midi
  18. Or your previous relationship with arnold.....
  19. I just don't get the point of making a monster out of a burger.... everyone is doing them You're then forced to either use fork/knife or dissect it and eating it in 3-4 sections, making the diner look like an absolute pig. Definition of a burger = it must be able to be held with two normal sized hands, not Michael Jordan's ones
  20. That is where we have a better squad than last year. You now have the luxury to look at your bench for answers.... just wished that after 90secs/30mins/60mins we didn't have to look for any. On paper most of our bench would be starters on other teams - if only they were fit or didn't look half arsed when they come in
  21. Fans should all take dummies in his honor, then if we drop any points we can just spit them !!!
  22. Rolled his ankle at school playing 5 a-side. Def gone to the Stallions
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