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  1. You can tell that our decision makers (CEO?) are taking us for a ride - again !!! Think like a big club and act like a small one. Congrats to Victory's directors for acting like the BIG club you are. Congrats CCM for aspiring to be one, even though you say you're not (on ya Shaun). Our approach/gouging is the same that a really small club like the cows will undoubtedly do...
  2. Heard the 1st half by the woman commentator... so much better and 100% more relevant than that wet sock Speedy
  3. It's ok, it's not their own money.... it's OURS Very easy when not from your own pockets
  4. Is that for all membership packages/levels or just the premium?
  5. The Rattin curse continues !!!
  6. He does look very much like Robin Williams with glasses on
  7. And hence why esfc has had so much success since Pignata left
  8. 55 years of karma according to the Rattin curse - and long may that continue....
  9. Who fancies a trip to Newcastle.... provided we're still in lockdown !!
  10. You mean the VAR assisted them - AGAIN !!!! VARsil makes the final again - see highlights and tell me if that wasn't a pen....
  11. Mounties Bowling Club, Club Italia (formerly known as Fogolar Furlan), Triglav, Harbord Diggers, Fairfield Bowling Club, Manly Bowling Club, Mekong (in Cabramatta) and currently going for Wyong RSL, Halekulani Bowling Club and Breakers Country Club.
  12. Mounties specialises in buying out smaller clubs for their pokies. Yes they do support all types of sports but they are sh!t at running round ball football under the Mounties Wanderers moniker. The only reason they would be going for CCM is for their pokies, nothing else. They tried to buy out Marconi a few years ago, and the board resisted.
  13. The team formerly known as Hakoah?
  14. Keep your eye on Victory in the next 2-3 years (if Popa doesn't get the o/s bug again or blatantly plays his kids ahead of others). They'll make finals next year and win something within 3.
  15. Don't forget that we only have FOXTEL to blame (and the weaker FFA to play along with) for Western United and Macarthur, when it clearly could have gone to much more worthy bids based on location, history, local support/grassroots, best prospects for the future instead of merely KPIs.
  16. Just play all the kids and give Adelaide all points - f@ck wellington
  17. "happen" to love watching, not "have" to love watching (ok, ok Wendy)
  18. Why is it they insist in viewing us as consumers/customers - WE'RE F******NG FANS. Consumers can be bought, a true fan can never be; we see right through that sh*t. It is not a F**$*&#NG product - IT IS A SPORT WE HAVE TO LOVE WATCHING AND BEING PART OF IT. If they are here to make money from fans, then they're doomed. Make money from sponsors, govt. grants, not fans you d*#**heads........ (end_of_rant) "But most importantly it's about engaging the consumer, which is the fan, and ultimately our game suffered I think from too much stakeholder management, not enough o
  19. I'll just leave this here.... https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/get-simon-hill-to-network-10?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=&quote_id=quote4&title_id=title3&recruiter=18470349&loc=thank-you-page
  20. and ABJ would have a derby win - no %#&$ng way..... COYW
  21. That's what we were shouting in Bay 217 !!!!
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