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  1. Any Wanderers fans here going to a pub in the city instead of Parra?
  2. Ended up paying over $500 return because of barely any more of the cheap flights available, doing a one dayer because of work. Used to flying Jetstar, flying Virgin and Qantas.
  3. 3 - Hersi 2 - Topor Stanley 1 - Juric
  4. Isn't he just keeping fit for his off-season?
  5. I'm hearing their is a MatchDay program for tomorrow's game. Sounds like a good read! #MatchDayProgramsftw
  6. moxey25

    Dino Kresinger

    haha wow. That is a pretty cool feature.
  7. Tom Smithies follows my news account where I posted Dino signing. He easily stole it especially when he only follows 200 people so he would have seen it even if he wasn't on Twitter at the time.
  8. Who owns LFC TV and MUFC TV? The clubs or SkySports? They can obviously fund it although I reckon it can happen sometime in the future!
  9. I tipped us to come 9th last year so I'm doing the same. It seemed to have worked.
  10. By the looks of things Giroud will be our man up front. He's a quality finisher... hopefully he fits in better than last year.
  11. No we shouldn't although when the FFA Cup comes in maybe we can have a similar thing with the FFA Cup champions v the A-League champions.
  12. I was waiting for this thread... I think I'm going to do the rounds again this year
  13. Welcome back to the A-League 'Arry! Can't wait to see him play again.
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