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  1. Any Wanderers fans here going to a pub in the city instead of Parra?
  2. Ended up paying over $500 return because of barely any more of the cheap flights available, doing a one dayer because of work. Used to flying Jetstar, flying Virgin and Qantas.
  3. 3 - Hersi 2 - Topor Stanley 1 - Juric
  4. I'm hearing their is a MatchDay program for tomorrow's game. Sounds like a good read! #MatchDayProgramsftw
  5. moxey25

    Dino Kresinger

    haha wow. That is a pretty cool feature.
  6. moxey25

    Arsenal Thread

    By the looks of things Giroud will be our man up front. He's a quality finisher... hopefully he fits in better than last year.
  7. Welcome back to the A-League 'Arry! Can't wait to see him play again.
  8. At this stage I will most likely be going to Wellington away!
  9. Not sure if serious or trolling? Being serious about GWS? Please. I don't think that's possible.
  10. Why is everyone bagging out the GWS? They have a 25 year plan.
  11. Welcome Tomi! Enjoyed watching him at Adelaide. What a finish he has on him! Can't wait to see him in action for us. I dont know a team in the world that wouldn't.....spurs maybe....? lol about right.
  12. 3 - Topor Stanley 2 - Shannon Cole 1 - Ante Covic
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