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  1. It's beginning to remind me a little bit like Arena Lviv:
  2. The roof line is pretty close to the front fence (of the lower tier, near the pitch), so you could easily have it lowered from the roof and nestled nicely near the adboards, out of the way. Have we confirmed the seat colours yet? I'm guessing grey, but won't believe it until I see some being installed. Went past on Wednesday for the first time in a while (now work from home, not in Parramatta) and it's really coming along quickly and nicely. Might head down by the river with the little one on Chritmas Eve for a picnic.
  3. Gazmon

    Football Marketing/PR Thread

    Just a shame it was put on One instead of Ten HD. Reruns of Territory Cops is more appealing it would seem. Quality wasn't as bad as SBS (before the switch to Viceland HD) but still disappointing in this day and age.
  4. Gazmon

    Foxe's Men Hunt Down Glory

    Good night out Haven't been to many games lately (working in Parramatta made it so easy prior to last season, and the addition of the newborn last year), but SOP is slowly feeling like 'home'. Crowd was vocal and the team played well. Felt like the shackles were loosened too. Good result, good crowd. Good night for all.
  5. Crowd will be around 45k I'd say. Given that it is Syria and not Japan (or similar) and it doesn't guarantee direct qualification then that's not a bad turn out. Would much rather games like this go to Gosford or Canberra, or Newcastle... smaller, regional venues.
  6. Primarily yes. The owner of the Falcons owns United too (Arthur Blank, Home Depot owner). The new stadium deal got over the line with a summer tenant (United). Then add in basketball (Final 4), college football and concerts and it's going to be a very busy venue.
  7. The one advantage they (US) do have is a fully national leagues below the MLS. They could switch the pro/rel light on tomorrow without any major issues (except for greedy MLS owners). Here, we have to build up that 2nd tier first and then worry about the pro/rel.
  8. We don't have a World Stadiums thread, so I thought I'd chuck this in here. Atlanta United are smashing records in the MLS for attendance (can't wait to visit my sister and watch them at the new stadium--they also wear red and black too). 70,000+ for their first game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.
  9. Gazmon

    FFA Cup 2017

    As much as I would like to see SFC miss out on the final, the prospect of a Sydney Derby for the final is tasty
  10. Gazmon

    FFA Cup 2017

    That could work. Would be very condensed that's for sure Just complicates things with the HAL and NPL running in opposite seasons...
  11. Gazmon

    FFA Cup 2017

    Should be a stand-alone weekend with no other football on. Or, we go for the original idea before the competition even started of having the final on Australia Day.
  12. Gazmon

    AFL/NRL/Union/Cricket Bashing Thread 3

    There are banners up in Parramatta saying "Home of GWS"... I think we need to protest such abominations!
  13. True... they would have to own the app to begin with perhaps. They could even segment all of their sports products in a similar fashion. NRL app, AFL, etc... if you want them all you might pay more than watch Fox Sports currently costs, but you might get people opting for just say the A-League and F1 apps... just an idea.
  14. Football in this country needs to be bold. We need a digital TV package... be different to the other codes with trying to tie ourselves to big-box broadcasters. Even if we started with Foxtel on-selling rights digitally. We have a Australian Football App on Smart TVs, tablets, phones, etc. and we have A-League, NPL, FFA Cup... all in the one place. You can buy a full-rights package for all of it... an A-League only package, etc. But, we're still living in the 20th Century.
  15. Gazmon

    The Refereeing Thread

    The whistle clearly called play 'dead' before the ball went in. There is no foul either. So, in essence after review it should have been a drop-ball on the edge of the 6-yard box... or we just get rid of VAR and call a bad foul and get on with life.