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  1. They're much better now than what they were 3 or 4 years ago even. They just need to replenish the rubber base more frequently, providing you can handle the smell.
  2. The newer ones are't that bad. There was a bit of push back initially when Atlanta United first used the new stadium, but they adjusted quickly and I think the football is better off with a flat pitch than a grassy & bumpy one.
  3. I'm thinking we should have had a roll-out pitch... we had the budget for that, right? Or, better yet an artificial pitch. Been fine for Atlanta United in the MLS. The pitch plays quite well.
  4. May need a slightly new facade. Perhaps a few less rubbish bags... pitch will be first class rubbish though. Will make Suncorp look like a billiard table. I hate to say it, but I'm moving on Monday... which will then make the closest A-League venue to me Gosford Stadium... argh!!! Not changing my colours though... red & black all the way. Just forgoing our ticketed membership sadly.
  5. Does anybody know what type of turf they're using at all? ... oh and disappointed their design didn't have a cannon to shoot the referees out of. I would have included that. Actually, quite glad that their design is very similar to some of the ones that I mocked up years ago. Shows I was on the right track.
  6. Here's my latest design... Seriously though I haven't had time to think about it. I've also been studying as well. Now a qualified Building Designer, aka. Draftsperson. So I've been thinking about maybe doing something within ArchiCAD rather than my usual Sketchup.
  7. Thanks. Haven't had much time for football of late. Between two kids in the least 3-years and now moving out of Sydney... eep... very busy. No longer work in Parramatta so I've missed a lot of the construction of the new stadium. Just was in the mood to reply today. I've been lurking
  8. Bit late to lay the pitch IMHO. Would need 2-3 months to properly be bedded in before its first use... oh well. Looking forward to seeing it up close.
  9. It's beginning to remind me a little bit like Arena Lviv:
  10. The roof line is pretty close to the front fence (of the lower tier, near the pitch), so you could easily have it lowered from the roof and nestled nicely near the adboards, out of the way. Have we confirmed the seat colours yet? I'm guessing grey, but won't believe it until I see some being installed. Went past on Wednesday for the first time in a while (now work from home, not in Parramatta) and it's really coming along quickly and nicely. Might head down by the river with the little one on Chritmas Eve for a picnic.
  11. Just a shame it was put on One instead of Ten HD. Reruns of Territory Cops is more appealing it would seem. Quality wasn't as bad as SBS (before the switch to Viceland HD) but still disappointing in this day and age.
  12. Good night out Haven't been to many games lately (working in Parramatta made it so easy prior to last season, and the addition of the newborn last year), but SOP is slowly feeling like 'home'. Crowd was vocal and the team played well. Felt like the shackles were loosened too. Good result, good crowd. Good night for all.
  13. Crowd will be around 45k I'd say. Given that it is Syria and not Japan (or similar) and it doesn't guarantee direct qualification then that's not a bad turn out. Would much rather games like this go to Gosford or Canberra, or Newcastle... smaller, regional venues.
  14. Primarily yes. The owner of the Falcons owns United too (Arthur Blank, Home Depot owner). The new stadium deal got over the line with a summer tenant (United). Then add in basketball (Final 4), college football and concerts and it's going to be a very busy venue.
  15. The one advantage they (US) do have is a fully national leagues below the MLS. They could switch the pro/rel light on tomorrow without any major issues (except for greedy MLS owners). Here, we have to build up that 2nd tier first and then worry about the pro/rel.
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