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  1. All good, I'll check with his old man! How are you going mate, it's been quite a long time. I've finally got an out of towner membership although not quite happy that I can't choose the games of my choice to attend. Depending on my work but really want to get to Bankwest for the Derby ! If I can would be great to catch up again
  2. BeefB

    Matthew Jurman

    It's been a long time since I was involved with Matt - 15 years ago to be exact. This was for a State Titles team for Sydney Met West. I was lucky enough to grab Matt and a few other Premier Youth players in this team (most were from Youth League Div 1). He was playing for Parramatta Eagles (formerly Melita Eagles) at that time & I recognised his talents early on. I've followed his senior career and whilst he has had some tough spells I think that has made him a better person and player. His time in Asia would have even amplified this. I just hope our fans give him a chance to prove h
  3. Is there a site that has any video footage for NPL2 matches ? Be interested to see my best mate's son who's now in the NPL2 team - Rory Jordan
  4. Yep my bad! Lets try again with a couple more https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Concourse_Nth_middle_looking_to_Corporate_side.jpg https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Pitch_level_halfway_looking_NE.jpg
  5. Finally sorted out my file issues - this is just a few pics ! On the ground ! On the hallowed turf Where the action happens
  6. Having issues with Wikipedia commons on my phone! Uploading my pics from today soon ??
  7. Absolutely right, that's why at the end of the day, they'll go for ANZ Stadium over anywhere else. The more people they can get the better for their back pocket (oh I mean the FFA coffers !!)
  8. Don't see no reason why there can't be an Eels legend statue as well as a Wanderers legend ! As far as the stands go, they can be named after Eels players when the Eels are playing and Football legends when we are (dose not necessarily have to be a Wanderer, eg. Mark Bosnich stand - they'll sell all the coke from there lol)
  9. I think both, the first one with 'that diving save' with a tinge of green laser on it!!
  10. Awesome ! Now all we need is the Ante Covic statue right out front of this !!
  11. Looking forward to getting down there for the Community Day. It’s looking awesome from the latest pics seen in here. Thanks to those who are posting these
  12. Hi Mack, The pic of the floorplan (obviously Western side under corporates) - how did you get this? It seems incomplete (just a section of it). Do you know if there is a full version of this floorpan and where this is located ? Cheers
  13. I'd think that it would be before then, just as other stadium 'Open Days' usually are. The example I can think of is doing the 'I walked the Stadium first' walk at Sydney Olympic stadium in 1999. Perhaps it will be by the end of March
  14. I sent an email to VenuesNSW which was today passed on to Venues Live - the operator of the new stadium. I had asked if there is any plans to hold an Open Day for the fans. Here was the response; Sent by a guy called George at Venues Live. I'm ready to fly down for this!
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