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  1. he was just unlucky, he started to play better in last few games, and even popa said that the last game was the best game Dino played for club..i hope he will continue to play just like that when he return from injury
  2. as i wrote on other topic, he will be out for 2-3 weeks approximately
  3. I know that the strikers are judged by scoring the goals and this is their primary job, but strikers cant live without the supply.Wanderers play in 4-2-3-1 formation with wingers, and eventualy those wings were the atackers when Wanderers attack. First game agains Mariners, we have 3 real chances for a goal, if i remember correctly and those come from Kresinger setting up the good ball for Haliti in 36min of the game and he was one on one with the goalkeeper and failed to score.Second chance was in the second half, in 46min when Bridge intercept the ball and going straight to the goal and missing the chance and final chance was at the end of the game, when Kresinger had the chance surrounded by a Mariners and eventually shot at goal but the shot was blocked.And those 3 chances are not being createt by the midfield players, which is their job to do. Where were the midfield in creating those chances for the attackers? Kresinger in that game wins about 90% of his air duels, stole the few balls back from Mariners and he was dying upfront there with his running and presed up their defenders very well.He isnt a type of striker like Messi who got ball and then dribble by 3,4 opponents and score a goal and you all is expecting that... In second game Ono pass brilliant ball to the Kresinger, but he was intercepted by the defender and eventually came nothing out of that chance, Kresinger was slow to react and blew that.Second chance was at the end of the game when someone centers the ball and Haliti i think had a chance with the header and fail to score. Poljak had one chance in first half with a long shot.Eventually after the game i read on the inet that Dino won all of his 8 air duels in the match.He lost some balls though.But again the strikers didnt have supply they needed and you cant blame only the attackers, because this is a 11 vs 11 game, not attackers only. In tonight game, i cant actually remember what midfield create for the attackers,Bridge has 2 minor chances, but he created them by himself and Kresinger got the chance from the header surrounded by 2 players and he was just inches away from the goal.And again i read on the internet that attackers were awfull and stuff but they cant take the ball and score it by them self.Haliti got one ball in penalty area, and was quickly surrounded by two or there Sydney Fc players.And that was it from the Wanderers, and chance from Mooy from the free kick.Dino had only 2 touches with the ball and one with the header, excluding those air balls he again win around 85%. Dino need the support from the wings players, he cant do it by himself when surrounded by 2 or 3 players and midfielders will need to push up higher to create some chances for the goal.He just need good supply from crosses and stuff and he will score, like he did on those preseason matches. it is always easiest way to blame someone, give him a support and he will repay with the goals for sure!
  4. anyone who preordered game ( Football Manager 13 - digital version ) until 19/10 got beta today i preordered and just finished with downloading.
  5. ye i know..but i expect him in the second half
  6. i dont think that Ono will starting in starting 11! he didnt play any match with the team so i dont think Popa will send him to the fire right away!
  7. Yep! Amyone know why Dino wasn't playing last night? he felt a slight tightening in the muscles so he skipped the game, but he will be ready for the game next week!
  8. can u put a link here, i cant find it
  9. 4231 with kresigner upfront with bridge mooy and hersi behind him, poljak and polenz in the midfield and elrich beauchamp toppor-stanley and cole in defence, covic on the goal thats my opinion..
  10. its easy to say that Dino is the best striker in the A-League
  11. He signed for Melbourne Heart sry..my bad...Melbourne Heart
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