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  1. mack you are so much off your game. "they weren't good enough". oneill was a fringe player at perth. he was given an opportunity along with brillante and took it. popa nurtured no youngsters from day one. if he was patient and a true mentor we should have has 4-5 players in current squad. the 18 yr olds would have been 23-24 and the nucleus of a decent team. a good team is about consistency not turning player after player. Barca, man city, Bayern are just examples. but no problem bringing in good other players to improve squads eg foreigns. If you replace a local player with another local pla
  2. only if popa was patient early in the years and developed the youngsters like Perkatis, Alessi, Youlley etc. I look at sfc and their midfield is not the best but they are consistent. There years of a stable squad is paying off like it or not. Stop recycling players, elesy , caceras Curtis mobil etc is rubbish. Although we have taken a step back we may need to take another step back to go forward. Melling. Lustica Pepper all brought in and replaced players of the same level why bother, now we are paying the price.
  3. so we got rid of products we developed for the last two years and local to bring in some crap. where r u going with this popa
  4. hamill another peg in the line of young western sydney boys destroyed by popa - Carira, Barrasi, Olsen, Perkatis, Lo with soon to follow Allessi, Forahna, Yoully and Dechuna. Couldnt even keep Kuzi. Not much hope for up and coming young players. Sotorio seems to be the only stable player. Shame
  5. just had a look who played last night for s.... and the only common element why one of our own would be there is that have a relative playing for them with a similiar name.
  6. arrogance looses you loyalty which impacts culture. Thank you for being the real man behind the boy.
  7. so far our recruitment is very ordinary. redmaye really. I would have brought back Tyson. Neville and Jamo not really 20-30% better for what has been released. Pepper for either trif/yianni/la Rock very ordinary. Im not buying the hype that this is to save the coin to bring a big marquee, as you can see the smurfs didn't do well for two seasons with ADP in the team. One/two players cant carry the team.
  8. the whole issue is not the reject tag, more are these players better then what has been released = NO.
  9. if I read between the lines, another reject in the name of scott neville. where does that leave poor alessi. i'm sure we will hear soon thats his been cut.
  10. as i said before if the a leaugue player (pepper) is not 30-50% better than our players released eg trifiro and perkatis (who could have been a future star) then popa has really gone a miss in his recruitment from the local seen. Went with the boys to watch blacktown v wolves. Saw perkatis really express himself and dominated the mids and recieved 2 pts for the effort. surely with time he would have been asset to WSWFC. Looks like popa will have no players from the 20-24 age group in the team which is a real window to build foundation at any club.
  11. it would be such as shame that we released players that ave been with us for the last three years just to bring in recylcled a leagues players that really are not better by 50%. Also hearing on grapevine that mp was told to look for a club if he wants to otherwise he will be a squaddie next season.
  12. let me think about this. apart from marquee status players, we let 4-5 australian players/locals go after they have been with the club from the begining. we need to replace them with the same number of australian players. so whats the point of this when the new players coming in will be no better than what we let go. makes so sence. is it because popa has no idea and thinks that this will refresch the culture. culture starts from the top. i now for a fact that some of the remaining players were not happy with the number of playes that were released. interesting times ahead.
  13. how funny appointing crook as whatever. he only mentions his boys he had at Olympic or nswis..others will not matter. ok so he develops our 18-20 then what. olsen, barrasi perkatis and mcging all gone. i suspect that once these guys go close to being signed on from a u 21 player to a senior contract their release. his then frees up throwing another 50-60k to a has been player. i'll see the proof in the pouting when these 18-20 are 22-23 and still players for the wanderers. eg antonis, bratten etc.
  14. wait there's more - i'm hearing that poljak wants out and that spira is waiting for the next transfer window to exit. concerning that cole and haliti still on books - wait and see
  15. Got this from his twitter To those who don't know. I have not been offered a new contract by Western Sydney Wanderers. I was very saddened to hear the news, but I guess that's the way football goes. I am heading back into the State League for Blacktown City FC for the season where I will work hard and hopefully open new doors. Thank you Blacktown City FC for the opportunity and having me back. I'm excited for the season. I would like to say an endless thank you to all the supporters, staff, friends and family (at the end of the day you guys are all family to me) for their support throughou
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