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  1. 😂 I know you are also a man of good taste
  2. Shhhh 😉 Waiting for more quality gifs 😂
  3. Quality of the ACL away kit is amazing Player issue is always 10x better
  4. Reports Michael Essien looking for a stint in the A-League... Good player, but who the **** makes this stuff up? Every offseason linked with heaps of old schoolers 😂
  5. Agree 100% Klose is the fittest, in-form 38yr old you'l find anywhere...& a true sportsmen He'd make defenders look silly whilst scoring for fun Although it wont happen he would be an amazing ambassador for the club & a treat to watch..
  6. Wheels are oily. That was the best thread ever in the history of this site
  7. Ricardo Kaká, even at 34 One can only dream!
  8. Rafael Van Der Vaart Betis dont want him anymore.. Linked with a move to new manager (the great jaap stam)'s reading in the championship I **** love nicolas anelka here, he tear it apart but hes done nothing but a ridiculous indian super league stint in nearly 2yrs
  9. I have a feeling esfc are chasing Ronaldinho or Berbatov somewhere in there
  10. Ronaldinho..... Soon..... Bozza knows something we dont... Shame he can barely run anymore, ESFC will have the proverbial tug over his marketability alone
  11. I noticed that too, intresting lol
  12. Kenwyne Jones would kill it here
  13. Been waiting 3 seasons for a completely black away kit (with a hint of red) White can gtfo.. Kthanksbye
  14. "cue macho man randy savage" Oooohhhhhhhhyeeeeeeeaaahhhh **** it, away kit should be black, black & black
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