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  1. I have a spare ticket in 106 Row 20. Call me on 0414 656 656 if interested.
  2. So that makes it OK then Mick? You reckon that how Shannon felt is the determining factor is assessing whether or not that is "super supporter" behaviour. OK, gotta get miself a black t-shirt for Season 11 then. lol what sort of dalmacijo are you if you can't handle the ultras? Dalmatinac you mean. A budala is still a moron buddy, irrespective of nationality. Surely you can be an ultra without being a budala?
  3. Boban

    Euro 2016

    Za dom Spremni is not a racist chant. Neither is the flag or the checkers.
  4. So that makes it OK then Mick? You reckon that how Shannon felt is the determining factor is assessing whether or not that is "super supporter" behaviour. OK, gotta get miself a black t-shirt for Season 11 then. Nah, they are **** seats. I like it undercover up near the cops and out of the afternoon sun and rain.
  5. I'll admit a secret smile when I think that it makes my upgrading next year that much easier Why be 'secret' about this. I have voiced this many times quite vocally. If you don't want to renew your memberships, awesome news for those awaiting another upgrade. Current members get first dibs on the non renewed seats, I love it... I must say, I love the irony in this. Here's some perspective for you all. When I (and others like me) jumped on the bandwagon, we still hadn't played a competitive game and I was trying to convince my mates to buy memberships with me. Good sea
  6. Who said anything about not attending in the bad times. Don't read what you want to read. I have been to every game or had someone sit in my seats when I couldn't. That's happened twice this season. The last being on Friday when I was doing a FNSW coaching course. But that said, who cares if you are the better fan. I certainly don't. Why, they pay their money, they can attend as they please. That is the contractual right they have with the club. Remember, we are customers of a company, not real members. If they want to attend when it fits in with their menstrual cycle
  7. to ******* true mate dont bother getting a membership next year this aint ******* nrl or afl you support the club for the love of the club not because they are winning games. taking your kids to training is fair enough and missing a few game's to is all good but saying you will trade your membership for a foxtel subscription because THE CRAP YOU HAVE WATCHED this season. mate if i told yu what i really thought of that comment i would receive a life ban from mack. You see, I don't give a ***** what you think of me as a supporter. I have had Foxtel for years and other hobbies to kill
  8. God some you guys must think you are super special fans. The season has started for club footballers. Tuesday is a regular training night for many as is Wedneday and Thursday. We will have trouble fielding a team this weekend because people are away on holidays. I've never been to a mid week WSW match as it has always clashed with coaching or playing. While many of you might put the club first, many like myself (and my kids) would prefer to play the game rather than watch it. There is life beyond the WSW bubble. Some of the crap I have watched this season makes me wonder if m
  9. He acted like a complete and utter knob! That sort of crap should not be tolerated regardless of what is at stake.
  10. Only when the negative acts are viewed in isolation..... If a rugby player completes a PHd, no one assumes that all rugby players are intellectuals. I agree that pi$$ing in ones own mouth is obviously not graduate behavior tho. But quite possibly undergraduate behaviour..........
  11. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2109027-luis-suarez-bite-fifa-rules-and-how-world-cup-incident-might-affect-liverpool
  12. Paella is a man's dish, not a woman's!
  13. I don't know about that. Ghana were impressive against Germany.
  14. Keane was Irish (of the southern kind)!!!! I get it, I really do. It doesn't stop me thinking that a current Yugoslavia based side would be a beast to be reckoned with. Kolorov, Ivanovic, Srna, Modric, Rakitic, Mandzukic and Dzeko to name the most recognizable and world class players. Maybe throw in Ibrahimovic and voila, we have team that could score for fun. It would be an interesting exercise to pick a squad of 23. I would never give it up for the checkers though. Perhaps GB could play a Balkan based combo side as an exhibition match for charity.
  15. That's just mean. They don't need more rope to hang themselves after their delusions don't come to fruition, again. As much as I enjoy seeing them suffer at times (mostly on account of their media), I reckon they have been unlucky in both games so far and I would not be disappointed to see them progress to the semi finals. I still reckon that they would be better off playing as Great Britain, although I understand the popularity of that concept. It would be an even better side with the addition of Messrs Bale and Ramsay.
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