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  1. Hey mate, not sure if you were at the derby at Penrith but they were selling it at the stalls there.
  2. Welcome to the forum mate. There is a fair gap in competition between the youth and A-League, and performance there doesn't always translate to the top division. Also, some of these kids are just that, kids. They need time to develop and will need to be eased in rather than thrown straight in. Definitely need to bring the youth through, but along with it, improve the senior squad.
  3. Who was the person that came up with that cringeworthy Advance Australia Fair (Taurus Remix) rendition? Was it Spotty or Happy? I get em confused...
  4. Taurus said on another thread that this ship has sailed as we have a salary cap - so how can offer still stand if it is not within the cap?..... i'm confused. Would love to have him back though.
  5. Hate how advertisements are SO MUCH louder than the actually game
  6. This is our best offseason move yet! #MarqueeLevelTermination
  7. This has to be our best season yet in terms of forum weirdness factor...
  8. New Balance's kits have actually been better than my Nike/Adidas kits of late... From my Liverpool collection: Liverpool home kit this year is MINT. I had my doubts on the away kit this year but after having tried it on, I'm a huge fan now (plus its a throwback 95/96 design). Last year's Home kit was the best fit, and black away kit was an awesome look. The year before delivered two of the best kits I have: the white away was clean, well fitted and stands out... the grey/black 3rd kit with the collar is one of the best that has ever been made IMO. Finally, the year before they made one of
  9. Why is Nichols not on many of these "must keep" lists? Does his contract not expire, or are we resigned to losing him?
  10. Any idea what he has done - injury wise?
  11. Lineup: Redmayne Neville / Cornthwaite / Borda / Clisby Baccus / Nichols / Dimas Nico / Santa / Jumpei Nico and Santa start! Wonder whats up with Bulut...........
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