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  1. The heat today is worse than yesterday when I posted that comment. A player like Mo coming on after half time could really pay off here.
  2. Shoutout to Dave Lewis who is reading this thread (or was at one stage). You've now convinced me I could be a highly successful sports journalist as all you need to do is read a forum to get a scoop.
  3. Losing to a minnow club isn't what I had planned for this season. If the slide can't be arrested in the next week or 2 then season is over, and Lederer can have it with both barrels for saying this season is ours. Worst club in the League for getting the import signings right.
  4. That 3rd goal I've been watching over and over again, the pass, the turn - the whole play just brilliant.
  5. I promise I'll stop taunting them on twitter.....when it stops being funny.
  6. At least we aren't pinning our hopes on Sotirio and Hammill to finally come good and save our season.
  7. Odd reading this, he's usually quick to try mug the RBB off. We need to put the Jets to the sword next and I don't mean 2-1.
  8. I don't wanna derail this thread because It's Prydz's at the moment but I'll mention it here. Theres a girl on Twitter, lives in Hobart and is a WSW fan. I believe she's travelled up and come to games before on her own, that's not the issue right now but we can deal with that later. From her tweets I've read it's a lIttle concerning, things about dying and not having anyone / no one caring etc. The fact she chose WSW as her club is fantastic, I don't want any WSW fan feeling like that so I was wondering if we could all reach out and let her know this is more than just a football club. I don't really want to do it myself just so there's no confusion about someone pretending to care but is actually just hitting on her (that's not my intention at all). If that makes any sense. If you have Twitter let me know and we can all let her know we need her and next time she comes up to Parra that there's heaps of new friends to meet. I mean I carry on like an absolute prawn on social media and WSW fans are still nice enough to me in person 😂 so it'd be nice to see those same people use that friendliness to lift someone up.
  9. Our 2 international unavailables might be the key to 3 points here.
  10. It's not the correct second verse though.
  11. They're just solar panels. The only danger is the tesla battery in your garage and if that catches fire. I'm looking at getting panels and 2 batteries mid next year, never have a power bill again.
  12. But Lederer said this was our season ? We lost one match, he's clearly lying.
  13. Join the banned club then. Im on a 7 day ban from Twitter for wanting the MacArthur bid dead. Im certain it was Sara the unhinged Sydneysider that reported me.
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