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  1. Yeah they do, I used to go to every home game just to get my football fix. $39 is the general admission ticket price.
  2. Oh I remember it well, I just wanted us to hit the ground running this season and make a statement early. Question marks over signings, injuries in training, leaning on the youth - it's not what this frustrated foundation member had in mind.
  3. The fact we're relying on Wilmering, Grozos and Adam in round 1 is concerning. Mo Adam should be coming on in the 2nd half to run riot on a tired defence, not to try win the game for us.
  4. Rugby in Western Sydney why ? Of all the codes to not know their place in this city...
  5. Someone should ask the extinction rebellion people if they still have their Kony2012 tshirts
  6. 2767 ❤️❤️❤️ That dry cleaner has been there for over 40 years, I think it's the oldest shop in the area. He's right though, I don't tell people I'm from Sydney I always say Western Sydney and they often turn their nose up, but I still love it because there's no place like home.
  7. Was at my new job at Watsons Bay for an entire 3 days before they asked me to go back to WA for at least 12 months so I'll miss a big chunk of the A League season. Its worth a lot of $$$ though, stuff I've always dreamed about owning but never had the chance are now on the shopping list. Like a charcoal smoker and a wood fired pizza oven, how cool would it be having your own pizza oven 😃😃😃
  8. Would rather them just come out and say we want to be number 1 in Western Sydney, we don't want kids there playing any other sport and we don't want any other sports played there. Luckily this humiliation has set them back, our resurgence will finish them off.
  9. If you head on over to bigfooty you can have a laugh. Theres a couple of stooges who really do believe they've eclipsed the NRL and are on the cusp of becoming outright number 1
  10. Shout outs to the Midgets fans who are reading this and getting all upset about it on your AFL forum, your club is fraudulent, your entire existence is a joke and we can't stop laughing about it. There is only one Western Sydney team.
  11. Nah once they shut the front doors there was no way of getting up there, in that situation I reckon there's more to be gained by trying to convince the people who ok'd it that GWS aren't part of the furniture in the West.
  12. The pile on against the Midgets has been fantastic, I've had the best weekend.
  13. I'm all for ragging on anyone stupid enough to wear their colours but old mate tonight to me looked like he falls under the category of special needs so I wasn't unleashing on him. Ill save that for Monday when I follow up with the Lord Mayor as to why he apparently sings for Wanderers but has a GWS banner hanging off the town hall. That banner is no co-incidence, I'm willing to bet it was paid for by the Midgets and hung to taunt us at our season launch party.
  14. Someone jumped off the The Gap this afternoon about half an hour before I left for home, did it in front of people just enjoying the view too. Cops taped off the area and were interviewing them when I went past, FMD what an afternoon for them. You can have this part of Sydney I wouldn't live near The Gap if you paid me.
  15. Channel 10 just called them making the grand final one of the greatest fairytales in Australian sport. Its really starting to make me sick. Gladys B also promised to paint half the town orange to support them. Oh really Gladys which half, the half that isn't Western Sydney or the half that is but doesn't even slightly care about them ?
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