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  1. Oh you guys, acting like she won't be a distant memory in less than a year. I remember when that 'nothing sweet about me' girl burst onto the scene and cleaned up awards, she probably works at JB Hifi these days.
  2. They would have lost an awful lot of money from this.
  3. I dunno how you do it. I have a bottle of Glenfiddich here (the green one), tried to like it but just couldn't. Maybe drinking it straight isn't the best idea ?
  4. I knew of the guy in that article Dave Finney but never knew him personally, if you want then I'd recommend reading his Facebook page 'road trip to recovery' and you can see his spiral. Really sad story. Long overdue though, a lot of people did a good thing by joining up and were failed by the system, which still isn't perfect.
  5. Just checking in to see if there's any progress in the rumour ???
  6. wtf 500k I'd be sitting in my garage right now revving my ferrari just to hear the engine.
  7. Dunno if you were doing it but in a heavy sea state if you point your ship north it's always the calmest, then you turn back on your original course when you've ridden over the wave / swell.
  8. I have mates who take them home to save on $$$, they reckon they don't pay for food for the whole week. The average pay is 150k here for just about everyone so it really bugs me that people could be such tightasses
  9. Yep they're terrible, my employer spent 800k on them for the xmas break. About once a week I'll be on duty so will sleep onboard (it's manned 24/7), I'm actually typing this from inside my submarine right now. They send down about 15 meals each day for 5 people, i reckon about 5 would get eaten in total and usually someone will go get take away because the rest of us can't stand them.
  10. All i wanted was a classic chicken burger because I'm not eating that youfoodz **** they give us here at work they can jam that. Now I'm hungry and angry and have to go back to nando's tomorrow to get a normal burger just to square the ledger, like sheldon cooper would.
  11. Out ******* standing From Wilkie Crescent Doonside to Wanderland
  12. Ordered a classic chicken burger from nandos, they stuffed that order up and i ended up getting a supremo burger. What kind of sick **** eats herbed yoghurt, straight to the bin with you **** burger.
  13. and WSW is claiming Harrington Park. Put it this way, if Yeboah had a shot at Macarthur's front doors - the ball would land in Harrington Park that's how close it is.
  14. Very true. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll have the $$$ together to get started on a home cinema so there'll be an open invitation for you guys to come over on a Saturday night and watch football via kayo in a 10 seater cinema on a 150" screen. Start off with the A League, then a Championship match, then old firm derby followed by some Bundesliga action then SerieA, whatever is on. Put your worries on hold for a night and just hang out, I'd prefer not to see anyone on here deal with issues alone if I can help. ps. you're banned if you don't touch the Kerem Bulut poster in the hallway like the Liverpool players touch the Anfield sign.
  15. Mark Crittenden Blacktown City legend, knows how to beat A League clubs.
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