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  1. Went for a drive today, fremantle is packed with cruise ships and there's more waiting out in Gage Roads. Bit concerned they're going to be redirected to Garden Island, we were told to get ready last week but nothing eventuated, feels like only a matter of time now.
  2. Yeah no TP in Doonside either that's why I'm having to send it home. Im heading out again tomorrow to find more here, what a way to spend a day off.
  3. Walked past my local Coles here in WA yesterday, saw a few people walking out and they all had toilet paper. First time I've seen it in a few weeks, so went in and bought some then put it into a postage box back to the family in Sydney. Hope this eases off soon.
  4. There's heaps of cruise ships out there, many more than are being reported, Queen Mary 2 for example is still out there somewhere. They don't want to land people they just want a wharf big enough to tie up to, dropping anchor isn't always the best option and harder to resupply with food and alcohol and viagra pills (for the baby boomer cruises). Edit, QM2 is on the way to South Africa so all good there.
  5. Nah if we get sick then Scomo has no submarines. So they told the Navy to make sure you can still submarine if submarining is required.
  6. I've been sorta quarantined. Not because I'm sick or anything but the Government said to make sure we can still do the job if needed. Which means isolation. I've already spent 400 buying stuff online today because I'm bored as
  7. I feel as if another cleanout is around the corner and the gains we've made in the last few matches will be lost for next season and we're starting all over again. Anyway after the Kogarah derby we have them rattled, they'd be praying we don't make the 6 because we're sending them home.
  8. Why are you people laughing about sinking a passenger ship, you're all cooked.
  9. I did ask and the general consensus was you'd need 2 for a ship that big, it's 148,000 tonnes.
  10. I'm not worried about myself, my daughter is 8 and my parents are 70 they're my only concern. I went to the shops today for the first time in weeks and it's just sad even over here in WA, there's a fair few seniors in my local IGA and to see them walking around the shops i hope they're not missing out on things they need. I swear if i see a mouthbreather with a trolley load of toilet paper / canned food / pasta they're going to cop it.
  11. Dunno about that, the Queen Mary 2 went past us near South Australia about 2 weeks ago - i could self isolate on that thing no problem at all. Dunno where it is right now though.
  12. Just got back home after a few days at sea, i think I'd prefer to be back at sea tbh.
  13. The Cox miss shouldn't take away from that phenomenal first goal. But it will for most of us.
  14. Do you think the team has learned how to mark JMac out of the game yet ???
  15. Just turned up in esperance after 11 days, what's news apart from us not turning up against brisbane
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