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  1. The club pulled the troll move of the year with that ordinary highlights reel of Lopar, he's been nothing short of phenomenal so far.
  2. If they were goin in it would have happened by now. They're just sabre rattling and not doing it well at all.
  3. Singapore you say ? Peninsula Shopping Centre, google it - genuine football jerseys for $50. They had over 150 different jerseys last time I was there.
  4. The bike at the front, the original ET BMX is currently sitting in Spielberg's office. He won't part with it, probably because it made him eye wateringly rich.
  5. Post a pic definitely, I have 32 BMX bikes from the 80's - a whole room in my house is just BMX I have that many. Haro Masters, GT Pro Freestyle Tours, Dyno Pro Compes, Skyway Tuffs, Odyssey Gyro's, Moon Discs - got the lot. We were heavily influenced here by the US at the time so bikes like Raleigh burners weren't that big. Kinda feel for anyone who missed the 80's.
  6. Yeah pre-Lopar I'd be cursing the Mariners but after the 1 game we saw I think it's safe to say Lopar is one hell of an exciting signing.
  7. I think he's already said words similar to that, I can't see him ever becoming a sokkahtwitter member though.
  8. Wonder how Adam is going these days playing football ? Imagine if he ended up in the FFA cup......
  9. Hell yes. Only person in the whole of Western Sydney could both score against Leeds and take their banners after full time.
  10. meh everyone knows. Kamau scored the 4th apparently.
  11. Still not out of the woods yet, there were plenty of cops doing laps of the pubs looking to make a statement. I feel we may have ruined Church Street march route with that lightshow though.
  12. Yeah we were pretty rusty and there were far too many people with phones out being snapchat heroes.
  13. I'm wrecked i have no voice. Far too many people wanting to be amongst it but not contribute, pushing in from the sides making the rbb look half empty. Thought it was going to be a battle in the stands but we won that pretty quickly. Dissapointed after full time though i saw a woman wanting to knock out some kid with the shittest haircut I've seen in years and her kid was crying, not good.
  14. Gee they're really flogging this Adam Goodes doco on tv at the moment. I hope he's found the happiness playing football that he lost playing AFL, in a perfect world we would have had him from the start.
  15. Did you take the high road or low road to get there ?
  16. Brattan can GAGF, his attitude and behaviour is a perfect fit for ESFC Im aware I probably just jinxed us too.
  17. Dunno how I feel about that. At the very worst we'd get reruns of EARLY BALL IS TASTY
  18. Too many people banned for it to ever be like that again. People banned for 10 and 20 years who (even after banned) I used to see at the pub pre game but now they don't even do that. Feel like posting up Briggs 'bad apples' right now lol
  19. Watch the Swans go chasing after them with a sherrin
  20. Coogee is only good for poo sundaes not football talent.
  21. It won't be their NPL side, they stink so bad
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