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  1. Admin Edit - User banned. 1 Week.
  2. I was against him initially but JP seems to have the wood on Corica so whatever he's doing keep it going.
  3. The whole comic book character thing is getting a little tiring tbh. They were OK to watch once but not enough substance to watch again. I watched Blade Runner yesterday for the first time, it was good but not sure why it has a cult following ?
  4. Of course, it'll be their 'Pig Iron Bob' moment.
  5. Most strategic analysts agree that China's aim is to try separate us from the US and bend us to their will. Their comments this week have backed up that theory, China is sorely mistaken if they think we'd ever choose them over the US.
  6. I'm going to barrage the FFA with passive aggressive emails until they give me one good reason why this can't happen. The fact it'd be on during the A League season and the European seasons is acceptable..........
  7. The AFL have tried to make their game intertwined with ANZAC day since the mid 90's. The FFA should line up a match against NZ same day
  8. Ugh, maybe I can sell the 2070 then that's a long long time to wait to play DCS properly in 4K 60fps
  9. Anyone heard anything concrete on when the new 3070 graphics cards are available here ? I don't wanna build a gaming rig now and then a new card comes out.
  10. Maybe they're moving their stock somewhere else and doing business online ? Some businesses are doing insanely well out of this. I went to a computer store here in WA yesterday (PLE Osborne Park) and in the 10 minutes I was in there they sold about $8000 worth of stuff. Thats just face to face transactions, apparently most of their business has been online.
  11. Mariners reposting the 2013 final ffs. Should just go spam them with lowlights of their time since then.
  12. The Government isn't allowed to collect data on you, it's illegal under the Telecommunications Industry Act.
  13. Heh that's a Sub-Zero brand fridge. You can go down to your local Winning Appliances store and see one... They're $40,000.
  14. High end sounds pretty good, I'd buy a HOTAS and play DCS A-10 and Blackshark.
  15. I'm overdue for a new PC for home so been doing some online browsing and came across this. Apologies but he has no site just a Facebook page https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=894710024324967&id=588320541630585&__tn__=*s*s-R Would be amazing.
  16. Yep 3 days of 37,36 and 39. We get heaps of ex Royal Navy here who transfer to ours and they absolutely love this weather, walking around with big cheesy grins. It's the whole reason they're here. Id be happy to swap it for a Faslane winter for a year or 2.
  17. It looked to me like Maja's agent was going to clean up from the transfer fee so pushed him to Bordeaux ???
  18. This is an incredible display of how a team can affect a whole city, and an undeniable answer as to should we have P&R here in Oz or not.
  19. Halfway through season 2 as i type this. Will Grigg just put a penalty away.
  20. Finally got around to downloading Sunderland Til I Die. I don't really follow any League in the UK so I felt every result. Wowee and I thought supporting WSW was tough, this is nothing.
  21. People messaging me saying there's a submarine on the news off Sydney, they're reporting it's on fire. I looked at the pic, they're just running the diesels. Quite funny.
  22. I knew it, the cove is an illness.
  23. Today I bought a 55l Dometic portable fridge freezer from BCF. Not because I'm into boating, camping or fishing - I hate all 3 especially those ugly fishing shirts they sell. I bought it because I'm sick of not being able to buy ice cream from the shops because it would melt before I'd get home. Now I can buy a shitload of ice cream and it goes back home in minus 22 degree comfort. So yeah pretty bored.
  24. She reall doesn't need to anything to be so universally disliked, she could just stand there silent and people would still say 'oh yeah her she ruined The Beatles'.
  25. I remember standing just behind Lederer and his wife at the season launch, talking with Heff about W League plans. I think most of us were impressed at Lederer's plans for WSW in the future and genuinely excited but if I saw him again I'll more than likely call him a ****.
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