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  1. Yep, used to be a hobby shop across from the station called Toyman's. Best ive ever seen, was a sad day when that place shut down.
  2. What area were you from ? My dad was from Greenacre, I heard all about Brickie's from him.
  3. hawks2767


    Oh wow, that vile disgusting revolting awful horrible ****. I used to hide those containers on my last submarine, people would shovel it onto their pasta without realising it smells like vomit, exactly like vomit. Found 7 containers on my last day, sucked in vomit lovers.
  4. Santalab made bobo look like a right spud that night, for that reason alone we can never have him at wsw.
  5. What's wrong with Car City Minchinbury mate
  6. Couldn't agree with that comment more, no more 'might be an ok signing'.
  7. I'm convinced their aim is to keep their sport in the news daily, any exposure good or bad is fine by them.
  8. Awesome vid, I was more of a bmx'er than a skateboarder though. I do remember skateboard world at Burwood though, what a shop.
  9. I was living in WA when that clown first went off the rails. front page news for weeks.
  10. Mike Jedinak from Rooty Hill has been hanging around the area a bit lately. Obviously I'm going to read too much into it.
  11. Never been closer to punching someone out at work (when I worked for a bank) after this person said (leaning back in his chair at a team lunch) 'yeah well you know your first house is always the hardest to pay off'. Pretty much anyone who uses the word portfolio in a conversation is in the same boat.
  12. 3 times actually, but it's ok - we've forgotten too.
  13. His right foot is at a 90 degree angle from a normal persons, look at the pic. Do not want.
  14. Typical Mariners though, dead set like a seagull sitting outside McDonalds that club.
  15. The AFP investigate any leak like this one. They interviewed me for 4 hours once when I found someone leaking documents.
  16. Midgets get 7k on the weekend, everyone asking why it's so low. We all know why
  17. WSW have one season to get it right or they'll be in a position they can never recover from.
  18. Yep you don't want to take chances there. I know 2 people who were hauled over the coals in 2013 speaking about something that happened in 1987.
  19. That's not enough in some parts of Sydney. In parts of Sydney they need to look down on others to make themselves feel better and the West is the default option. I've lived all over the country and it's definitely just a Sydney thing. If anyone wants proof jump onto facebook and look at 'North Shore Memes', it's pathetic and shallow, run by losers who have life goals of becoming social media influencers who instagram selfies at burning man festival. Literally stealing our air.
  20. I'm starting to think this is some kind of club level trolling of Vedran to make him leave.
  21. Dunno if I ever mentioned it but my grandfather (the Dundee fan) whilst living in Greenacre was pretty well known amongst Labor people in the 60's and 70's, he even got a young ambitious PJ Keating into the Party. They returned the favour by naming a street there after him, that's not important it's just a bragging point lol Thing is the Labor party have strayed so far from the party they were back then that they lost their spine. People deserted them when they started pandering to The Greens. Next 2 years you'll see a return to those values they stood for back then, mark my words.
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