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  1. I thought the season start wasn’t going to be until early 2022?
  2. Ok the on field interview is over and remind me next time not to mention how cool flares are
  3. When I got the call I felt surprised they would pick me to play. Then I found out they’re just giving me a jersey because I am so cool
  4. Look out for me. I will be on the field pre-game. The club are giving me a jersey :)
  5. Duke officially on the way out. Says it all really
  6. I think the cause of this mess is that our foundation coach Tony Popovic left and after that nobody knew what to do. Tony was a control freak and made all the decisions, probably getting His way with most things and challenged the owners and CEO. It worked and we won stuff as everyone was on the same page. when tony left then suddenly all these people At the club had to work out how to make decisions and work together but have failed miserably. This is similar to Alex Ferguson leaving Manchester United. A big fall from grace. unfortunately now wsw have a club owner who towers over ev
  7. I love the return of the 90 minute podcasts!
  8. As they say the fish rots from the head
  9. Unfortunately I think time is up for Babbel. i’ve seen lots of calls for JT and Lederer to go too. Can I please understand why a bit more? Is there something we don’t know going on behind behind the scenes? What is the club culture like? reason I ask is that I remember When Lyle was CEO he had that ability to tell Lowy to go get farked in regard to when making big decisions. Is Lederer another Lowy (I.e. control freak)? And Does JT have full power to make decisions or is Lederer interfering too much?
  10. Well I guess Armageddon is tomorrow. i’ll be At work. Hopefully I can come home at the end of the day to a house i don’t wanna go through the events of 6 years ago again
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