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  1. Just wait when the club announces that not all home games will be at Parramatta next season. And the fact they did not engage the fans about this. the worst is yet to come.
  2. If the new stadium is the light at the end of the tunnel then surely ALL HOME GAMES must be played there! dont take any to Homebush! If the club sneak in a home game or two at ANZ then that will be the biggest disappoint of the lot! can the club please communicate to the fans and say what their position is on this? I’m sure ANZ is dangling a big carrot to WSW to play a few games there! Stuff that! How about instead the chairman grow a pair and commit to all games at parra. That will be truely getting the fans back on board and building a culture once again that is currently in ruins.
  3. Good state of the game podcast part 2. My thoughts on this whole issue - many of us fans got on board and got behind “new football” when it came into being in 2005. We have ridden an enormous wave of growth and success in the local game and became some sort of disciples, spreading the gospel of football in Australia. Now I think that the growth has got to a stopping point and we no longer are on a journey to spread the message and be involved. We’ve lost sight of the target over the horizon and have no motivation. So we just now sit idle. We need leadership from FFA to take us all into the next phase, so we can all be involved, but leadership is absent.
  4. Are the Lowys simply trying to cover up all the dodgy stuff done during the 2018/22 World Cup bid? Will Ange return to the Socceroos job once these clowns have been thrown out?
  5. If you haven’t yet got a copy of Joe Gorman’s book “The death and life of Australian soccer” I highly recommend you do. Well worth a read and gives a fascinating insight into the seemingly never-ending cycle of boom and bust in Australia’s history with the round ball game. Perfect in understanding the current situation with FFA
  6. Good to see us hacking them down. Hopefully this will be the first and last glamour friendly we ever play
  7. Looks like something the cove would draw up. Wonder how much of a cross section of fans the club 'consulted' with over this or was it just selective? Have fun with your generic logo boys
  8. At spotless I was told there will be 2 white and black areas - the area next to RBB is for members only whilst the other area at other end of the ground is for GA ticket buyers. So if a member wants to go sit with a ticket buyer then they will be sitting up the crap end of the stadium. Not sure of the arrangement at ANZ
  9. Confirmed: general public can buy GA tix in the 'white and black' membership areas
  10. A very enjoyable end to the season. I have hope for next season now, bring it on
  11. Pleased to say it took me all of 1 second to order a VB
  12. Looks like we will get a Cook Park-sized crowd and atmosphere which is actually pretty fun and refreshing.
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