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  1. Tix on sale today through Ticketmaster
  2. Nice pod this week. where is the merch on your website?
  3. Nice episode this week. you mentioned there could be merch on the way?
  4. Awesome to see the team back. Great pod
  5. It really feels like the re-set button has been hit. There’s that feeling of a new beginning, same as what I felt at the start of our first season. back then all the positive energy from the fans transferred to the players and we went and won the premiership and became a super club. Oh the memories
  6. Awesome. I haven’t been keeping up with this. What is the source you have? A-League draw doesn’t seem to have been released either
  7. Hey guys, has it been confirmed if we play all home games at the new stadium?
  8. Just wait when the club announces that not all home games will be at Parramatta next season. And the fact they did not engage the fans about this. the worst is yet to come.
  9. If the new stadium is the light at the end of the tunnel then surely ALL HOME GAMES must be played there! dont take any to Homebush! If the club sneak in a home game or two at ANZ then that will be the biggest disappoint of the lot! can the club please communicate to the fans and say what their position is on this? I’m sure ANZ is dangling a big carrot to WSW to play a few games there! Stuff that! How about instead the chairman grow a pair and commit to all games at parra. That will be truely getting the fans back on board and building a culture once again that is currently in ruins.
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