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  1. Well I guess Armageddon is tomorrow. i’ll be At work. Hopefully I can come home at the end of the day to a house i don’t wanna go through the events of 6 years ago again
  2. Lol from SMH: “Meanwhile, Babbel admitted he was unsure if key midfielder Pirmin Schwegler (calf) would figure on Saturday night after suffering an injury in last week's scoreless draw with Brisbane Roar. The Swiss veteran's chances hinged on Friday's training session, which was closed to the media.”
  3. I might drop in to check out their training on Friday
  4. Random question. Does the squad fly to Melbourne on the day of the match or do they fly there the day before?
  5. At the old parra stadium I used to sit in the southern end and occasionally i’d See mark rudan sitting there too with his kids. Brought a smile to my face. now look where he is lol
  6. https://giphy.com/gifs/JUTBAU9sNgc2o7dREb schweigler hand thingy
  7. I thought his conclusion was “we’ll never know.”
  8. What a clown Slater is. If he just looked directly down on top of the ball he’d see it doesn’t cross the line. He in fact did look down but chose not to confirm this fact. muppet
  9. How funny to see the cove put up in level 1
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