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  1. That's what I saw as well, banned until April. https://www.ffa.com.au/news/media-statement
  2. Like to see that happen, but they would be almost unbackable.
  3. If you were a Sydney fan would you get excited beating Victory with the team Victory are putting out?
  4. Central Coast have looked better under Stajcic but starting to concede too many goals again.
  5. Interesting article about the new team. Wonder which A league team is likely to have the most players poached? I hope that they prove viable for the sake of the league's future. https://www.a-league.com.au/news/milicic-draws-blueprint-macarthur-fcs-ideal-marquee-player
  6. What's happened to Phoenix's big signing Hooper?
  7. Newcastle playing some sexy football at times.
  8. Anyone at the Matildas match? Supposed to be a likely record for a women's international today.
  9. The whole team isn't linking effectively at the moment so not surprising. Lack of experience of a few players showing at the moment. Maybe our new signing can help second half.
  10. Why don't the fullbacks get further up the park when we're in possession?
  11. Poor marking for at least three goals, Boogard and Topor Stanley at fault for a couple.
  12. Pretty non exist defending by Newcastle at times.
  13. Can see Wenzel Halls leaving if he doesn't start getting a proper shot at it. Probably not the right club for him anyway.
  14. Traore starting for Victory, that should be a positive for Victory against Robbie's assorted flotsam and jetsam.
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