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  1. Blasphemer, Blacktown City never have a quiet season, they'll win it. Who knows, Danny Choi might return.
  2. I don't think making changes at half time is counted in the windows.
  3. Davila can make a lot of defenders look ordinary, Gordon a case in point.
  4. Talay has learnt well from Arnold and Corica the art of whinging to the fourth official.
  5. Everything in our favour today, but sometimes these are the most dangerous games. Wellington haven't even filled their bench. Devlin and Laws on the bench, wonder if they're 100%.
  6. No Lachie Rose tonight, not sure if Fox commentators will be able to cope.
  7. They are boring to watch, have they had a shot yet?
  8. Probably worried about fatigue, but I thought the same thing myself.
  9. Formation change also gives a reason to leave Zeigler out.
  10. Getting in early, three at the back sucks, not enough players get forward.
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