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  1. It looks obvious to me that we need a decent experienced centre half so to start the speculation rolling, here's one Tom Lees Sheffield Wednesday 30 years old, 372 matches in the Championship , has captaincy experience, team's just been relegated to League 2. Unfortunately can't find any highlights for him. Anybody seen him go round? https://www.transfermarkt.com/tom-lees/profil/spieler/121333
  2. Mathyou, Vert harsh on Natta for the first goal, he was marking Fornaroli very tightly as he did all game, Fornaroli dropped deep he followed him, can"t see how he can be blamed. He's not perfect, still developing, but still preferable to Ziegler in my opinion.
  3. I'm sure you're right, but our corners rarely look threatening, anyway this match is a lost cause.
  4. A bit of niggle but a lack of quality.
  5. I like Wenzel Halls, he has something about him, it looks like a few guys at that end of the park won't be here next season. Elsey is capable of a brainfart or two at times , not sure if he's any better than Zeigler to be honest, think we should try for someone better, hard as it may be to find what we're after. Susnjar from Macarthur may be a possibility, though to be honest I've haven't taken that much notice of him but he has played in most of their matches this season.
  6. I think that it might be that the clubs owners are on the nose with Vuck supporters and they need to be seen to be doing something at executive level (sackings) to placate them.
  7. Hope Veart has a quiet word to Mauk about his diving antics, sparked a couple of melees in their last match, not a good look for the game.
  8. Dont know who that Titus O'Reilly character is, but he didn't add anything sensible to the conversation, going about having too many teams, give me a break.
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