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  1. Much the same as Kamau's role last season
  2. How about this guy to play in the front two. Should compliment Hemed perfectly. https://www.transfermarkt.com/takashi-inui/leistungsdaten/spieler/98249
  3. Wellington Phoenix as they're likely to be based in Wollongong again?
  4. Broadmeadow Magic, at least we get one win you would think. Blacktown up against CCM, a lot harder to win that than in the past unfortunately.
  5. We'll beat them then lose to Blacktown who have a better manager than us.
  6. Elsey is only slightly better than Dylan McGowan , they can have him. I'd have Topor Stanley for Wanderers if he was released though.
  7. Thought there was, but I can't say I have any confidence in Carl, I think Kenny Miller if he was the boss would do a better job. I have to say that Wanderers's fan are unbelievably patient in comparison to SFC's , or clubs like Celtic, whose fans spit the dummy when they fail to win ten titles in a row. If you want to experience total insanity have a look at the main Celtic forum, I thought that it would calm down after Ange's press conference but it seems to have kicked off again. We (meaning the Wanderers fans generally ) are probably by comparison far too accepting of medio
  8. . Make it happen please, but then we need to sign a decent replacement(s), not sure I have the confidence that will happen.
  9. Stringer, Can I have some of the drugs you're on please?
  10. Pity for the Mariners, first thought maybe he's joining Ange at Celtic, but seems according to reports, due to lack of contact from owner.
  11. Watching the domestic cup in Japan, this isn't news, but they're playing at a level way above us.
  12. We would have to be a big chance if he's signing for a Sydney team. Apparently his missus spilled the beans on Instragram.
  13. I wonder if Maty Ryan could end up there, maybe Jackson Irvine as a squaddie, but to be honest don't know much about the current squad.
  14. Anyone got any opinions on how Ange will fare in charge of Celtic? He's always appeared to me better suited to managing a club rather than a national team. Seems to be major scepticism on the various Celtic forums I've visited, possibly justified, according to the fans the club's a mess. Been watching the Japanese cup match featuring Yokohama on now, the team definitely has defensive weaknesses, probably should be a couple of goals down at halftime instead of 1-1.
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