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  1. Interesting stuff about Fowler, if Birmingham do want him, can't blame for taking it. Perth maybe over pay issues, the only thing I've heard is that Chianese may be going to India and Nabbout transferring there.
  2. Not doubting you but what's your source?
  3. Fox sticking around for 12 months according to Smithies. FFA get your act together in the ensuing time so FOX can finally be flicked!
  4. They've played quite a few Matildas matches at Panthers so I don't know what happens then. Anyway there are other options available if Bankwest isn't up to scratch.
  5. Why is there such a desperation to have matches played at Bankwest? I'm pretty the original proposal mentioned Win Stadium as one of the venues to be used, Leichhardt was mentioned as well, there's also Penrith and Endeavour that aren't being used by NRL. The playing surface is more important than the location to me.
  6. Wouldn't there be something suitable cheaper available at Valentine Sports Park or Norwest generally?
  7. Seems like this rumour is likely to be true. One gone already, Ray Gatt thinks more to come and a deliberate attempt to bring the game down. Not the greatest of times for the game at the moment.
  8. There was a rumour going round on Twitter today that News Ltd has sacked three of its Oz football journalists Came from ZenithSem I think, not sure how true it is.
  9. Isn't the main obstacle negotiations between FFA and Fox over the 3 years left on the TV deal?
  10. Sorry screwed that up , A League hub now reporting Schwegler story.
  11. West Sydney Football, the site everyone else gets their stories from.
  12. I thought he did an ACL, quite likely he won't be ready.
  13. No harm in us trying if we're willing to make a decent offer. With Victory I see Nabbout probably moving to centre forward to replace Toivenen, so I'd have them as favourites and willing to shell out plenty out to get him.
  14. Would be good to see him in the A League. I doubt that we would be the ones to splash the money though, more likely Victory.
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