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  1. The talk by the former CEO of Optus of possibly expanding its sports offering sounds promising.
  2. Optus Sport in league of its own, says new boss For our free coronavirus pandemic coverage, learn more here. By Zoe Samios April 2, 2020 — 12.00am Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Send via Email Singtel Optus' new boss Kelly Bayer Rosmarin is confident customers won't ditch its sports streaming service, Optus Sport, despite the lack of live content, with the current suspension of customer payments for the service unlikely to dent the telco's books. Ms Bayer Rosmarin, who officially started her new role on Wednesday, has been working through ways to help the telco tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and is adamant that customers remained highly engaged with the product despite the suspension of major tournaments, including the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, the Japanese Football League and Copa America 2020. Optus' new chief executive Kelly Bayer Rosmarin says the telco's priority is to keep customers connected. “Right now our number one priority is keeping our customers connected to everyone and everything that they love, that is our primary consideration," Ms Bayer Rosmarin said. "I am convinced it is not a material impact for us to be able to suspend people paying for a couple of months until the sport resumes." Optus Sport is one of Australia's biggest sports streaming services and has positioned itself as the home of soccer. In March it signed on Copa America, adding to its offering of the J League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, FA Women's Super League and the EPL. Most of Optus' subscribers get the sports product for free, but there is a segment that pay $14.99 a month for the service. Former chief executive Allen Lew told The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age in February that Ms Bayer Rosmarin would look at expanding the sports offering, describing it as a way of acquiring new customers. As of February, it boasted 825,000 subscribers. It is unclear whether the suspension of sport has changed this figure. "We are doing everything we can to make sure [customers] feel supported and that we’ll be ready to go and very happy to begin re-streaming live sport when it commences," Ms Bayer Rosmarin said. Like other telco providers, Optus has been hit with increased demand on its networks and lockdown challenges in India and the Phillippines, where its customer service teams are located. Optus is now recruiting 500 staff in customer service and support to rebuild capacity and help consumers. Despite public complaints about congestion on all mobile networks and calls dropping out, Ms Bayer Rosmarin said Optus's network was coping well, helped by the increased capacity provided by the National Broadband Network. Related Article Exclusive Media & marketing Netflix to crunch streaming bandwidth to ease broadband congestion "What’s changed is the patterns of use, so more people working from home in the suburbs, more people working simultaneously off the same wi-fi connection at home, so that does mean people might experience different levels of speed or congestion than they normally do," she said. "But overall we have very few spots of congestion and the teams are working incredibly hard to identify and add capacity to any areas that have that experience. It’s very localised.” Ms Bayer Rosmarin would not be drawn on whether the NBN should extend the temporary discount it has provided for more bandwidth. The connectivity virtual circuit (CVC) charge, which covers the amount of bandwidth telcos can make available to customers, is part of the wholesale prices telcos pay to the NBN. The amount of CVC a telco buys affects the internet speed, particularly at peak usage times from 7pm to 11pm. “We are going to take advantage of the additional capacity and we are working proactively to identify potential hotspots and areas where we can add capacity in advance of any congestion," she said. “This whole global pandemic is such an evolving situation that there is no need for anybody to rush any decisions. They’ve certainly taken early and decisive action and if there’s a need to do more, then we’ll work with them and see what is required in the coming months.” Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Send via Email License this article Telecommunications Optus Coronavirus pandemic
  3. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/video/1715923523721/you-f-king-stupid-idiot-mcdonald-s-coronavirus-rant?playlist=latest-videos-twg
  4. That's where the majority of our squad may be coming from for the foreseeable future.
  5. I don't think it's RIP but i think it's going to look very diifferent for possibly the next few years. Losing FOX will be a blow but one I personally don't mind, given my disdain of anything Rupert Murdoch is involved with. I'm sure someone like Optus for instance will step up to replace them with probably a big haircut in revenue for the foreseeable future. The majority of clubs might to go with the type of budget the Mariners are operating on or even less. Maybe squads of 20 on close to minimum mandated wage, if that's the price that needs to be paid so be it, probably means that there will be very few if any foreign players involved in the squads. As long as there's a competition of some sort I will still support it. Feel free to tell me I'm talking a load of bollocks.
  6. Trumps currently doing a press conference, can't see any sign of Anthony Fauci, another victim of Trump's vengeance?
  7. I would have been quite happy to see Mourdoukoudas retained in the starting lineup.
  8. Ugarkovic with a Muller like header.
  9. Adelaide have descended into a complete shambles.
  10. O'Doherty seems to be holding on a bit too long rather than playing a simple pass, Sullivan might be a better option.
  11. Just as well we don't have to play them this weekend then.
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