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  1. If Babbel is sacked who's in charge on Friday? It's definitely not working, who's the Smurf's assistant, looking at Talay's results the formula seems to be working.
  2. Fox, please bin Speed, beyond annoying, wants the ref to give a red for every second tackle.
  3. Berisha just scored an offside goal, why not reviewed, listening on a stream with Spanish commentary?
  4. Brisbane very unlucky not to have a couple first half.
  5. Not playing badly though, had majority possession.
  6. If anyone from Macarthur reads this thread, assuming Wanderers aren't going to, sign him please. Goal from -1.28 onwards. https://www.facebook.com/udleiriafutebolsadoficial/?hc_ref=ARTWg20HUTV8MrcT43EBsxLG9PiuM2pxqi7MSAgKrGpBYkUEzP7x1bVe4XitWi9uNTQ&fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARBHV8KXKUxPc74d_wgywEeCvblPaCu8HTOkkXjsANA57JVAFTxILtpfu-_y3KSR8Vi4e8ht7r_UXC76yDkt_0n0WIxGZoGRu5jFAdEo_897v8iBFD2ct7KG0jDlV5uuYqsJ9_MBgS1krWJLsjVlSqyPrzjkavyGc14SGKaq3HBcuXFFs63tRWhw5rk7eHYzU5CmAjoh1nDGETCyfOUYOaSVBE29evXANqzJDP9bjHwXGSkuu7GgIFMoVvYOs5bck0kWuVkoLTp5vhHuz42GdxqHcQjTmWg34Rsfyc-EA1cm4pXJrfRO5CbizceOkpcHpa5Lt02AIrruPe97s2Rr0WcpDTkQG5prpzo&__tn__=kC-R
  7. A couple of penalty shouts in the Brighton v Wolves match this morning. The first one, the Brighton defender is on the ground and the ball accidentally touched his hand, reviewed by VAR and penalty not given, also another where ball blasted in arm or hand not even awarded or reviewed. Seems like different interpretations in the Old Dart, which I agree with by the way.
  8. Duke often looks a bit proppy,just hope we can go on with it second half.
  9. Will ANZ definitely be out of action? I thought there were only going to be minor adjustments done there.
  10. Which one are you objecting to, Appiah or Danny Choi?
  11. Also after Appiah Kubi supposedly. Just get Danny Choi back from Portugal, won't cost much and might be an absolute cracking signing. Deserves a chance after all the obstacles put in his way.
  12. Adelaide a bit below their best in the first half.
  13. Adelaide probably the team I most enjoy watching at the moment other than the Wanderers.
  14. I'd give Muller a maximum of two matches in his favoured position to see if he improves playing there. If there's not any improvement bench him and hope he's only here on a one year deal.
  15. Can't disagree, plus annoying we have another central defender who can't pass out accurately.
  16. They do it very effectively though. I wish we could be more direct as well, but it seems that we don't the passing abillty from the back or midfield most times to do it properly.
  17. That's what I'm seeing as well. Brisbane just score.
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