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  1. Kevin Kuranyi coming out of retirement would be one right out of left field.
  2. According to the FFA cup website Wellington only have three players listed on the bench for their match against the Brisbane Strikers. Poor planning?
  3. Who are the backups for Schwegler and Baccus?
  4. Fine at DM, not so good at centre back.
  5. Sign Collins from Blacktown City, as Taurus says we need some height, or just sign anyone please, it's getting boring. A pity we didn't know Osama Malik was available.
  6. From his age 36 seems like a perfect signing for Western United.
  7. Can Central Coast uphold their fine FFA Cup record?, we'll know the answer soon. Cancel that they've just scored.
  8. So who do we get as an injury replacement if needed? There doesn't seem to be many options available, possibly Fabio Ferreira, Nathan Burns has gone downhill over the last season or two. Any other ideas?
  9. Final score apparently 5-0 to Wanderers.
  10. From what i can get on twitter Kamau got one, don't know the others.
  11. Yes,according to some guy on Twitter named Spencer@lawsonCFC if he can be believed.
  12. Do we have anyone else lined up though?
  13. Got mentioned in a famous Beatles song though. Does Fraizer really want to be here, that's the question?
  14. Can someone tell me under the rules governing squad sizes how many more players are we allowed to sign? I know we will be signing one more player at least but I am not sure of the actual numbers we're allowed. I love the fact we have a lot of talented young players but a couple more experienced players wouldn't go astray as we may be losing some of the young guys to tournaments or qualifiers during the season.
  15. Playing at Lily Homes tonight.
  16. We've played the mighty Blacktown City too this week.
  17. I'd say Leeds have it on us for fitness at their stage of preseason preparation.
  18. Like to see Adam and Grozos get a run at some stage.
  19. Okon just said the he wanted to sign Schwegler for the Mariners but couldn't afford him.
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