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  1. Hi all. Haven't posted in here in a while. Hope everyone's doing alright. I'm leaving for Russia next week. I have tickets to all 3 Socceroos games, but I couldn't get a ticket for any other game. Has anyone had any luck with securing a ticket or any ideas about how to get tickets for any other game?
  2. I haven't been in the RBB or active end for a while. But today I'm in the "active" area. And it's absolutely disgusting. What the **** has become of our away support? I shouldn't be able to hear the pissant Red Army but I damn well can. What a sad state of affairs our away support has become.
  3. Anyone selling a spare ticket in any section? PM me.
  4. I have a ticket in Bay 37 for sale for $38 for tomorrow nights derby if anyone is interested... PM'd
  5. Need a ticket for tomorrow. Any section will do
  6. Anyone have a spare ticket for tonight??
  7. "released to make way for a new signing" Unless it's Lev Yashin or a 25 year-old Gigi Buffon, the club have made a terrible decision.
  8. http://www.metalhammer.com/news/2014-05-07/exclusive-killer-be-killed-killer-be-killed-album-stream Pretty solid album. Supergroup comprised of members of Soulfly, Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan & The Mars Volta.
  9. Various comments suggest tickets are still available - have you tried ticketek?never mind, friend found one...
  10. Active away ticket needed for the grand final. Please PM if you have/know someone with a spare.
  11. I'm not sure. Wouldn't this then give other groups the license to rip off our chants? Not that the Den don't do that already I suppose. But they are a joke anyway.
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