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  1. wswfc

    Spare/Selling/Request Ticket Thread 2016/17

    Yes that was actually meant for braad ^
  2. wswfc

    Spare/Selling/Request Ticket Thread 2016/17

    Interested in 3 tickets if available
  3. wswfc

    Santa Snaps Perth Streak

    Santa is a beautiful man
  4. Day off work, three hour drive home just for the occasion. These are the nights you live for. Going to be huge!
  5. wswfc

    Brisbane Away Trip Planning Sunday 4th May

    So I ended up booking match tickets and flights after a week of internal struggle, about cost and time and everything else that meant it couldn't work out. These are the moments you live for though, and win or lose, it will stick with you always. If not now then never. See you all in Brisbane, let's make this a night to remember!
  6. wswfc

    Jerrad Tyson

    Tyson was brilliant tonight!
  7. wswfc

    Shinji Ono

    Very disappointed that Shinji will be leaving the club, particularly given that it seems he wanted to stay on with us. He has been in every sense the ultimate professional and club man, and will forever be a Wanderers legend. His farewell will be bittersweet; while it will be sad to seem him play his last game in the red and black, I'm sure the occasion will truly be something to behold. BANZAI SHINJI!!!
  8. wswfc

    R12 Victory Away Sat 28th Dec 2013 7:30pm

    In albury! See you cool cats in Melbourne! COYW!!!!!!!!!
  9. wswfc

    R12 Victory Away Sat 28th Dec 2013 7:30pm

    Just bought tickets for the match, first ever trip to Melbourne!! Cannot wait, it will be immense!!
  10. wswfc

    Wanderers Win 1-0 In Newcastle

    Great to get another win on the road. Although we didn't dominate the game, our performance overall was much better than in the last couple of weeks. Although Hersi wasn't at his best, his tight combination play with Polenz was clearly returning and I think this was one of the main reasons for the improved team performance. The RBB was brilliant- loved seeing you guys bounce around for A Call to Arms.