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  1. I'm assuming that means on of these kinda things, it's a little banner thing that retracts into the body of the pen.
  2. Here's the higher quality version: https://streamable.com/3r88 I uploaded the shorter version to twitter, not sure how much attention we can encourage.
  3. I've got another version uploading currently, in the meantime have a gander at this version of Cahill striking Pinatares. https://streamable.com/35sv
  4. I'm absolutely livid FFA's Tim Cahill was allowed to strike an opposition player in the head and was rewarded with a personal escort from the field. This is the man at the centre of the FFA's marketing campaigns, and a 'marquee for the entire league'. If anyone is supposed to be representing the game and setting the example, it's this guy. The ONLY excuse I can think to give is that the officials were focused elsewhere when it happened, that it. If that's the case, then I expect he will receive a 3-6 week suspension after a review during the week. Anything less would be an absolute disgrace.
  5. Knowing how fox have been in the past, they'll finish this game then go to the studio for their post match analysis/discussion. They may not cross to the Perth/SFC game unless it goes to ET.
  6. Oh dear, Edgeworth keeper Fogarty is having a shocker tonight.
  7. I'd be very forgiving on that front for this game, the pitch is atrocious. Both teams have had plenty of missed chances/passes due to bobbles.
  8. Bulut's time at the Wanderers was an outlier in his career. I'm certainly not try to discount his time at the Wanderers, If you treat it as an outlier then you are discarding it. It's all about context. As I said, many are only focusing on his time here, but I believe it's very important to look at the rest of his career. I'm not discarding his time at the Wanderers, I'm using his time spent elsewhere for contrast.
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