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  1. So if City fly out before midnight the game is on, if they don’t they go into lockdown and game is off?
  2. Large parts of the pitch at parra stadium look like a bumpy sandpit with couple of blades of grass poking through. Can’t believe the stadium management is getting away with it.
  3. Just noticed this watching the replay. As Dorrans lines up to take the pen, Brimmer is behind him yelling **** out to put Dorrans off. as soon as Dorrans converted, he ran up to Brimmer and gave it right back to him.
  4. Victory are in shambles right now, let’s just hope the don’t give Brebner the punt and appoint caretaker before this game, in case it fires up their players.
  5. Tickets go on sale midday Wednesday 6th, looks like there is an allocated away section. Check out the ticketek website.
  6. I had a look on both team’s websites and on Ticketmaster and couldn’t find the option to buy tickets. Yet tickets to the Sydney Derby which come afterwards can be purchased.
  7. You should give credit where its due if we are talking about money. Who has better facilities in the a-league, if what we have is the ''minimum standard''? I'm pretty sure other A-league clubs also have millionaire owners? Is Sydney FC still training at Mac Uni? Not having a go at you, but I swear it feels like some WSW fans joined just to take a **** on our own players, owners, club, FFA etc.because they were not hugged enough or something. Management and owners may be inept, but they are not tight asses. Chin up Kuntz, life is not so bad.
  8. Good to see we’re looking to add a marquee, even if this one doesn’t come off.
  9. My German source told me they are not even trying for the dual thing as there is no chance unless you can demonstrate several very good extenuating reasons.
  10. Have we played any friendlies recently and does anyone know the results?
  11. I don’t know Ziegler citizenship details, but once he is granted the Aus one, he would need to rescind his German one as Germany doesn’t usually allow dual citizenship. He could apply to keep his German one, but the process is quiet long and his chances are low. I am just speculating that given how long this is all taking, he might be up to the second step.
  12. Less then 2 months left till the season kicks off. Have the FFA indicated when they will be releasing the draw? I heard we have about 7 friendlies lined up. Are they all behind closed doors?
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