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  1. You’d think there would be one if you come in on the RBB train
  2. Not sure what you mean, care to elaborate?
  3. Which means neither deserves a license
  4. South Melbourne have a member base?
  5. If the FFA wanted money they would have picked southern expansion, they had the biggest purse.
  6. Best 2 bids got in. FFA locked in teams in 2 of the biggest growth corridors which will no doubt annoy the other codes. WMG have done great work behind the scenes to secure deals for land and capital which will mean they will own their own boutique stadium and training facilities, which is what the ‘experts’ keep saying is vital to long term sustainability. Yes, right now it’s paddocks but in 10 years people will be shaking their heads at the thought that some preferred South Melbourne...or Tasmania. SWS was always the logical spot for the 3rd Sydney team, no brainer. The only thing that irks me is CMpbeltown stadium, I hope they build something new near the 2nd airport in the next 5-10 years. Canberra can feel hard done by but anyone who read the FFA media release will know they were next in line and are a good chance next round. Hopefully they will just buy the Phoenix license instead...
  7. MajorMelons

    A-League & 2nd Tier Expansion Thread V2

    I have a feeling that SWS won’t throw too much cash at upgrading Campbelltown Stadium, instead they will look at options for a new ground as there will be development options coming up around the 2nd airport growth area.
  8. MajorMelons

    Wanderers Bounce Back Over Mariners

    Where was WST and all the RBB subgroups? Seems like our ultras fans come and go, but the suits are still there? Kudos to all this who turned up in the RBB and the stands, it was worth it. We played similar to the Newcastle game, except Ziegler made a difference, few shots actually went in, and the ref carded the opposition and not just us.
  9. So once we sign we will be the anchor tenants again, based on number of games played at parra? Or are the Eels planning to forego Homebush and play all home games at parra?
  10. In, we should get a win with Ziegler back
  11. According the the SMH, the Eels are the ‘anchor tenant’, how so? Are they playing more games there then us? Or does the NRL journo have no clue?
  12. Driving into Cook Park expecting no crowd, then seeing that little car park full for the first time and having to park down the road, thinking WTF?
  13. MajorMelons

    Coach and Staff Thread 2018/19

    Not a bad signing for an owner who is a tightass according to some. This, along with new training facilities will bring tangible results on the field.