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  1. I just want us to play into a bit of form leading into the derby.
  2. Just remember, if Labor win tomorrow, Daley will sack Alan Jones from the SCG board on the spot.
  3. Yeboah for Majok ASAP please.
  4. MajorMelons

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Happy with Baccus re-signing, he is a talent. Juric would be good as long as we had a good back up striker for when Juric gets his niggling injuries, or is down on form.
  5. MajorMelons

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Maybe Maltese?
  6. Why is it always 5 min injury time when we play?
  7. I think Majok for Riera sooner rather than later, might as well give him game time, Riera offering nothing
  8. Their keeper will have a blinder
  9. We are winning. Here come the referres with the usual one sided decisions.
  10. Lliorente has no idea how to close down on the man with the ball, instead he stands 3 metres away with his arms out like he is a goalkeeper or something
  11. Got the early bullshit yellow card out of the way I see
  12. Look on the bright side, their striker could have taken a dive and had our keeper sent off