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  1. Do we have any youth players that have not yet made their debut for the first team who could play a backup role this season?
  2. Jets are our feeder club which is why we own and support them.
  3. I don’t want Caceres or anyone else from east Sydney.
  4. There is a very easy solution to the Police problem. Only allow normal cops in the ground, the ones wearing two blues. Between them and stadium security they can resolve 99% of all issues. I’ve never had an issue with the normal cops. The raptor jumpsuit wearing squad can sit outside in their Landcruiser and only get in if we get attacked by a bikie gang, or whatever it is they are training for. And the raptor guy with a black beard and a massive short man syndrome needs many many years of counselling and some type of training to increase his IQ. It’s worrying that someone like hi
  5. I’m expecting second half to get harder once Diamanti comes in.
  6. Don’t forget that Raptor follow bikies AND their solicitors, for which they got reprimanded by the president of the Aus Law Society.
  7. My thoughts are with Andy Harper, Brenton Speed and the rest of the Sydney FC fans out there, heading straight for the 1000 days without a derby win. I'm also hanging to see a photo of Duke doing the split in front of the Cove after goal #2....
  8. He was solid, but one thing i noticed was that he was doing a lot of talking to get our players in the right positions, which was good to see.
  9. You may be right, but in the post game Carl did say that Sydney are a good team and we were not going to outplay them, so the plan was always to sit back and hit them on the counter which is exactly how we got the first 2 goals. Commentators also rightly pointed out that the Smurf defenders are slow, and whenever their fullbacks pushed up we played the ball behind and exposed them. I think we did dig deep and scrambled well in defense, but its a bit unfair to Carl to say there was no plan, especially in going forward.
  10. Maybe it was a one off to celebrate Cox’s wife giving birth???
  11. We have competent centre backs, but we are not always playing them...
  12. That goal was the first time that Troisi kicked the ball forward today.
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