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  1. You should give credit where its due if we are talking about money. Who has better facilities in the a-league, if what we have is the ''minimum standard''? I'm pretty sure other A-league clubs also have millionaire owners? Is Sydney FC still training at Mac Uni? Not having a go at you, but I swear it feels like some WSW fans joined just to take a **** on our own players, owners, club, FFA etc.because they were not hugged enough or something. Management and owners may be inept, but they are not tight asses. Chin up Kuntz, life is not so bad.
  2. Good to see we’re looking to add a marquee, even if this one doesn’t come off.
  3. My German source told me they are not even trying for the dual thing as there is no chance unless you can demonstrate several very good extenuating reasons.
  4. Have we played any friendlies recently and does anyone know the results?
  5. I don’t know Ziegler citizenship details, but once he is granted the Aus one, he would need to rescind his German one as Germany doesn’t usually allow dual citizenship. He could apply to keep his German one, but the process is quiet long and his chances are low. I am just speculating that given how long this is all taking, he might be up to the second step.
  6. Less then 2 months left till the season kicks off. Have the FFA indicated when they will be releasing the draw? I heard we have about 7 friendlies lined up. Are they all behind closed doors?
  7. It will make sense for the Bulls to shift to Liverpool if the get to use a brand new stadium.
  8. Bossi article in SMH is worth a read, it is the most biased ever, almost comical, the guy is really hurting right now. Bad night in the Cove for him tonight....
  9. Whoever writes the RBB comms didn’t get enough hugs when they were little.
  10. Cox struggles to fit in his shorts? Boom tish...
  11. If Cox is mainly a 10, why is he showing as a striker here?: https://www.transfermarkt.com/simon-cox/profil/spieler/37150 Edit: I used the filter on that site to sift through his playing history. It shows that he played attacking midfield 3 times, and striker 273 times, unless I am using it incorrectly ...?
  12. Can we just play Cox as striker, Muller as winger and Grozos as 10? Play players in their correct positions.
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