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  1. Bossi article in SMH is worth a read, it is the most biased ever, almost comical, the guy is really hurting right now. Bad night in the Cove for him tonight....
  2. Whoever writes the RBB comms didn’t get enough hugs when they were little.
  3. Cox struggles to fit in his shorts? Boom tish...
  4. If Cox is mainly a 10, why is he showing as a striker here?: https://www.transfermarkt.com/simon-cox/profil/spieler/37150 Edit: I used the filter on that site to sift through his playing history. It shows that he played attacking midfield 3 times, and striker 273 times, unless I am using it incorrectly ...?
  5. Can we just play Cox as striker, Muller as winger and Grozos as 10? Play players in their correct positions.
  6. I’m sure Arnie is keen for the role after the RBB tifo of him eating a penis.
  7. Not too happy with JP but what are the options? Good coaches won’t take in an interim role, and is it worth risking an unknown one? It will be fascinating to see his lineup against mariners. Will he put on the same 11, meaning he was the driving force all along (and has no clue), or does he have a different concept?
  8. Club making the right decisions recently in relation to Lopar, Meier and Baccus. Remains to be seen how they solve the coach / team performance issue.
  9. It’s taken me until now to decide, but I’m now ‘Babbel Out’. there has been no improvement since he took over last season, in fact we seem to have regressed.
  10. Babbel said in the presser that the boys didn’t adjust when WU replaced Durante with Yulle during the second half, and that this was a mistake. Out of curiosity, did anyone observe whether Babbel or any of the coaching staff got off their arse and yell out any instructions after this sub took place?
  11. It was encouraging to see that we at least appeared to have a plan, which was to start tall timber Meier, and lob crosses to him from the wings and fullbacks. It didn’t result in many chances because WU were playing with 3 tall centre backs, and because the quality of the crosses was atrocious, however I would expect that this would improve if we stick with the same plan going forward. We finally got the back 4 right with Tass on the right and DG on the left.
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