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  1. Another disappointing Olyroo Olympic campaign comes to an end. I guess it was inevitable that it would end in a whimper. After all we have a technically inept negative donkey as a coach. With a record of having failed at every international tournament he has coached at. How that creature keeps getting appointed as our national coach time after time is mind numbing. But then again we have the old FFA and the Lowys to thank for that. Their last parting gift to Australian Football. The ultimate job for the boys & a big F U to the fans and clubs for not backing them perhaps.
  2. The bolded part pretty much sums up WSW over the last 5-6 years. Sadly the recruitment from within the club whether from the coaching staff or club management or both has been amateur hour & abysmal.
  3. Wouldn't surprise me we seem to be going backward unfortunately
  4. Haven't posted on this forum for a very long time but just needed to vent somewhere. For a club with our resources surely the owners must be ****** embarrassed with the dross that's been dished up for the last 5 yrs. Our midfield is a shambles mostly go sideways or backward and when they do try and go forward the ball movement is to slow. Or they just can't control it and lose it. Our backline lacks any leadership and concede soft goals. Plus there is no leader in the centre of the defence. Absolute soft ***** and mostly disorganised. Looking at you McGowan Our forwards alw
  5. This exactly! Why can't they stick with a long term success plan and keep a squad together and alter what is required. Last year's team was perfect and only needed a solid keeper and striker......When you look at who we once had signed up to what we are left with now you have to ask yourself how did it get to this point and why do they fail to rectify the real issues. Why can't we attract big names to the club?. We should have gone for a big name marquee striker this year with our move away from parramatta and into larger capacity stadiums. Perfect opportunity to rev up further interest in th
  6. Yep remember seeing that and saying perfect safe back pass header to Redmayne. " Oh wait that wasn't Redmayne but ***** Izzo the opposition keeper lol"
  7. Our 2 CB are very slow and error prone. We will struggle to keep any clean sheets at this rate. It is even more compounded when our GK is a nervous nelly who is also error prone. We also play a high line which against more potent & speedy forward lines is a real major worry. And Santa is the only player in our line up that is clinical in front of goal. Two games at home that the team should have buried and won inside of 70 min, not won because we lack clinical finishers. Then our error prone back line inevitably makes some mistake that our opponent scores from and then gains encourag
  8. Well I guess a positive is somehow we have 4 points from 3 games so far. A hell of a lot of work needed to get this squad up to speed. And most of our signings foreign and local for this season are very average. Hopefully miracles are worked as the season progresses. Our lack of pace through out our squad is a big concern not to mention our coaching staff lack of tactical flexibility. Been a while since I've posted on here, but I'm so pissed off after tonight needed to get it off my chest. And Yeah, Redmayne is shite
  9. Gazmon's football stadium design is spot on, but this is Australia so unfortunately I won't be expecting anything near that quality. I guess we can all dream though.
  10. Ticketmaster always only release restricted view seating on match day or the day before a match, nothing new with that really. Plus being a Friday night doesn't help with the south end families turning up either, its just the way it is. I still think we will get 14-15,000 as long as the storm doesn't turn back.
  11. Or just a banner saying you can't silence the football family Dont feed the trolls. Yeah, look normally I don't feed trolls. But in this case the particular troll/creature in question has taken great pleasure and delightful glee in dragging peoples names, faces and character through the mud in a very public way. As well as the name of the game I and many others no doubt have loved and followed all our lives. So if this horrid creature is publicly humiliated in return it is no more than what it deserves.
  12. Well done to the lads. Playing some nice stuff right now and probably only at 50% capacity.
  13. I wouldn't boycott any games or have silent protests. Thats' what these mugs want
  14. A banner/tifo of a dog with R. Wilson's head on it drinking from a urinal trough with the words Telecrap head office engraved on it would be a spendid reply. You could also add a RBT on the scene for extra effect.
  15. Our lack of any quality finishing is staring to become despairingly depressing.
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