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  1. NickosCPC

    Kerem Bulut

    He simply doesn't have the work rate to warrant his whinging when not receiving the service he demands. He needs to move more off the ball to help the midfielders. He'll probably end up at Mariners or Jets and score a few goals for them.
  2. If we had Thomas in goals and Berisha up front, we would have won that game by 4+. The problem was, thomas made 2-3 top class saves. Berisha finished the 3 chances he had. Santa was wasteful and our 2 best chances fell to our Left Back (who in my opinion has been just as good as Nico as our signing of the season)
  3. Welcome T1m. I like your plan. Are you sure about the Marquee/Payout/Cap thing though? Almost sounds too good to be true. In fact it is too good to be true because Lederer's a tightass. Lots of posts about getting Spira back. YES PLEASE. Anyone know how Bridge is doing in Thailand? Would love him back. And let's just get Sorensen from MCY. The Thai season was cut short because of the death of the King. I don't think they're up again until May. Bring Bridgey home. You can pay a marque whatever you want whenever you want. Speaking of Bridge, the Jets are interested in bringing in Smeltz and or Bridge in Janurary. http://www.theherald.com.au/story/4344844/bridge-smeltz-on-jets-wish-list/?cs=306 IF,Bridge were to come back to play for the Jets,and that is a BIG IF,there would be a lot of p'd off WSW supporters asking club management why he went there and not back to us. to be fair, he played a long on the wings for us, and we're ok in that department. Would he suit playing as a #9 for us now? not so sure. But hes a club legend, so wouldnt mind seeing him back.
  4. Official: Matches are being played behind closed doors. A ticket system is being brought in where as only friends and family can attend.
  5. The schedule I saw on Friday was 10am, 12pm & 2pm. Even if game were to kick off at 3pm, it will be completed during daylight hours, when FLAREZ are least effective Meh I was close enough
  6. Not sure about it being behind closed doors just yet, but confirmed that the 18s will kick off at 10:45am. Therefore 20s will be approx 1pm and firsts assuming at 3pm.
  7. Rumours going around that the NPL derby next week could be behind closed doors?
  8. We can't even fill the stadium now with our sold out memberships. 30k is big enough to be amazing. Look at AAMI Park, great stadium, not too small, not too big. When it comes to the derbies in the future, who knows.
  9. no early reports in the media of the large number of police needed to separate hooligans at the sokkah
  10. To express my happiness, i just spat at someone.
  11. because I joined the discussion too late
  12. i'll be having prawn sandwiches in the corporate box for this one.. sorry gents. Although we are conveniently located above the RBB
  13. Amidst all the tears and the anger, glad to find a real point of discussion. Like I've said before, give it a few years and your away attendance will drop off. The 16th trip to Newcastle just isn't the same as the 1st, or even 5th. In fact your own travelling numbers dropped off alarmingly when it wasn't all smooth sailing.. 2 and a half bays is a bit weak while you're still in your honeymoon years Ahaha how did last years grandfinal taste...ya mong??? Was there an arts and crafts festival coinciding with the game today? Love your furious editing.. for added impact haha There is some definite perspective error in these photographs. The top one is zoomed right in and only shows the full bays and nothing of the upper tier or closer to half way. There are only 3 and a 1/2 bays depicted in the entire photo. Didn't you learn how to accurately compare at school? Love the furious editing for added impact though the bigger issue here though, is that we only managed to get 1 sauce bottle. The smurfs got two, tomato and BBQ at that, we got crappy American mustard, and where's the avjar. that's it, seasons gone, we're ****. Im handing in my membership. Also doesn't accurately show the fact that Smurfs have the same colour jerseys as the empty seats. Thus creating an inaccurate depiction of their "amazing" attendance.
  14. I cant wait for the season when both Sydney teams and both Melbourne teams finish in the top 4. Crowds will be booming and finally getting some decent media time.
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