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  1. I’ll pay for your next away trip if you smile at the camera located above and proceed to rip the first flare 😜 joking reference on the paying part feel to light the first one up in Bankwest immortal status awaits 👌
  2. Those two away trips that’s season - that one and MV away where we emphatically delivered chanting unseen in this league with passion a good 60 mins before kickoff take me back or better yet forward to cherish it again
  3. Sounds like the departure between the Kraut and club was not a pretty one - his comments he would well know would infuriate most was fans. Im not too fussed if it’s been determined he isn’t in our future good luck to him. I personally don’t mind the comments I’m hoping the ownership of WSW take notice and take offence to prove him wrong in terms of our final few signings and take note of this for future. The stadium is done - show your ambition to fill it.
  4. Milligan for whatever reason never for the big break in europe, I remember as a youngster Wenger actually had him at Arsenal for a week or something apparently he was close to signing. Also seems to be in the Troisi mode that the highest bidder always won good for the bank account but a career that didn’t reach the potential for mine.
  5. Interesting some of the finer details such as % of overseas transfers and potential future club sales, I wonder if there is other leagues around the world that have this. As with any off field issue in Australia I don’t see this as being simple as by next year it’s done - sure there is hiccups along the way. I wonder what this means for the VAR as well.
  6. Yeah I’m not a fan over these overpriced friendlies I’m usually avoid them but I think yeah if I miss the game in years to come I might regret missing the chance to watch the first ever game in the shiny new stadium for my team. in Saying that I expect us to get done and given the last 3 years it will be just like any other game haha
  7. Traore would be an upgrade at LB so would be a nice addition however as dialogue suggests above more love still needed elsewhere in the squad with other positions maybe the mariners won’t even take snake I fear we are stuck with him unless ownership dig deep in their pockets for the ‘mutual consent’ departure agreement that could cost 200k to 300k easily - well we bough one of those automatic line markers so I’m optimistic ☺️
  8. Apparently they are about 70k so if and have a 5 year warranty - only thing u need do is fill with the paint it’s an excellent investment but on the sour not another example of machine replacing man!!!!
  9. 😂😂😂 hands down gold I’m dying cause I know exactly what you mean meeting many an arrogant bread and cheese complaining Frenchie
  10. With all due respect I can’t see the owners of the nix, ccm, roar or Adelaide running to fund increasing opex costs I’m not denying Fox probably don’t give 2 shits but there is zero interest for a major media outlet to pick up aleague It’s been tossed between sbs, channel 10 whose turn next is it to date the ugly boy no girl wants 😉
  11. Exactly which is why I keep saying on here we need fox more than they need us the last TV DEAL was widely ridiculed in hindsight it was a master stroke from Ffa At least they have money coming in for another few years fox can offer half next time and the ffa will have no other option but to take it nfi what plan b is to fund player wages
  12. McGowan is as good as an Aussie you would get inside the cap after Spira very happy with this signing an upgrade on the likes of Hamill for sure
  13. Antonis easily Is the more appealing option
  14. Van egmond almost a pearler off set piece corner! Looking better now this is easily better than watching arnie ball ☺️
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