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  1. Timmy Boy is now taking their money as well as an ambassador
  2. https://www.covid19sydney.com/
  3. I think it’s about perspective. if you play for Barca, Juve etc the wages are astronomical in the aleague it isn’t - if you talking making covering anbout 1/3 at most left of agreements for the season you probably are not talking more than a million for most teams maybe a bit more if you have marquees on high end. To Mack’s point its the impression you leave on the players who you may want to retain luckily for us most other clubs are doing it so we aren’t abnormal. it comes down to if you think that someone who is worth around a billion (And his 3 silent friends) can afford to take a hit. A cynical way to look at it is in essence can someone with a thousand dollars afford 1 dollar for the greater good of something that is more than just an investment. there’s no right or wrong here just perspective I lean in the camp that he’s a tightarse but hey I haven’t put one cent up for anything other than supporting the team through attending Games so my opinion is a **** one 😂
  4. Even Big Paul’s biggest spin doctors are going to struggle to come out and defend him on this one. if only he had another uncle that could hand him a billion dollar empire on a silver plate 😂
  5. Yeah your not a troll - these 4 posts are unbiased views of a fellow football supporter...Word of advice if you want people to give you the attention you yearn for; you need to do 1 of 2 things - Admit you're a troll so we know it and move forward or at least be funny so we can banter with you. You want us to respect your opinions, move on your son was hard done by a bunch of **** nuts who need their head kicked in. Start talking football but if you continue with comments as above, then your 7 year old is going to turn out to be one of those **** nuts that mad him cry...
  6. If we win tonight I reckon the buzz we haven't had since season 4 will be back for a lot of people. A loss tonight will be so gut wrenching after the high of last week. A month ago we lose this hands down, so at least I have optimism. I reckon we win 3-0 send a statement! WSW are back.
  7. Was on the hill last night it was great experience. Okay so the queues for drinks, food and toilets were not great but the atmosphere was great. when we scored OMG - Two words amazing scenes - a celebration of the highest order! So great if only we didn’t waste those Years at soulless and took some games to the burbs anyway some great performances - been calling for sullivan on this forum all season hopefully he gets some more games. Last night confirmed he is a viable option overall as others have mentioned this team now appears to have 11 Mitch dukes out there now all wanting to get to the ball and win for their fans it’s the second time this season we have won 3 and drawn 1 - that’s how we started season - let’s hope the results don’t follow the pattern of last time. what a night EAD ESFC
  8. Article from TWG https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/macarthur-chairman-steps-down
  9. Exactly remember 12 months ago we were frothing Over yeboah And now we want him put down like an expired race horse kamau show some consistency
  10. Jesus still going this is getting like Goat with popa 😂
  11. I think I’ve commented before in past but well said and can say I have lived the SAP tossfest. gunner Jnr played one year, started off by getting rejected by his local team in MacArthur for being ironically too small, ended up where Bridgey is now at Mounties (incidentally we smashed MacArthur 8 nil when we played them) i will give the club credit they were well Organised, great communication and great people but the training was largely fitness, basic ball skills very little Tactics, understanding about cohesion, not much on decision making, playing backwards you name it all the finer things to make good football in short not much better that what I was coaching him in the grassroots when we played more better teams the players were encouraged to just ‘boot’ it out - the whole reason we left park football was for something better and largely it wasn’t. Having watch videos of youngsters overseas and what I witnessed in SAP it’s night and day and it’s no surprise that we have failed and youth level for ten years now
  12. We have a guy sullivan who looks like he could do that but for some reason he is in dog house it’s like with Tass he’s obviously good enough to play we saw this last season but for some reason even after babbel left JP has just stuck with the same players seriously at some point you have to say it’s over half the season gone the cohesion isn’t right let’s add something new to mix it’s not rocket science
  13. I’m not sure I concur if he was good enough baccus would be dominating the league - reality is he isn’t consistently at a high level - I remember babbel commenting how he would drive him to airport once he consistently plays at elite level this is the story of baccus developing demand move end of season club eventually caves baccus goes overseas back within A-League in 24 months because he goes os and like 80% of A-League players comes back because it becomes too hard and the aleague is a nice cushy job with sound pay cheque rinse repeat it’s happened time and time again
  14. How Tass hasn’t got a sniff is shocking PZ, MJ and DM ALL 3 have could easily be dropped probably Zeigler moreso more so than anyone
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