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  1. good pedigree how’s he go in the sun ☀️ 36 is always a concern its all over the net now as club ‘sources’ confirmed
  2. Meh lost wasn’t great move on reminder when many were getting ultra excited after hammering the Croats - a small few of us said it’s early days reminders is early days you need a sold 7/8 games in the league to see what kind of team we will be
  3. Don’t forget the rugby tournament just before the season starts 😉
  4. Great signing a Socceroo with good pedigree the backline is really look the best it’s look since Alberto and NTS were in season 4.
  5. Where did the name fraudsters come in? Out of interest Is there good story or you have just decided on it.
  6. Concur it’s was a great performance against the weakest opposition we will probably face this season - that puts it into context. Lets see where we are 5 or 6 games into the season I’ll reserve judgement until then. Does it look better than recent history? Hell yes Should we all be ready to think the good days are back? Hell no long way to go!
  7. Juric should have accepted those Chinese millions years ago he should know his glass body that couldn’t handle 27 aleague has no chance of 50 plus games in Europe as for anyone thinking Snake can ever been a top line keeper not as wsw just like redmayne he is mentally farked there is not road back for him
  8. Under the cap I’d be happy with him but he will probably want big dollars he would be a good plan J i assume on striker plan we are at at least G now A to F long bolted
  9. The draw I think is fantastic. 4 out of 6 games first up at home 3 out of last 4 games at home not **** Thursday games a few early KO’s I don’t mind and for once the first and second derby had ample breathing space as happy as I fan remember yes victory away on a Friday but meh until away trips are pretty s.hit since we were s.hit see how we get on with jets and mariners away if some love comes back
  10. Concur if it is deemed the money for the total outlay results in us getting a player that is 1 - better than what the total outlay is for others in his position are 2 - inside the cap 3 - obviously with recent pedigree to back it up than I don’t see why people are complaining about probably the same people going to whinge that the stadium seat is a big less comfortable that they remember their parra seat being
  11. My wife who bought tickets once is getting emails about becoming a member id love to see what the seated membership numbers are I reckon it’s way off their targets I base this off nothing more than hearing now 3 people I know have moved memberships easily to better seats than first allocated
  12. How dare you speak Bulut in such tongue wash your mouth out with soap weren’t you there that night he score 2 goals in the derby and thus deserves immortal status what kind of wanderers fan are you next you will be telling me Adeleke doesn’t deserve a place in our team of the century lineup!
  13. Agree but Perhaps in both cases they want to ensure maximum crowd hence pick the highest drawing wsw has come off 3 abysmal years remains to be seen what the crowds will be like - we ended with 5k crowds remember interestingly I don’t think seated memberships is as high as people may think it is My good friend just moved 8 of his memberships closer to 18 yard line after being plonked in corner one phone it was done I was surprised 8 seats would be available. If you create a dummy account there is seats a plenty around the stadium I was actually a little bit surprised of the available seats makes me speculate that full season ticketed memberships probably is nowhere near the 16k overall members or whatever current number is
  14. Could not have said it better myself the only point you forgot to mention is how many times he has infuriated us all when playing for the National Team.
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