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  1. Interesting take on it. cant say I agree one bit - just because two parties don’t have a successful relationship doesn’t mean they have to immediately distance themselves I thought the video was a nice touch from babbel and also from the club, we are critical of them of many thing - this for me was a classy act. finally I think you will find many people have praised the way this has been handled
  2. His stats are superior to Milos outside of the 3 goals to 1 baum pips him in shots assists 24 to 14 actual assists 5 To 2 And big chances created 8 to 4 even bloody tackles Baum Won 13 of 21 to 5 to 9 for Milos So point of the story is if you just want to look at stats you can see Milos is less effective then Baum - but stats tell part of the story, he’s meshed with the team the players compliment each other and yes concur he has better players which means he is playing better as well
  3. @StringerBellend concur ☺️ for us he seemed lazy and i still believe he could have handled himself a bit better The reality is he was extremely frustrated with us and now he is surrounded by capable ball playing attackers on the same page he is thriving. We have to accept as you pointed out we were a shambles and he wanted out, shame him lopar schwegler and reira and at the same time might have been alright - not meant to be.
  4. We can still abuse him from bench him off the field would be fantastic given the form he’s showing, last night he ripped Vic to shreds - they would be weakened without him there is no doubt.
  5. Did Cox get is seat in the injury room already? bummer
  6. It’s a valid point but I don’t think the suggestion was made to do either merely saying Ange and Arnold would have zero interest signing here - how anyone can suggest that would is beyond me. we are similar to that of Man U and arsenal if you want to took at epl a so called big club that is absolutely clueless - interesting both of them sit with unproven coaches as we stand
  7. Kosmina thats one I didnt even think of. He's certainly a character but when it goes wrong he doesn't handle it well. He would be entertaining. If Bossi has got any intel it seems local coach is the early front runner. It's probably the safer chase for JT to save his job and the better option for us as well.
  8. Duke said they had Tuesday off only. Back to work Wednesday. So unless he's doing a Gold Coast wham bam in and out wouldn't be going far.
  9. A player can be at the airport for a number of reason's in TM's case could be - visiting relative/friend is being picked up - maybe he has a groupon voucher for a meal - maybe Babbel needed a lift - he wanted to pick up his new hair product nothing to see here
  10. To see if Babbel was the problem and someone within the current coaching team is capable of adjusting to see if the players can perform with the German gone.
  11. I’m sure Mack will shut this down if he has other plans but interested in thoughts on next direction - the time for mourning in done 😁 Is would like to see JP given at least 4 games not sure if he is any good and unless others are buying into media speculation not sure if any of the rubbish published few weeks ago has legs. if he doesn’t work out I’d like to see a local coach maybe Scott Miller have listened to him on few pods might be option. I don’t want Sven or Guus who is just a whore To anyone with cash - prefer a local coach
  12. @Wanderboy I find a lot of people in Australia like to say I told you so maybe it’s a humanitarian thing worldwide here I find it quite overbearing at times... it didn’t work out but at start of season everyone was more happier than 12 months before - I think the I told you so to @FCBand @ManfredSchaefer was a little overboard - now and again to throw in a jibe is okay there were times every 4th post in certain threads was calling them out - lesson for all there’s no need for it - have you fun and move on quickly people don’t need to be bombarded with I told You so, no one knows best except maybe David gallop 😁
  13. Sad day now the pressure and blowtorch turn firmly on the players. Mitch Duke was on Fox Sports news, says players take the blame and need to be better. If they can't be then JT should hand in his resignation season end. Babbel was a great character, but ultimately he knows the business, his faults were maybe be too loyal to some players who let him down and inability to cut out the same mundane football.
  14. Yep well said. A classy guy. Could have went Pio and didn't. Also once again a reminder that as much as we often like to say the quality of league isn't great shows us that if your not at your best you will be shown up.
  15. Baccus has been **** on the ball for us many times this season he’s nowhere near ready for Europe yet
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