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  1. Was some coverage on tonight on ten app on my Phone game in Qld
  2. Funny story about Optus I signed up just for the World Cup last time and then the debacle with their streaming (sure some of you remembered) I rung up and complained and said I’m cancelling they apologised and said no worries but we will at least leave your active subscription until World Cup ends some what 3 years on it’s still active lol 😂 I was spewing they didn’t get A-League I still only have Foxtel but now A-League is gone I’m thinking of canning it but then again it means I’ll have to get all the steaming services and update the internet at home so still tossing up I
  3. CAN I JUST SAY Jesus this thread more activity then a wanderer match thread eh
  4. Look you are entitled to your views of course I just think yes we can say popa has a questionable record in A-League grand finals that is without doubt but he proved himself moreso in Asia surely that’s balanced it out it’s all irrelevant now but if you break down the 3 losses season 1 GF - hersi plays different game and we got dicked on a pen which was close to the one ccm got at the other end season 2 gf - ffs I still can’t believe polenz strays offside to let berisha score near the end and we all know nts going down changed the game - beachamp Probably should have be
  5. not your mate the Seeker geeza, I CBF quoting him as it didn't warrant the effort.
  6. Williams injured already 😂 Poor bastard story of his career
  7. Lmao 3 years out of 4 in the final game of the season and the one time popa didn’t get us there cause we had more games that any A-League team have ever seen in its existence. I’ve read some outlandish things on this forum that has to be up there.
  8. Fantastic signing Dimi a Blacktown boy and someone who always leaves his heart of the field, if he’s in form he’s a proven A-League Attacker to give defensive a nightmare rememeber the screamer he ripped at soulless. hopefully we see a few like that!
  9. That was a screamer of a strike
  10. He played all age at my sons soccer club. Hits home harder when there is connection. Was very sombre evening at our home last night
  11. If Kerr's header glanced in off the post we would have giving them a great end to game, sadly it looks as though it's going to just play out, I can't see us getting 2 goals. USA too much experience
  12. Much better effort than the group stage Sweden goal was tad fortunate and we were just couldn’t get the goal. fantastic effort girls you did nation proud!
  13. Why the **** do we not learn to keep Arnie away from our National Teams
  14. You should have asked him if he knows about our reptile overloads and finished with a Lizard for Life fist pump 😎
  15. @FCB thanks for sharing your thoughts earlier on to all those fu.Ckwits across Sydney today protesting I hope every single One of you end up on a ventilator in hospital with any luck a few of you might die 😎 absolutely gobsmacked!!!
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