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  1. Spot on @MartinTyler its like a yoyo sometimes up sometimes down! You’re also correct we have no standout for player No Jamie Mac, No Dimante, No niko the funny thing is i believe you can make an argument we have the deepest squad in the league but it’s just not seeming like anything is gunna happen
  2. Watch that play rewind it Ziegler watches Juric drift in behind and then shits himself when the ball is played across tries to retreat and then Juric just owns him WTF is Ziegler doing back again how many times does this idiot need to cost us goals if **** happens every time are you blind Robinson
  3. This has loss written all over it. Outside of mariners we haven't really looked like beating any of the better teams.
  4. Seems the word world class is being thrown around quite effortlessly Good news, once a deal is done then we can celebrate, until then I'm skeptical as always.
  5. Stajcic has his players performing at the maximum ability, I don't think he will ever know how he's doing it but it's great to see. Agree Bozancic is signing of season.
  6. Yeah agree with most troisi and Ibini hade had enough games by now and it’s not happening for them baccus work rate is tremendous he just mentally sometimes isn’t there and it costs him dearly the second half was fantastic end to end viewing another great A-League game so many this season Game could have went either way that last near play where Cox gets the ball and if only he can run he’s one on one with keeper and probably buries it - if that’s laFondre or Jamie Mac it’s a goal Cox is just too **** slow to be a striker I figure that’s why Ibini gets a run ahead of hi
  7. Tass makes zero sense I doubt it’s him Take Ibini back be good to see how him and Laurie make amends 😂
  8. Look at me I’m a ******* absolute tool https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9433963/amp/Former-Wanderers-Socceroos-player-Kerem-Bulut-allegedly-bashed-cellmate-Silverwater-Prison.html
  9. it was three at the back. Aqualina and Wilmering very clearly wingbacks. Robbo only changed the formation on paper One of us was very Cleary drunk then acquillna was good 15 metres in front of a wide Ziggy the first 30 mins with Ziggy and wilmering clearly wide of tass and McGowan if it was a 3 at the back it clearly was different to how we normally roll
  10. The 4 at the back made little difference over 90 Mins of football. But at least it was tried and for all those who were calling for it, another reminder formations are but another piece of overall game play and tactics. Wilmering for example was less effective as he just couldn’t get forward enough and his crossing and forward play was no one what it has been, Ziggy on the other side offered little. Margush had a great game and It was great to see Tass back. Mariners game can’t come soon enough, players should be up for it. Just seemed yday we didn’t have a wil
  11. Since he decided he was going to add 20kgs of muscle to his frame is my guess sometimes I wonder if he’s entering the strongest man in the west comps on a Sunday arvo down at rooty hill rsl
  12. What about 4 at the back so many people calling for it not much talk about it, looked like a pretty clear 4 at the back most of the half
  13. also playing Over 35/s defending the title can’t wait for season to start great at over 45 ur still going
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