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  1. GunnerWanderer

    West Melbourne: Season 2019/20

    Im sure the other day I was just talking about Pasquali and how he was the latest in the line of great Aussie hopes to go overseas and what happened well seems like most of our kids he couldn’t crack it excited to see what type of player he has become disappointed to see him back which means another player for whatever reason couldn’t crack Europe
  2. So international break and no game for the senior team what is the FFA i know that bullshit about arnie coaching u23/s just not acceptable the senior team just failed miserably at Asian cup we need to be playing ahead of qualifiers
  3. Haha Alan Jones will no doubt discredit this report
  4. GunnerWanderer

    All Doom and Gloom? There's Hope.

    Nup it’s all darker and farked again
  5. GunnerWanderer

    Central Coast Mariners: Season 2018/19

    Is there really any point sacking mulvey it’s the same **** every season Is that **** Charlesworth the ultimate saddist or what every year he just fills his team with players no one else wants what does he expect their fans don’t deserve this
  6. GunnerWanderer

    Duke and Riera Combine To Crush Brisbane

    Babbel presser was quite amusing when asked if Robbie Fowler (linked to roar job) was someone that would have been likely coach when he was playing... Babbel flat out no he was only caring for scoring goals haha about troisi - he is too expensive for us great to hear him talk about players putting pressure on Reira and Baum go get their maximum performance the game itself last night was the first time in a while I felt we were actually going to win when 3-1 mins Perhaps that mentality is finally setting in if you told me Reira would score 2 with his feet I would never believe you
  7. Hamill is everywhere it’s amazing at times he plays like spira and then next minute like adeleke
  8. He kicked in the motion of swinging a golf cub with 350% power capacity
  9. Hopefully we have a team capable of inspiring all to attend!
  10. Geez I thought all those middle seats would be full By now especially after the 3 year fear campaign that you must have membership to get a seat next season
  11. GunnerWanderer

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Is this this 23rd or 24th time I’ve lost count Troisi is the ultimate zlatan ie spent a career going to the highest bidder I don’t see us being the highest bidder
  12. Wash your mouth out or moreso your typing fingers with soap!
  13. GunnerWanderer

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    Ribery or Robben? For arguements sake id take Robben in this fantasy land discussion i guess this is where Babbel should work in our advantage he’s such an icon he is more likely to make this happen than another A-League coach
  14. Pretty good word is he’s about to get the CEO role at NAB pays just a little more than the average punter i never follow politics but I **** love this guy for given to Alan johns for the first time I might vote for the stoners party 😂
  15. GunnerWanderer

    Squad Development 2018/19 Part 2

    As long as he doesn’t take minutes from Tass then all good. If he plays for JOD all good