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  1. Baccus being out could be a blessing - he’s a great kid but he needs a bench spell
  2. We don’t even know if he was left behind Could be a smurf who started the rumour
  3. Seems we need to implement the old school kindergarten buddy system within wsw no man left behind! poor DG maybe babbel made him walk for letting Durrante score off a set piece!
  4. I maintain if Jurman was there he doesn’t even get that shot off, I’m not hanging out PZ to dry because of it but I’m watching closely now to see if it happens again in future. How do u plan to spend the weekend off Mack Bit of fishing, fortnite or flying a kite?
  5. Top 4 is looking shakey As we stand right now
  6. The away support looked solid! Well done to you and all that travelled
  7. It wasn’t a great game by either side but we are really struggling to get any cohesion going forward. tonight was very weird Meir was dropping way too far deep one time he was on our 18 yard line getting the ball? mueller didn’t see much of the ball so can’t really comment on him yet another sub par game from baccus - I really hope Sullivan is back and comes in for him how Zeigler got embarrassed by Appiah of all people was highly alarming, hopefully jurman isn’t out long!
  8. Every game is too look forward to these days So finally looks like we will get another looks at PZ so far he’s like a shooting star! Hopefully stays healthy I reckon Durante may struggle against AMFG
  9. Fenton dropped multiple F Bombs in his post game chat with Archibale! Best rant since vidmar said pissant 👌
  10. Does that make time the truest wanderer for almost nailing that attendance figure 😂 With all those posts since end of game I think the early summer heat is getting to people 🤔 isn’t the point of a Internet forum to let the the keyboard warriors out with their opinions! hell if people like slater and Archie get to verbally dribble on live TV anyone can sure as hell come here have their say... I haven’t really observed anything inaccurate here today... - we aren’t playing that well - some players could be doing better - it’s still early no reason to panic we are top of the league - injuries are popping up again and it’s concern - we want to see better that what we currently are on the pitch I value reading what everyone has to say 👍 there is no right or wrong - as babbel said in his presser when asked the media said Fowler didn’t agree with babbel assessment of the game - babbel replies everyone looks through their own glasses 🤓 Looking forward to WU game another tough battle. dalmanti looks a handful that strike was top class 👌
  11. Lopar was good but did anyone else notice Jurman and DM encourage him to come off his line more than once... also the double save from corner - AMFG and then Lopar should have never been corner watch replay was going out easily. So like everyone our best player thus far still has room to lift. the players keep fighting and defend like lions it’s refreshing to see. Anyone for yeboah next week week, muller, adam I don’t care but yeboah needs more time on training field 2 weeks in a row he’s been inefficient and ineffective surprised Zeigler didn’t come for Swiss master, tells me Babbel still is cautious with him. if you told me we would 10 points by now any of us would take it still fining our feet and top of the league it’s great feeling One more game before the bye, I’d say we need it babbel needs more time to work on the offensive side of game we are creating very little - I don’t think it’s a simple reason I’d say it’s more tactical development is needed
  12. U were correct my came in in my whats app chat with mates that’s some record to break WU will be tough to beat!
  13. It’s got a very high intensity to it when is the last time victory lost a game leading 2 nil I wonder
  14. Concur based on last week has to be him least impressive on field. Regardless of formation think we are comfortable to get the points interesting betting agencies have us paying over 2 bucks but I’ll take that to punters thread. For the crowd I expect about 13 to 14k hot day blazing sun.. remember we were lucky to get half of that this season still take time for people to get the love fully back
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