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  1. Optus is a logical option but like Rugby they will smell our desperation it’s dark days ahead
  2. Yeah that’s pretty sad Poland has 6 tiers and we have 1
  3. Tight contest well done to rudan and co. looking forward to the matchup wed a melb derby semi and Perth looking for revenge
  4. Wonder if we can get out there be good to watch
  5. Oh yes orgasmic it was just like the club legend ☺️
  6. Zeigler has one last chance to redeem himself. Stud Berisha All is forgiven
  7. I’m not even sure active support is permitted stadium security is pretty vigilant in ensuring we are following protocols pertaining to safe social distancing. but Wendy there is zero rbb consolidated presence - perhaps they are all spread out across and enjoying a seat after years of fine work!
  8. I was one of the brave 1466 souls who tracked it out tonight. It’s funny with them lack of atmosphere you can hear the angry people in the crowd clear as 😂 as Mack said the formation just clearly sucks I have NFI what it is and I’ve been around football for 30 years I don’t know what we are doing at times another thing I read Tate and his 4 **** crosses I’m sorry but I just can’t accept this f your tired or not you cannot be a professional footballer and hit 4 **** crosses in the space of 30 seconds it’s just criminal I honestly couldn’t care if every player on the field didn’t come back next year even players like Duke who has been fondly loved by us all was woeful some of his touches were criminal. our imports are just **** cox is a shorter version of Meir he can’t **** run he has a great touch but he never looks look like scoring unless it’s close range finish zeigler OMG HOW DOES Tass not start even schwegler seems disinterested as for the youngsters baccus YOU ARE NOWHERE near ready for Europe’s you lose concentration and when Fornaroli flattened you with a small shove it said it all your physical not ready Odoherty meh I don’t see you are a starter tidy player very little influence - where is sullivan? another season another failure i can’t see any season being any different sigh 😔
  9. OMG I think remember the exact time this was happening, I was telling Gunner Jnr your u15's game have more more movement than these guys. Everyone has stationary I actually was going to tell him it was like my 035 games but I thought that might be bit rich.
  10. I went to the game thought it was an okay match, seemed the Nix were holding back a little... I'm still not sure why Tass isn't starting over Zeigler, first 10 mins he almost cost us twice. Other that that it was just nice to see live football again. I'm also in the Sullivan in camp, Baccus just hasn't seemed to have kicked on. Looking forward to getting to Tuesday game also.
  11. This is an awesome game :-) City smashing ESFC! One more would be nice
  12. We should go after Kenny and hope he turns into the Sotorio that's at the Nix.
  13. Looking forward to leaving the house And almost certainly coming back home saying why did i f***ing leave the house
  14. Timmy Boy is now taking their money as well as an ambassador
  15. https://www.covid19sydney.com/
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