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  1. That’s a great assessment of where we are. Tass and Aq may be forced to stay at home in 4-4-2 anyway CR when he talks looks like he may mix things up but ahead of derby don’t see a change in formation unless he thinks Sydney are going to hurt us with the 3-5-2
  2. Well correction the ref made after VAR said look at it
  3. What I liked most if that Jets were more or less in control of first half yet we held strong. I know I constantly bring it up but without Ziegler we are so much better at back without his whining and getting constantly caught out. McGowan is a totally different player without him around. Build a strong foundation at the back always first and then the rest can come. It’s a decent start the derby will obviously gives us a better idea if we are actually a decent side. For now for me we look okay but there’s lots of improvement in many of the attacking players. Are young brigade are actuall
  4. @mack concur with u. tell him it’s been good and thanks but he’s unlikely to be prolific
  5. Yeah I hope he is here for years to come it would be we are competitive again
  6. All I know is in Handful of games with jets he turned them around really quick just because a coach doesn’t work out in one league or club doesn’t make him useless look At popa and Arnie in A-League Then look how they went overseas ange early in 2000’s after his time at olyroos and since is completely different CR should be giving as much time as Gumby, JP and Babbel to show he’s useless As them 😜
  7. Yeah I’m up at Nelson bay on the news which is Newcastle feed it showed images of past wsw away game and said the list of hotspot surburbs would be banned anyone who bought tickets would get refund though
  8. I wonder what type of reception Ibini and CR get expecting a win here so we can close the gap on the powerhouse mariners!
  9. As always give the guy a run and see how it goes, if he creates more competition for spots that’s great - Dorrans and Baccus need to be pushed. i would prefer the same for Cox - hopefully ibini keeps getting better at least CR isn’t messing around and is getting the backing of the board. Club is showing some intent - now to see how it comes together - no one can deny the squad is much better than 2 weeks ago now it’s up to CR to get them fighting for the shirt and performing
  10. Im starting to wonder how we are signing all these players inside the cap and a reduced one at that if we have gone dodgy woohoo about time Sure CR said we had some room But seems as are picking up any player we like now!
  11. With the way things have been that’s not a bad start roar with a really good show out
  12. Yeah great noise from that stands as Zappas said pre game it’s been 11 months since they got to see a game!
  13. Some absolute screamer goals tonight great viewing nix pushed ESFC all the way McMahon however u spell looks a play for Vic
  14. Yeah I think 🤔 ur right Bobo if he can still run is a great pickup
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