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  1. They were there for the taking and we bottled it.
  2. GD07

    Copa Libertadores 2017

    Comnebol making the ffa look competent.
  3. Juric scores in the ACL final, camera pans to 56. Limbs everywhere and a vacant block right in the middle of the bay.
  4. Agree about the investment in the squad. We have invested (1 marque aside) we’ve just done it poorly. Squad is very unbalanced, probably indicative of the manager turmoil/turnover we’ve had in the last year.
  5. GD07

    Honda Runs Over Wanderers

    Our starting 11: 2 who have played internationals. MV starting 11: 8 who have played internationals.
  6. Keep: Baccus, ABJ, Risdon (playing with Socceroos jersey underneath) Roberts, Tokich Maybe: Riera, Roly, Hamill, Majok Gone: Bridge, Llorente, Mahazi, Scott, Sotirio
  7. Majok/Sotirio are just keeping the spot warm for Roberts.
  8. GD07

    Scotland Thread

    Hearts have really dropped off since they won the league a few months back.
  9. As disgraceful as the refereeing was, we can’t lose sight of the fact we were bang average for the majority of that match.
  10. Your seat may not be as good, but your view will probably be better. Plus the facilities you have access to will have improved.
  11. Our fans do love a good whinge. Not sure how some didn’t see this coming since nothing has changed since the design was first released. And as much as we like to have a go at the club, the make up of the stadium wasn’t really up to them.
  12. With no seats on that side, maybe we’ll have proper dugouts.