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  1. I was thinking more about those 3 import spots we’ve got.
  2. Now we pick up the stragglers that didn’t get a contract. Plenty of good choices available.
  3. Anyone find it funny that people will go to their doctor for something, get told ‘take this script and do this’ without any worries. But that same doctor says go get a vaccination and suddenly they’re full of ****/a sheep.
  4. “There has been, and continues to be, increasingly widespread rejection of enlightenment-style values such as rationalism, skepticism, the rejection of faith in favor of judgments dependent on empirically verifiable phenomena, and so on. There are local versions in many places, but in our native UK, this was summed up by politician/sinister gnome Michael Gove’s famous claim that we’ve ‘had enough of experts.’ Thus, we enter the age of endarkenment”. Dave Hunt
  5. Carluccio is a fullback, so we’ve now got 5 in the squad.
  6. Haven’t had any email about renewal, oh well. 😂
  7. 3 import spots left, time to sign some attacking players.
  8. Have they had the awards night? Might not see some comings and going’s until after that night.
  9. Have you actually heard Akala? Sounds like you probably haven’t.
  10. Funny thing is you’d hardly call us a cohesive attacking side.
  11. One moment sums up McGowan for me. It was a midweek game against Brisbane (99% sure) and they had it out wide with Gordon across to shut down the cross. It left McGowan and Tas with one roar player each in the box. For some reason he pulled a carney and ran to the near post leaving his man with a free header (which luckily he missed) then had a go at Tas about who was supposed to be marking him.
  12. Mauro Zarate is a free agent.
  13. Say you don’t watch Celtic without saying you don’t watch Celtic.
  14. Cornthwaite is the best of the sideline reporters, need to keep him involved. Archie should nowhere near the new coverage, he can’t keep one train of thought. Starts talking about one thing, then is talking about something completely different by the end.
  15. Don’t let anyone tell you the gear out in western Sydney is no good.
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