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  1. So we let Tass go and we’re down to Ziegler as our only reserve CB. Yeah great idea.
  2. We’ll need to score two, Maclaren will probably get his usual goal against us.
  3. An actual 90 minute performance. And to keep that frontline to a couple of half chances was good to see.
  4. Expectations for the RBB section haven’t changed because the rails aren’t up. Remember that if you’re in the section on Friday night.
  5. The most disappointing thing is we didn’t wear red and black.
  6. BankWest has been alright, spotless/anz was a shitshow every second week.
  7. Remember it’s an away derby, so there’s already restrictions on what we can bring in.
  8. We should have just waited until January.
  9. Wilmering is a d’apuzzo style LB. Steady and reliable, but he isn’t going to do anything flash.
  10. It’s like watching mv beat esfc. You’re hoping they can both lose but it’ll have to do.
  11. All I’ll say about the new signing is hhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  12. Let’s see what happens when the season starts up again.
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