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  1. I don’t want muscat anywhere near our club.
  2. Couldn’t. You can only pick venue/pre paid collection outlet.
  3. Last night wasn’t great, still way to many passengers. It’s been 7 years, you shouldn’t need to be reminded of the expectations of the active bays.
  4. So that was more like it. Let’s see if we can maintain/up that kind of level. Only negative was can people listen to the capos instructions regarding the tifo.
  5. Interesting to see what our allocation for this game is. 20000 (?) capacity, I wonder if they’ll make some sort of criteria for tickets or first in, best dressed.
  6. Team has stepped up, time for us to do the same.
  7. When was the last time we were top of the table?
  8. Grozos has the talent to be our #10, just needs to get his body right. Hopefully get a bit more game time this week.
  9. Decent first (real) hit out. Big improvement from Leeds game but we’ll need to go up that level again for the derby. No passengers in safe standing, need everyone contributing.
  10. ^ This. There was probably 1 1/2 bays worth of people in the middle bay.
  11. If anyone finds a good deal on flights, post them up.
  12. Sounds like Schwegler is down as a marquee as well. Makes sense given his pedigree.
  13. Are the smurfs playing any games at the scg this season?
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