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  1. Is there any stadium documentation with the seating layout for the north end?
  2. There won’t actually be seats, just the rails. Shouldn’t have to worry about that. 🤷‍♂️
  3. LOL. It will be normal RBB policy. Stand where you want. The only set spots will be capo and drums.
  4. GD07

    RD 24 - Newcastle - Sat 7 Apr 2019

    Is there a ticketmaster code for this one? Checked my email and couldn’t find anything.
  5. ‘Location, Airds’. Never heard that one before. 🤔
  6. GD07

    Fire in my soul

    I’ll put it in the ideas list. Funny thing is we actually have a new chant recorded, but not released, that has a line very similar to ‘oh my heart beats for you’.
  7. Smaller stadium 🤔 That will make away derbies interesting, smaller allocation might mean we have to go to a derby with tickets decided by criteria.
  8. South Park predicted it. It’s a giant douche vs a turd sandwich.
  9. GD07

    Those still standing

  10. GD07

    Auf Wiedersehen Spotless

    There’s only one remaining game that is a must win. The rest 🤷‍♂️
  11. Majok with two yellows in the first 30. He cannot tackle.
  12. GD07

    When the Wanderers go marching in

    This, plus tunes that other A-League clubs don’t use. Original ideas even better.
  13. GD07

    When the Wanderers go marching in

    It’s a no from me.
  14. GD07

    Abraham Majok Chant

    Ono, Covic and Santa are the only ones with their own chant. It’s not really on the agenda to have more player specific chants, new chants being worked on are about the team.