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  1. Meredith is a wanker. Pretty sure they won it on goal difference?
  2. Yep. Too bad if people wanted the drums there.
  3. So 420 on a weekday, with schools back at a **** of a place to get too. Oh and you’ve got 5 days worth of work to do in 4. 👌🙄
  4. Of course, they don’t like to make it easy do they. 🙄
  5. One of our teams know how to get the job done. And how to hold a lead.
  6. GD07

    NSW NPL Discussion 2018

    Well there you go.
  7. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy at this stage. Shinfo: Youth team have won more games than the men’s and women’s teams combined.
  8. GD07

    NSW NPL Discussion 2018

    Stefan Nikolic from Blacktown city, linked with Celtic. Anyone seen him play? I’m assuming he played against our youth teams? Surprised we haven’t picked him up.
  9. Baccus to get the vedran treatment when he comes back from suspension. Tokich to take over.
  10. GD07

    NYL 2018/19 Round 9

    NYL derby next week to decide too spot?
  11. On the number of games/2 games a week thing, Kieran Tierney has played 34 games for Celtic so far this season. And there’s still half of it to go.
  12. Elrich bitched it on the first goal. (After Tate and Tas showed their inexperience)
  13. One of the best every week should be a game countdown for the the Homebush hole.