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  1. Are the smurfs playing any games at the scg this season?
  2. Celtic have actual seats in the section, it’s just that they’re usually up and locked. Everyone has been allocated a ‘seat’ but the actual section just gets everyone to stand in the bay they were allocated.
  3. Tournaments like that are so vital for the academy teams, you see them regularly in Europe. Hopefully get something similar with the other Asian countries.
  4. WDWSF is a work in progress, like a few other things in the section while we transition back to Parra.
  5. So-so start for the section. Good to get some of the rust out. As for the posts above, I don’t think it was sold out but with everyone compressed into the middle bay, it didn’t look anywhere near full. Every row has been allocated the same number of standing spots, can’t remember off the top of my head what that number was.
  6. If you’re in bay 124, try avoid aisle 7 until instructed otherwise. 👍
  7. Drums/flags will be there this weekend (not sure about the 2 sticks) so let’s go hard.
  8. Red & Black members should have received the email about the section. Expectation is anyone in safe standing to be going tonto for the full 90 minutes and the lower sections to be singing. That's not just opening your mouths and whispering the words or pretending to sing, everyone giving 100% no matter what the score. Everyone should know what they're signing up for. There will be flags and 2 sticks, you're not expected to wave them yourself for 90 minutes, take turns get it passed down the row to your mates. If you see it on the ground make and effort to get it picked up and used. No one should be complaining about them blocking their view. If there are tifo materials where you decide to stand, keep them there until instructions have been given out.Don't go moving/playing etc with things, they're there for a reason. Capo and la banda will have their regular spots, don't go and stand there. First time you'll be asked to move nicely, next time may not be so nice. Success of the section hinges on everyone playing their part.
  9. Let’s see how many go on to play 40-50 games for the first team before we get too ahead of ourselves about the academy.
  10. Always interesting to see how long it takes for the ‘do we even have a team/how about we sign some players etc.’ comments to pop up when the club posts something.
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