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  1. Have they had the awards night? Might not see some comings and going’s until after that night.
  2. Have you actually heard Akala? Sounds like you probably haven’t.
  3. Funny thing is you’d hardly call us a cohesive attacking side.
  4. One moment sums up McGowan for me. It was a midweek game against Brisbane (99% sure) and they had it out wide with Gordon across to shut down the cross. It left McGowan and Tas with one roar player each in the box. For some reason he pulled a carney and ran to the near post leaving his man with a free header (which luckily he missed) then had a go at Tas about who was supposed to be marking him.
  5. Mauro Zarate is a free agent.
  6. Say you don’t watch Celtic without saying you don’t watch Celtic.
  7. Cornthwaite is the best of the sideline reporters, need to keep him involved. Archie should nowhere near the new coverage, he can’t keep one train of thought. Starts talking about one thing, then is talking about something completely different by the end.
  8. Don’t let anyone tell you the gear out in western Sydney is no good.
  9. I have a feeling Robinson will be given as much time as Babbel. I don’t know what he’s done to deserve that, but there we go. 😕
  10. Sign Amini, get an import CB in the Alberto mould, a DM who can get around like La Rocca, someone on the left who can bring what Hersi/Castelen brought and a Riera type striker. Then play 4231/433. Margush Tate/Gordon New CB Natt Wilmering/Aqualina Amini New DM Ugarkovic Kamau New CF New LW
  11. Good player but injury prone. Doesn’t do well on hard pitches. Plus I don’t think Kenny Miller will be a fan.
  12. If you’re an rbb member get there on Sunday. If you can’t make it then give your code to someone who can. Let’s get some good numbers there.
  13. WSW games are basically their guaranteed OT for the week.
  14. Amini and Davila would be top signings. Them and a La Rocca style DM would (should) give us one of the best midfields in the league.
  15. Flags are always there for home games, it’s just having people to wave them. It’ll be good to get back to having most of the 3 bays full then we can stack the front with them like we used to.
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