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  1. Let’s see how many go on to play 40-50 games for the first team before we get too ahead of ourselves about the academy.
  2. Always interesting to see how long it takes for the ‘do we even have a team/how about we sign some players etc.’ comments to pop up when the club posts something.
  3. So who’s sticking to stereotype and going to the stadium tomorrow morning?
  4. Squad is coming together nicely. 👌
  5. Ribery would be after $5M+ easily, I doubt Lederer would be willing to go above $3M for anyone. Although with the shitshow that was the last 3 years plus moving into the new stadium, you’d think he might make a one off exception.
  6. Isn’t there some rugby festival on that weekend?
  7. There’s been some ridiculous attempts at justifying the new draw, I think Ned’s may take out the top spot.
  8. I actually meant from the recent shedding that we weren’t aware of. So Risodon no, you’ve got me with Roly.
  9. Add to that the fact that Gallop starts every press conference with statements like ‘zero tolerance policy’ ‘stand by our banning process’ etc. On the negative from the outset.
  10. So Hamill was the last to be confirmed as leaving, first to announce a new club.
  11. A piece of paper for Aussie Pat will help things. Should be a big help for MB to have an extra import spot to use.
  12. Is there any stadium documentation with the seating layout for the north end?
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