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  1. Out... Can only hope the FFA takes this statement from the fans seriously
  2. The void in my life will once again be filled, wednesday cant come soon enough...
  3. Quite happy with those sigings, good to have that bit more depth for ACL Good luck to them, hopefully prove good sigings
  4. this chant was so good tonight, will only get better as more people start learning the lyrics
  5. amazing collection of support around the world, can only hope that one day it will be able to reach these levels in Australia
  6. mick9619

    Tomi Juric

    will be good to get tomi back, we've been missing his presence up front in recent weeks
  7. these past 2 weeks have been so hard without any games, terrible memories of the off season coming back
  8. You heard it here first, this will be in the trial HSC at Westfield Sports High next year: Assuming that Bay n Poznans in the nth minute and that n = k, prove that Bay k+1 can even Dale. I love maths. the first time ive under understood math, if only they knew the only way to teach it was through football
  9. *shinji sees the cove* ARGHH MY EYES.. THEY BURN
  10. For me its gotta be NTS, i play the same position as him and just when ever hes out there on the pitch he gives everything he has for the wanderers
  11. everyone now has another whole week to learn this chant, this chant really needs to get a run against the heart
  12. Yeah, said he was happy and settled in western sydney with his family
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