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  1. Out... Can only hope the FFA takes this statement from the fans seriously
  2. The void in my life will once again be filled, wednesday cant come soon enough...
  3. Quite happy with those sigings, good to have that bit more depth for ACL Good luck to them, hopefully prove good sigings
  4. mick9619

    Tomi Juric

    will be good to get tomi back, we've been missing his presence up front in recent weeks
  5. mick9619

    Dean Heffernan

    Yeah, said he was happy and settled in western sydney with his family
  6. how has a thread about deep nets, got to 8 pages.... Wow oh and the nets need to be shallower and red and black
  7. damn, well this guy really knows how to make you feel good about yourself after watching this i am know ready for saturday
  8. Easy enough to figure out this is gonna be a huge season, not only for the Wanderers but the A-League as a whole
  9. despite the great start to the season we have had, we are still far off winning the league, though with the depth that we have now in the squad especially in the defensive areas it is looking more likely that we will be able to qualify for champions league football, though one thing i know for certain is that things are on the up at Liverpool
  10. yeah hopefully we get Willian, the deal might eventually happen if Tottenham just leave our transfer targets alone for once
  11. i don't usually wear ties but this, it just works so well
  12. good signs coming out of that game yesterday, good to see the players have a good understanding with each other on the field, very promising signs also with the signings which are expected to be made should add some extra strength to the squad looking good LFC
  13. LFC team v Olympiacos: Mignolet, Johnson, Enrique, Toure, Agger, Lucas, Allen, Gerrard, Coutinho, Sterling, Aspas Subs: Jones, Kelly, Alberto, Skrtel, Downing, Henderson, Ibe, Wisdom, Coates, Borini, Suarez, Spearing, Carra, Fowler
  14. oh man, about time this is happening again. Theirs just something about cold, mid week, pre season nights i cant get over...
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