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  1. Duke likes more posts than an Instagram bot. Every post I ever see has 'liked by Mitchell Duke' at the bottom. He must have a thumb the size of Dwayne Johnsons thigh
  2. On loan from Jets. Might be part of the agreement that he can't play against them
  3. Iredale is starting 80% of the time for his loan club and only 21. Reckon he stays there. Carter is 26 already but a possibility I guess. Not doing great in Portugal league 2
  4. Im thinking/hoping that with no goals in 12 games, and a newborn and wife trapped half a world away in a Covid mess that Mitch Duke may be flirting with the idea of re-uniting the family.
  5. James Dodd from Fox saying we are "in discussions about bringing in a forward from overseas". Weird one given no foreign spots left. Could be Giannou??
  6. picked it. Decent signing. Midfield is stacked now. Can't see Ugarkovic coming this year
  7. Kagawa would be great. But with Troisi, Muller and Dorrans all capable of playing 10...would be strange. Unless we are going to 4231 or similar with Troisi a winger.
  8. A squad with an extremely low wage bill and plenty of cap space in a non-relegation league is probably not the worst sales pitch for investors. Rather start from scratch than inherit and old, over-paid and disgruntled playing group
  9. Place your bets 25/1 - Jackson Irvine 20/1 - Andy Rose 500/1 - Jack Wilshere 100/1 - Shinji Kagawa 2/1 - someone we never heard of who once fetched Messi's water bottle for him at La Masia when he was 9
  10. Wanderers twitter have just posted the traditional announcement of the announcement...so its us
  11. Don't get all the negativity around Dorrans. Thought he did well. Especially when you consider he only got out of a months worth of quarantine 5 mins ago after testing positive. Overall I think we look better than last year and will only improve. Bit of a worry up top but Bernie looked like a player who has refused to train for 6 weeks. He will come good. Too early to start removing your shoelaces ladies and gents. We will be ok. Aquilina looked a player too. Glass half full over here. You guys should be better at losing by now...what with all the practi
  12. Haven't seen anything to suggest we are talking to Amini. Reckon we have other targets. * Disclaimer * I have zero sources and zero inside knowledge to back that up
  13. The Ugarkovic article states he can sign a pre-contract with someone on Jan 1. Basically his agent saying that he offered to buy out his contract same as Ibini and was turned down. So it's either they let him do that and come to us now or he will sign a pre contract with someone on Jan 1 and be gone end of season anyway. Trying to put pressure on them to release him. Interestingly it did say that the Wanderers offer would be off the table soon. Sounds like we are keen on an extra midfielder now not next year. So if Ugarkovic is to come to us he needs a release/buy out.
  14. In Carls comments around Bruce re-signing he talked about him playing at the 10 or 9 ...or was a winger (but didn't see him as a fullback). Strongly suggested he will have more than one formation up his sleeve. Can see him using 352 early doors and then gradually moving to 433 or having 433 as an option. Enough versatility in the squad now to switch to either without wholesale subs. A centre back (Ziggy) who is just as capable at right back is key.
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