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  1. Drinking game suggestion: Every time someone on facebook mentions any variant of 'Pochettino In'' we all drink..
  2. The only saving grace for JP is that he apparently tried to undermine Babbel. Treacherous yes, but the thought crossed my mind once or twice in the last few months. Plus if he was trying to undermine him to get the top job....he did it. I like a manager he sets goals and achieves them
  3. Someone was talking on here about inverting the diamond and going with a CDM and two CM's. Surely a good option. Lets everyone play their natural position and would strengthen the defence. Also takes defensive responsibility (or part thereof) away from Mueller, Duke and Cox.
  4. Spoke to Erica Halloway yesterday. ACL and out for up to a year. Abbie Smith reckons she is 4 weeks away though some others seemed to think she was being optimistic and 5-7 might be closer to the mark. So neither of them for the run home, No O'Sullivan and Williams out for a few. Still positive though. That team is the opposite of the men. A real tight unit. Great team morale and positive and pro-active coaching team.
  5. Abby Smith is a big loss. She's a gun keeper. Williams is back. Hope she is good to start.
  6. OR play a 2m tall 37 yr old as lone striker in the Aussie summer and ask him to press. Then wonder why he didn't get on the end of that through ball.
  7. Predictions please. That way we can come back in 6 months and either gloat or claim to have been hacked. I'm going to say Cox will turn out ok. Score 6 in whats left of the season with 2+ assists. As for Marcus, if he signs a #10 this window he might just survive. If he doesn't he won't see past the derby.
  8. It an underrated quality in a footballer.. Unfortunately Marcus is the guy that under rates it.
  9. What's this .latest wanderers insta post alluding too?
  10. Yep. Might not have a 20 goal striker. But we don't have anyone to play 10 effectively and every formation Babs uses includes a CAM
  11. Yep, bang on target. Contract extensions all round.
  12. Mueller on the left, Kamau on the right.... (it hurt to type that). Agree that Duke should be up top.
  13. Reckon we need a 10 more than a 9. This guy has just become available https://www.transfermarkt.com/nico-gaitan/leistungsdaten/spieler/75442
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