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  1. There are a number of pre requisites...but from the above it appears you meet them all
  2. The Mariners game was far from perfect and the injuries keep rolling in. But i'm not sure 1 win from 1 game and 2nd on the table is the right point to start the panic Kent. At least wait till after we lose the derby to a late VAR call.
  3. Here's a few free agent names that fit my very loose criteria on transfer market. Emre Colak Yohan Croizet Ferhan Hasani Ibrahim Chenihi Oliver Buff (looks s**t but is Swiss, and we know Marcus loves a Neutral) Or we could invert the diamond and replace Raddy with a central Mid... James Morrison Birkir Bjarnason Darren Fletcher Alvara Medran I have it on good authority that all nine of them were seen on a Busways 728 service heading to Rooty hill, resume in hand.
  4. I was standing next to one of you I think. Right of stage, players to my right.
  5. How many pages do we need to add on this forum for each new member. Asking for Edinburgh. #memberdevelopmentthread
  6. My humble apologies. It won't happen again....today
  7. I was joking before about him being a Westpoint...
  8. Realise this is the wrong thread for this but hoping someone can point me to the right thread or person. Do we have a resident J-League expert on the forum? I'm heading to japan in a few weeks for work. Thinking of going to Kashima v Urawa and want to ask some questions of someone with the answers... And just to keep it on topic... saw Mile Jedinak in west point food court on the weekend....
  9. I think in a 12 man line up he deserves a shot 😁
  10. Hottest months of the yr are Jan and Feb. We have one kick off at 5pm. All the rest are later.
  11. Debatable on the first Unlikely on the second Definite yes on the third
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