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  1. so have many before him who have left early. and no, won't miss him too much. has been decent but not spectacular
  2. Im hearing that Dorrans won't be back. Source a little questionable though.
  3. Apologies. Rookie error The fact his top 10 goals starts with a penalty .....
  4. Time for some baseless speculation. Reckon this guy would be the perfect signing for us. Instant cult figure, hard work and mongrel a plenty. Don't for a second think its feasible, but a man can dream.
  5. 69 on fifa 21 where as premiers plate winning Scott Jameson is only 66. Which measuring method do you stand by?
  6. He did. But I think that's more because Russell had RB locked down for most of it. I think Aquilina did well on the left. But great on right
  7. I think Traore is a decent pick up. Aquilna has been great but is more a righty. Russell/Aquilina fighting for the RB spot. Wilmering/Traore fighting for the left back spot. Good competition for places in the fullback slots. And mostly with young players on the up.
  8. Sotirio has never lost to Barcelona Ramos - lost to Barcelona numerous times The difference is clear. #SotirioIn
  9. Prediction We sign a number of exciting players with decent resumes We all get excited about the season and gamble irresponsibly Said players underwhelm We miss the finals by 2 points
  10. i think CR has his 'dead weight clear out' list upside down
  11. One more season at the moment. Though I fully expect the club to announce him on a 5yr marquee deal before the day is out.
  12. I consulted with VAR and its "I don't want them here at this football club" So I was wrong. Still prefer my version though
  13. Didn't he say that if players don't want to give their all HE (as in CR) doesn't want to be at the football club?
  14. As a cost cutting measure the club should consider videoing introduction and exit videos for all coaches and marquees in the one sitting.
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