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  1. Me either. Maybe he has footage of Brad kicking puppies or something.
  2. apparently not. First time I looked at it it said I was getting a free sample. This time...paywalled.
  3. Picking up the Mueller for 20/21 discussion again. This is the article someone mentioned where he was quoted saying he was here for 2 years. https://www.theaustralian.com.au/sport/football/wanderers-import-nicolai-muller-ready-for-an-aleague-adventure/news-story/5512746debe270fff52641de0ed26bf7 Signed in October. Maybe there was a 2 stage contract agreed. One for the injury replacement and one for the 2nd year and the club won't announce until Raddy is confirmed as gone maybe...wild guess
  4. If it means we get the overseas successes back here a few years earlier that will be a good thing too. Overall its a good thing. Just don't think it's going to be a revolution and see "60 marquees" next season as has been reported.
  5. The end result of the ''foreigners out of cap" could be better quality Aussies coming back and/or staying rather than going to tier 3 or 4 leagues overseas. If that's the case it will be great. Alternatively it could see the same re-cycled journeymen getting bigger contracts for producing the same old $#@!
  6. Is JoD still on contract? Mueller was only every announced as injury replacement. Might be a deal done but don't know why they wouldn't of announced. Edit: Looking at the list of expiring contracts at the end of season we could do a lot worse than re-signing Mueller and Scwhegler. Also not sure that no foreigners in cap = 5 x marquee level players.
  7. Brilliant. Loved it. I'm choosing to ignore any negatives and bask in the glory as it's been a long time since I've walked out of the ground feeling this good.
  8. Hopefully they are tweaks to the irrigation system & make it come on after 20 minutes and cause the game to be abandoned.
  9. At least it might be worth going just to see him.and if you squint hard enough you can pretend it's a wanderers shirt he is wearing.
  10. I'll wait till JP has 5 or 6 matches under his belt to judge. To early to see if he is capable of restoring the team. Just so sick of walking out of that stadium dejected after getting hopes up. I'm a slow learner, but perhaps not as slow as the team.
  11. Probably thinking of the below article.. though I don't think "being a little bit Australian"will quite cut it https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/a-ki-return-for-free-is-as-good-as-a-league-signings-get
  12. Still have 'German' Pat who is yet to become Aussie Pat even if we could afford him
  13. Would be great. But won't happen. Not enough $$$ and K-League about to start.
  14. yep...good point. Maybe he ran to the ground rather than take the team bus
  15. I was watching him and Yeboah pretty closely. I reckon they are suffering from trying to do too much. Both trying to be striker, drop deep, help in defence every now and then. They just need to play their role. In Dukes case I think he is exhausting himself and when you are tired the touches go to sh#t. Same with Yeboah, accept when he comes back to 'help' hand grenades seem to fall out of his pockets.
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