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  1. You think area 51 are hiding a Martian with a deft touch and fast feet? We can only hope
  2. I would suggest we lock in Friday September 20th to collectively lose our ****. 3 weeks out from the start of the season. Post the closure of overseas windows. Plus it's a Friday so no one will want to do actual work. Perfect day to spend refreshing the forum and putting out poorly thought through tweets with the club tagged calling for the club to throw large $$$ at some obscure footballer we have no actual links too. #panicday
  3. Is this the German looking to work under a German coach...
  4. Picture attached this time... And before you ask, not I have not edited this photo. It's 100% genuine
  5. Allow me to get this thread back on track.. My wife was out at the Wanderers shop yesterday and took the below photograph of the training field.. If you look carefully the player looks alot like Jedi.. Could he be signed and not announced yet...????
  6. Day made Someone more talented than I please make a gif or a meme of that immediately. I'll wait here.
  7. On the plus side, if we find an away jersey that can play at #6 and #4 I think we are set....
  8. Surely they would of launch the membership video on the day the memberships were on sale to public. What odds can I get on it being the return of Dino Kresinger?
  9. Just keep your tickets handy. That way of a family of 4 rock up to claim there seats and you have 4 seats in a row elsewhere you can just swap tickets so they can then be confident of claiming seats elsewhere and not being moved.
  10. Could be a massive **** fight actually. It's all good to say "this is active support area, go sit elsewhere". But if they go and sit in Bay X row Y what do they say when people with tickets for those seats come along to kick them out. How many times are they going to move before they crack it and come back with security to claim the seats that are rightfully theres??
  11. We turned up a bit late (well before kick off) for the C-Town game and couldn't get our seats as the RBB was in them which I have no drama's with. Problem was the seats we could get where in front of family types who were all sitting down. Not really fair to stand up in front of them when we were outside the actiive area.. The tickets are allocated not GA so you may piss people off and if they hold there ground there entitled to. Common sense will hopefully prevail. Makes sense for RBB not to occupy the premium seats near half way so those that can't get there allocated seat can grab a better one. Plan this time is to get there early when the core of the RBB arrive or before and just get in the mix somewhere. How early are you guys getting to the stadium or when will the march kick off?
  12. Guessing the 5 to miss out will be Appiah (hope I'm wrong), Caira, Gibbs, Minniecon & Cole (was injured recently wasn't he). 3 outfielders on the bench to be Bridge, Rocca, Ono,
  13. Transport info line are advertising free transport for Wanderers vs Mariners includes the Moore park shuttle from Central Station to moore park. That's going to be one empty bus!
  14. lol, Wandering Beers Club aka RBB Retirement village.
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