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  1. TWayServiceCrew

    Site Upgrade Information

    Not working for me
  2. TWayServiceCrew

    Amateur Association Football

    Mine did and then moved it as soon as the draw came out.... They learned a lesson last year it seems
  3. TWayServiceCrew

    Squad Development 2015/16

    A small piece from the 2016 Men’s Competition Review Board Resolution - May 2015 Seniors: It is decided that the following changes be implemented with respect to Seniors Competitions (Ist, U20s and U18s) for the 2016 season: • NPL1 remains with 12 clubs • NPL2 will be expanded from 12 clubs to 14 clubs to accommodate 2 new HAL Club Academies (namely Sydney FC and Western Sydney Wanderers) • It is expected a senior NPL environment will be conducted on the Central Coast to be determined between Central Coast Football and Central Coast Mariners • HAL Academies/Clubs are to be bound by exactly the same rules and regulations as are enforced on FNSW NPL clubs • The current State League 1 competition will become NPL3 with a 12 team competition. • U16 age group will be become part of Youth, not Seniors, competitions • There will be no change to the current principle of “one up/one down†promotion and relegation between each tier of senior competitions each year based solely on Seniors Club Championship playing results • State League Two will be re-named “State League†and an Under 18’s age group will be introduced to this competition to be consistent across all senior competitions in NPL 1, NPL 2 and NPL 3. This will be a 12 team competition. There are no other changes be made to the structure of the Seniors NPL1, NPL2, NPL3 or State League competitions. Juniors: It is decided that the following changes be implemented with respect to Youth Competitions for the 2016 season: • Under 16s to move back into the Youth Football Structure • U12 age group to become part of SAP from 2016 onwards • HAL Academies (Sydney FC and WSW) to be required to enter NPL Youth League teams in FNSW competitions on exactly the same conditions as all other participating clubs, including no direct entry into National Youth Championships. • NPL Youth (Tier 1) will be a combined competition made up of the 12 NPL1 Senior clubs, 12 NPL2 Senior clubs and the 2 HAL clubs Youth Academies making 26 clubs • State League 1 clubs (to be part of NPL3 competition) are required to field teams in Youth League U13 – U16 in 2016 • In addition to the 12 NPL#3 clubs, regional branches will have the option to participate in Tier 2 youth competition. • FNSW Institute Program for Boys will cease on entry of the HAL Clubs into the FNSW Youth Competitions
  4. TWayServiceCrew

    RBB Capo question / suggestion

    Who rattled your chain? Doesn't take much rattling... Just an observation. The eastern stand around the CPC get right into Call to Arms
  5. TWayServiceCrew

    RBB Capo question / suggestion

    You'll get a full stadium Call to Arms before Glorious
  6. TWayServiceCrew

    Amateur Association Football

    Nope Rangers under 15s on the othe field and that was more than a scuffle
  7. TWayServiceCrew

    Amateur Association Football

    Was that at Ireland Park?
  8. TWayServiceCrew

    Amateur Association Football

    My under 15s are undefeated in division 2, big improvement on last year.... looks like div 1 next year if they keep it up
  9. Stop hyping Maso has-beens. Even today, Recoba could run rings around the guy. Recoba isn't playing though
  10. TWayServiceCrew

    Amateur Association Football

    It can be pretty hard finding keepers in All Age. Everyone wants to run on the field. The might of Mount Pritchard hahaha It's SDSFA.... You can guarantee the price will be very high All Age at Mount Pritchard is $320 including ref fees for the season. You're expecting to get refs in Southern Districts?
  11. TWayServiceCrew

    Amateur Association Football

    The might of Mount Pritchard hahaha It's SDSFA.... You can guarantee the price will be very high
  12. Agreed btw, Marc Warren is slotted to play at LB Hersi & Polenz are going to tear him apart
  13. This and i think a defeat was coming for a while, we have had luck on our side in the last few games and were lucky to come away with 3 points. Good a get a bit of a wake up call, early in the season. I tend to agree that we need to analyse losses as well as wins or we never improve. Stewballs is thinking along the same lines as me however I want Spira to continue in the lineup with a kick in the arse from Popa. I think our ability to close teams down so well comes from how compact the team is in defense. We do this by getting 9 men behind the ball very quickly and compressing the midfield while the man on the ball is being pressed by the other 2 players. It seemed that there was a lot more space behind our 6 & 8 for the Roar's attackers to receive the ball and get at the defense. I'll caveat this by saying I was at the game, watching through beer goggles and haven't seen the replay yet.
  14. TWayServiceCrew

    R7 Brisbane Away Fri 22nd Nov 2013 7:00pm

    I'll be there around 4ish as long a I can work the buses out
  15. The courier mail reckons the tifo is something to do with Qld playing a game of football 5 years before NSW.