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  1. 3rd jersey now on wanderers shop website
  2. Also no jersey key ring either
  3. Also the design of the hat has changed too, which I am not a fan of.
  4. I agree and that's the issue. We always seem to play for half a season and not a full season. Its only been Season 1 we ever had a real chance of winning it all. Second season after Jan we only won 3 games and they were all against Perth. We all know Season 3, and Season 4 we started from scratch again This period between now and the first game of next season will be key. Whether we go down the line of player clean out again. Or build off the good players we have and just improve the areas we need improving. Ever since we were bought from FFA things have never been the same, Which I get, all clubs ride the highs and lows. But to me this year has been a failure in all respects when it really should not have been.
  5. I have heard from a source in retail that Nike are not doing jnr jerseys this year for Wanderers
  6. That has drained me.... We should of won that easily. Adelaide didnt offer anything they came for a draw
  7. Better be some fines for the Sydney fc fans running on the ground hugging players after brosque goal
  8. just tried a dummy purchase and could get 7 tickets in bay 311
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