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  1. Should just play this up at valentine Park. No pint in being at Parra with no fans. Then we can just sneak in to watch.
  2. We survived the Olympic park years. Well 7000 of us did anyway. Hopefully next season we press on. Fresh start, the fans come back and we gain a top 4 finish. Unfortunately, we’ve always concentrated on defence. As the quality of finishing is so poor in this league it’s possible to win it with a **** defence but great attacking play. After all, you only have to score more goals than the opposition. Therefore, for the fans sake I’d concentrate on that aspect of our game. We missed far to many easy chances in the last 3 years.
  3. To be fair the penalty should have been retaken. I counted at least 3 City encroachments into the box before the penalty was taken. Still wouldn’t have scored though, nextvone would have been over the bar.
  4. All trains now off between Blacktown and Lidcombe until at least 8pm. Any announcement Wanderers. Gotta delay kick off, surely.
  5. Haven't posted for ages but this has made my blood boil. I'm a normal family supporter with no ties whatsoever to any active supporters group. What Wanderers are effectively doing is taking control of all active support. The leadership of this club are control freaks. Who the **** has the right to dictate where you sit and chant in a stadium anyhow My suggestion to the active support groups would be to **** the active area, get your tickets elsewhere in the stadiums and create your own 'active' terrace. 'Our' club grew so fast and it would appear that Primo and co are hell bent on destroying it.
  6. It shouldn't bother me but this friendly has really pissed me off. The NSW government are paying for this sham of a game, in OUR temporary home against a plastic team that not only has less members than us but is only for the Posh part of Sydney.
  7. Clueless. That's how to describe the FFA in one word.
  8. Franchising - everything that is wrong with Australian football and another reason the eurosnobs won't watch A league. It's highly unfair that a couple of blokes can just pick and choose which new teams will join A league. I'll say it again and again. Build the regional 2nd tier with the real teams that are already there and let the new teams join that. Create a set of criteria a promoted club must conform to. Then promote on performance. There doesn't need to be any relegation until we have a league of 20. As for crowds and revenue etc. The salary cap is counteracting any excess revenue made from crowds anyhow. If a regional team can draw a ferocious 5-6000 crowd in there nice compact stadium then that's great. Think Scottish Premier League.
  9. If they're gonna go all the way to Campbeltown they might as well have played the games at Edensor Park.
  10. Goodbye Nico and thanks for the memories. Good luck playing in Dubai.
  11. Unfortunately I haven't posted for ages for various reasons but I have to post this to get it off my chest. I'm giving the game the 2 pathetics. Pathetic performance but most of all what a pathetic following from Sydney FC.
  12. This is turning out to be a great competition this year but it really doesn't need the fixed draw/A league away games. Some of the smaller clubs would probably love to go play at the a league teams home grounds.
  13. Yesssssssssssss. Burnley are back. Looks like it's a £100 million game for Brighton and Middlesborough next week.
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