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  1. Please email me to would love to have this on fifa , btw could you also explain how to do this
  2. I agree , IDE never snitch but IDE never tolerate racism from anyone in the rbb , a couple punches in the head would suffice
  3. Great night were finally getting the respect we deserve
  4. Actually it was 5 boys and 2 of them were my little bros.. They weren't even moshing... They were waving the flag so how could they mosh but the security just picked a bunch of boys and ban them for a year... They even took their memberships away Innocent until proven guilty, they need evidence to ban you, and cant do it on the spot, people pay good money for memberships so security are definately not allow to just take them from ya, thats stealing and its an offence. i was actually going to mention this , i dont think security have the authority to ban anyone or take anyones membership .
  5. Who cares if they did it well , they shouldn't be stealing our ****
  6. Korea game isn't being telecast either , what a joke
  7. You girls are doing well , showing up some of the guys , one of you told of some guy in the bay for not singing , his face was priceless
  8. Well that sucks , ill be in bed by then , I get up at 5.30 for work
  9. So only Korea Dpr game will be televised?
  10. That's a load of **** , the games might be against lower opponents but they are still full international games so they should be telecast
  11. Hey does any know if he upcoming games against Hong Kong , Guam , and Korea Dpr are being televised ?ive checked foxtel and sbs but I can't find anything
  12. Look he should be benched but we should never boo anyone playing for our team , and besides , one goal and he might star banging them in , I doubt it though going from his general play and positioning .
  13. They say much about us though it is good to hear
  14. As far as I've heard it doesn't matter about the player updates being removed its still happening , ea really ****ed up on this game , I've started my season four times cause of freezes , I got onto the ea forums and this is a huge problems . This game is so full of bugs apparently some consumer affairs group is investigating it , this problem is world wide across all different systems .im really hoping the next update fixes this problem
  15. everytime we march i never see anyone complaining , all there is are people with cameras and phones taking pictures or recording us , the police just dont like us , simple.
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