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  1. Scousers support Everton. I think Kopite is the word you are looking for.. Unfortunately I think Kopites are doing ok What is it with Shrimpers fans supporting the Welsh team based in the bitter&twisted corner of Merseyside?
  2. POUMista

    Euro 2016

    Exactly! And said in half the words it took me! Yep. Nicely put. Anyone who buys into all this 'it's to give smaller countries a chance' propaganda is gullible. The third place (from qualifying) teams who made it into this tournament were: Turkey, Hungary, Sweden and Ireland. How many of those teams really gave us anything worthwhile to watch? Hungary. (Ireland had a great moment against an Italian side who were already through but their football was ****). The playoffs for a 16 team tourny would have been Iceland, Wales, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Croatia, Albania. I reckon 4 out of those 8 is fair enough. There has always been the odd 'small' team. Latvia were in Euro 2004. Northern Ireland, Austria, and maybe Iceland and/or Wales would still have made it this time. There is still plenty of opportunity with 16 teams. Giving the Faroe Islands a free spot to get pumped 10-0 in all the games is a joke. Wales topped their group and made the semis (and bar the stupid yellow card rule, might have had a sniff of the final). "Smaller countries"??
  3. POUMista

    Euro 2016

    isnt he always doing inappropriate things? balls do have an addictive scent though Normally he just picks his nose.
  4. POUMista

    Euro 2016

    German coach Jogi Löw taking the Ukrainians really seriously...
  5. You fail at democracy. Again.
  6. The Greens outpolled the Nationals across the state, yet only won 4 seats to the Nationals' 16. The system is undemocratic. *Despite* that, and rabid media attacks, the Greens have done quite well.
  7. Nekminnit, Greens win two rural seats, and make massive inroads into a third...
  8. 2-4 against Adelaide in Adelaide in season 1..... Yeah, but we scored 5 last night...
  9. So did I. 10/10. Would opt again.
  10. I noticed. And I judged you.
  11. Main reason we won = pitch was about 3/4 regular size. Ante could have taken four steps and scored.
  12. Was that in between Bay 33 and 34? Was great! Wonder what that guy was thinking about when he decided to have a whinge. Yes mate. I was in 33 and this bloke was just being a dick. Why sit with the RBB and then complain? The RBB guy was doing a great job, leading the RBB on the edge of bay 34. Big fella? Down towards the front? Didn't like me jumping in front of his face because he refused to Poznan (or anything else)? He was alright. First timer, and didn't know what "active section" meant. Admittedly he left without understanding or acknowledging it either, but was less of a dick by the end of it all. The ****wits in the next bay over who decided they want to fight me, on the other hand...,
  13. "A little more loyal"? After 26 years? Get yer head out.
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