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  1. This was a discussion on the football side of the club not the "admin" so hopefully a different voice may push things along?
  2. I cant say who. But I had a really good conversation 1 on 1 with senior person at WSW about the issues we face at the Spotless ground plus the travel and transport issues we face. They were honestly not aware of the impact it is having and more importantly the impact in future years should it continue. As i said to them. If someone like me is not enjoying the current experience and others like me are already vowing to stay away then you have a serious problem. Was promised they would speak directly to the correct people. Lets see.
  3. Havent been on in a while as i have been busy being part of the establishment so to speak hahaha. The club has lost its vibe on how we interact and how we wish / want our game day experience to look like. And for us its varied. Many of us want different things but there are a few absolutes staples that are not being given proper consideration right now. I will place them in my order of issue below. The game day of the WSW fan community has been brutalised by the move to the homogeneous once size most certainly doesnt fit all Spotless / Olympic Park precinct. For many our game day starts at 3-4pm for a 7.30 odd KO at the many local pubs through-ought Western Sydney. We jump on trains and head into the game. Maybe have anther few on the train. Historically we would get off at Parra. Go down stairs to the many toilets have a piss and happily move on the pubs and restaurants in the Parra precinct. Now we have to endure a 55min minimum train trip from Penrith and for me longer as Blu Mtns into Olympic Park. No toilets on trains as the country trains dont line up now so you hold onto your piss for an hour. Get off the train at Olympic Park station to have a piss and there is one ******* loo there that accommodates a max of 4 people at a time! The line is banked up so far people are acting like pigs and pissing in the hand basins! What a bloody joke. Some of us have to connect with 3 different trains to get to Olympic Park OR time your only train to coincide with the single train that stops all stations from Blue Mtns/ Penrith all the way to Olympic Park Then we move onto the next stage. Take your pick of the Lawn Bar ( horrendous place) or the Hotel that isnt interested in our patronage unless we sit there like good little kiddies. The Lawn bar asking us ( its own ******* members) to show and have scanned our ID is a joke. Lining up , standing about to enter that soulless place is so sad. We arrived on Saturday at 7.05pm at the entry point in Lawn Bar only to be denied entry as they had closed it off. Game KO was 7.50pm. WTF??? Two beers at a time of half straighten at $8 a beer ?? Again WTF??? I dont understand the transport home issue either. We dont have to be given a limo service but we do ask for some structure and thought please about trains and how they link up? Yes I know thats not the clubs fault but its seriously detracting from the game day experience. Travel time home isnt normally an issue but it becoming one as we have been allocated mostly the late TV game at 7.30 onward. My seas are rippers so no complaints. The atmosphere to me is good as the echo is loud from RBB. But we are all scattered around like **** in a park and this venue doesn't lend itself to feel homely Its just a few games in but already the vibe is poor. We are disconnected from what made the club one. Its members and its supporters sharing a common bond on game day. That sadly is now lost for at least 3 years. The club will need to work miracles to maintain memberships and crowd averages IMO. And to the FFA who are renegotiating a new TV deal thats bad news as the Countries two biggest support bases are becoming disaffected with happenings.
  4. Will the NPL1 & 2 rules be amended to allow AL clubs to play u21 year olds in lieu of u20's? This will depend on what other NPL states have. If FFA make a change it will have to be across the entire NPL. It make sense as will align with NYL so NPL clubs could in fact be playing more mature WSW teams in seniors. But at moment no change for this season coming
  5. PPS is still in and won't go anywhere. FNSW will only change if FFA changes. For WSW NPL it makes it a bit different. As the Trev Morgan team are 20s. This doesn't really make a diff for 1st but will for the under 20 who even though we're mainly 18s themselves will now play 21 year olds every week. And the 18 s will play 19s even though most are 16s. This happens in 2018.
  6. I can add a few things Aram Tayebi and Blade Richards from Parramatta to Mt Druitt What's also crazy is that of the 16 NPL 2 clubs only 5 did not change coaches either during or are after this season. Sourcehttp://www.thecleansheetau.com/daniel/off-season-rumour-mill------------------------------------------------First time I heard this on Rudan Also Ben Dehaan is not the TD at Mt Druitt. he is the SAP TD. As his son plays at our club and we are super happy to have him join us. Ben Gough is YL TD and I am the Dircetor Of Football.
  7. The chinks are just warming up. They gonna rip em a new one
  8. Channel 9 news tonight. Not one word on football of any not let alone the derby.
  9. Until the FFA invest serious time and not so much money into radio advertising they wont control or even have a remotely significant part of any sports news cycle on radio, Our game lacks investment and marketing = $ The facts are that these radio stations news and sports report cycles are determined by output of internal NRL, Cricket Aust, ARL and AFL marketing teams. Content is sent daily. Content is followed up daily. Its done for the radio teams so all they do is read it out. Sadly our game has not the funds, resources or capability to hold out the BBL mass advertising. Just look at how many ads are on TV for BBL....... Sigh. At a time where our two clubs meet in the Sydney Derby where the result is critical to both clubs our newspaper back page is full of cricket, tennis and NRL. The football as usual starts to about 5 pages in from back page. Yep its derby week in Sydney. Same ol same ol.
  10. See you all down at Popondetta! Craig that beer is awaiting this time mate
  11. Manfred as most of us are in Stuart Ayres electorate and it's a marginal seat we could all email and call the crap,out of him and his office?
  12. Wasn't sure the Zone thing had been passed all but one NPL clubs voted against it I was in the meeting. NPL clubs voted to keep the current YL structure of which the HAL clubs YL teams wee to be in NPL1. But the associations voted to align with the FNSW.
  13. We will be in zones. So East Sydney will be on other side of draw. We still dont know yet what the format looks like but its most likely we will only play ESFC once per year when the zones cross over.
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