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  1. I'm not giving credit to anyone. From what I've read from both of you, you've each said virtually the same thing (albeit seemingly with entirely different intent).
  2. I like this reply: We all talk about unity in as the panacea for our success. We espouse the value of being different to other sports.We believe we can contribute to a resurgence domestically,yet without understanding, comprehending or knowing the why/how/who we regress to abuse as our baseline ?
  3. Capitalism is man exploiting man. Communism is the opposite.
  4. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/australia-must-tread-carefully-in-search-for-identity-says-johnson
  5. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/australia-must-tread-carefully-in-search-for-identity-says-johnson
  6. Maybe the efforts on here could be bottled and moved!?
  7. This virus isn't slowing down. The current 24 hour period using GMT has new cases of almost 203,000 and counting ..... The first over 200k. The USA has their highest with over 52k. And I think Brazil's highest of 48k. The worldwide total is just a few thousand under 11 million. At least the death rate is dropping. It got as high as 21% of closed cases and is now down to 8%. Maybe they're getting better at treatment. While the sheer numbers are significant and often reported on, the per capita infection rates and death rates also tell a story. The highest death rate is in Belgium with 842 per million. Compared to UK 648 and USA 397 for example. The highest infection rate is Qatar with 34,866 per million. The next with populations in the millions are Bahrain 16,367 and Chile 14,885 and Kuwait 11,207. Of course, the statistics are affected by testing rates and the accuracy of recording and reporting.
  8. It's owned by the Council but leased to the Panthers. It wasn't used as part of the NRL hub. I think there was some deficiencies involved from a covid perspective.
  9. “We are excited to be returning to Bankwest Stadium on Wednesday 22 July and hope in the next two weeks we have some further clarification on allowing fans into stadium to support the team for our push to the finals,” said Tsatsimas. “Our members and fans are fundamental to us as a club and we are working hard behind the scenes to find ways to give them access to the game in the safest environment possible. “The past months have been a testing time for all in our community and we hope that the return of football can be a small relief from the difficulties many are facing during this pandemic.”
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