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  1. But not yet ..... not yet ....
  2. I'd expect that social media complaining would be a poor measure of widespread baby boomer opinion or actions. The evidence from the people you are talking to is the opposite of all the baby boomers I've been talking to. And as an aside, most of the 30 to 40 year old people I've spoken with don't care about covid enough to bother with a vaccine. What does all this mean? It means we don't know enough to know.
  3. But why pay anyone to do all that? I wash my own hair. The colour is what I was born with or aged with. It dries naturally. Why do hair salons even exist?
  4. As a baby boomer that never witnessed the mythical "had it so good" historical fairy tale it pisses me off big time that we get blamed yet again. As you would expect, I know the odd baby boomer and from my general observation we are dealing with covid and vaccinations as well if not better than the other labelled generations. After all, we are used to dealing with adversity over the decades and then just getting on with it. PS shut up Smoggy (and Jess)
  5. I struggle to understand how anyone stays awake during English lessons.
  6. Leave me alone! It goes with my 1978 body shirt!
  7. I woulda thought he coulda/shoulda been picked as first choice for the upcoming WC playoffs.
  8. Thanks for posting that. Might need a small adjustment. Nix Play Perth twice but Perth only play Nix once?
  9. $20 at Lennox shops. But they'll probably charge you more because they'll need a ladder.
  10. I had my first AZ jab 2 weeks ago when I went to the GP for another reason. My wife got hers 2 days later. Neither of us noticed any after effects. We're booked in for our flu shots on Friday and our 2nd AZs 11 weeks later.
  11. Because it was an own goal? That is the defender played at it so the prior handball is ignored? Similar decision was made a few weeks back.
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