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  1. Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm 70 and starting to get the odd grey hair (in what's left of the hair on my head).
  2. Not mentioned at all on ABC. But then not much else was either.
  3. Sorry to be a spoilsport. Armstrong took that first step on Monday 21 July 1969 - Australian time. That was my first day at work in Walgett with the Bank of New South Wales. At lunch time that day the Branch Manager called me away from my workstation to watch the walk on the TV in his house behind the bank branch.
  4. Och, well, ye needna be tae fussy aboot that. Y'er a' bloody sassenachs after a'.
  5. His 2nd was a well taken deliberate and accurate header. I'm not sure he knew much about his first though.
  6. Aisle 7 wouldn't be anywhere near bay 124 though, would it?
  7. There's always the next season to look forward to! I was really hoping they would move back to a more classic design a la our first 3 or 4 seasons. They've lost the plot the past few years.
  8. Fair point. But we may be an exception rather than the rule.
  9. Arranging/Ordering the kits requires a 15 month lead time. I'll be interested to see what they thought was appropriate over a year ago.
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