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  1. If the evacuation warning is genuine, and even if it's more than half an hour away, don't just keep track of it GET THE HELL OUTTA THERE NOW!
  2. Match highlights: The array of police for the march, with a troop of mounted cavalry held in reserve to our left. The ballboy behind the goal at the away end doing jumps/exercises & imaginary stepovers to keep warm. The black security bloke walking down the steps with a huge smile waving his arms to get us to step down off the seats. (And we did ex the capo). The kerfuffle when security decided the capo had to stop standing on the seats as well. While the capo left his position to put his case everyone else stood on their seats. Resolved satisfactorily. Oh, and Mitch's goal.
  3. Quick trip to Jordan, football match Friday night. Spend the weekend seeing the sights.
  4. @Cynth 's nephew has been taken (arrested?) By some of the police (who literally outnumber us!) For ripping a smokey. As a minimum lookd like he and Fab will miss the match. How they got that wrong - and they did, absolutely no doubt- is beyond me.
  5. Pub discussion won, if only ..... No names, no pack drill! (Btw andypk needs to lift his game)
  6. Do you know if all 5 played at any time when Foxe was in charge for 5 matches
  7. Smooth trip down, flight left and arrived early. Several other Wanderers on board. Skybus to town - scored a free ticket! Skybus staff and a passenger helpful and friendly to help me find my way to accommodation. Found andypk and family. Pub and march a lityle later. Bring it on.
  8. My flight this morning looks ok so far. I got the impression that flights are ok today.
  9. And another https://www.wswanderersfc.com.au/news/Mastrantonio-red-black
  10. Aah, that's what it's for. First I'd heard of it. Would have been useful. Like you, I still have one but it hasn't been used for many years - needs a new needle. I worked out the jar opener as the only viable option (considering a stamp pad wasn't an option).
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