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  1. Ha! That was my first thought! And then I changed it for some senile reason.
  2. @wendybr @StringerBellend A quote from the novel I'm reading Spoony froze. 'You really think so? You've been in here, what? Five minutes? And you know how to fix us? Think you're ******* Coldplay, do you?
  3. I do hate cats. But obviously no animals were hurt in that sketch, and I'm happy about that. That's more than I can say for many of the supposedly cute animal clips on here and elsewhere that look more like animal cruelty to me.
  4. Mack might still have a few that were never collected
  5. A good, interesting read. @hawks2767 Doony gets a mention. https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/lucy-zelic-in-conversation-with-craig-moore
  6. I've been looking at the same site as well. A stat not mentioned in the news coverage is the cases per 1m of population. Seeing high numbers for some countries not usually mentioned has me wondering how their medical services will cope. Switzerland is an example. They have been consistently above Italy and Spain until Spain's situation escalated even more in the past couple of days. There is also a few small countries with much smaller case numbers but even higher ratios per 1m of double or triple Switzerland's that must be under stress. Another stat that is getting progressively worse is the death rate compared to resolved cases (dead or recovered). It is now 20%, up from 12% less than(?) 2 weeks ago. France has had a really bad day with 1355 deaths, the biggest single day toll anywhere since it all started. 884 of them in nursing homes. My wife visits her Dad in a nursing home twice a week (I've stopped going to minimise the risks both ways). Last visit was yesterday. The staff have told her that she can still visit under the allowed exceptions. But she is questioning whether she should. That stat from France gives more food for thought.
  7. We're having an office lunch today, spouses invited.
  8. Is that a new way of saying you discussed test results? Just as well I'm not a student, I'd be sure to get low marx. Okay, I'll go now and karl up in the corner.
  9. So, two essential trips/escapes, the first was to buy the hammer.
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