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  1. Edinburgh

    WSW Merchandise 2017/18

    There's been nothing like that since you left!
  2. Edinburgh

    What Floats Your Boat 4

    "You can bank on the Wales" It was still the Wales when I was in PNG, and was known in the expat circles as "the wank bank". I'll bet that isn't in the book.
  3. Edinburgh

    What Floats Your Boat 4

    I worked for Westpac for almost 34.5 years. I was made redundant almost 19 years ago. I still have accounts with them. I met the current local branch manager at business networking events last year. Including one where he took a keen interest in myself and another long serving former employee. I opened another account at the local branch a few months ago. The employee looking after us remembered me from my days as treasurer/registrar etc with Emu Plains FC. We got to talking about a few things. Mention was made of Westpac's book of its 200 year history, expecting I would have received a copy, but I hadn't. Got a call yesterday asking me to call in when next in Penrith. Called in today. The manager had managed to get a few copies and gave me one! Rapt.
  4. Edinburgh

    Music Thread 3

    You should post your favourites more often
  5. Edinburgh

    Music Thread 3

    I've just listened to this. At first I wondered why you liked it so much. But wow, just wow, loved it.
  6. Getting used a lot is okay, nothing to get used to. But if that results in sub standard pitches for us then we shouldn't just get used to it. As a major tenant, we should complain loud and long. Hopefully the super duper new pitch is up to it and we'll have nothing to complain about.
  7. Edinburgh

    Off Topic Thread 4

    Neither/None. Ask Smoggy for a sketch instead.
  8. Edinburgh

    HAL 2018/19 Round 22

    Both teams encroached, multiple players on each team. Georgevski was almost alone on the right where he was, there were several others on the left, including a couple ahead of Georgevski. So, your last paragraph situation did occur. I don't know the rules, and how they are applied, well enough, but to me denying the goal was correct (as I think everyone agrees). The problem/question then is which team is favoured by the next decision. With both teams encroaching significantly neither of the teams clearly merit a favourable decision. Unfortunately, maintaining the status quo of retaking the penalty does favour the attacking team. Maybe that's the best result, given they earned a penalty?
  9. Edinburgh


    But I want to eat NOW!
  10. Edinburgh

    HAL 2018/19 Round 22

    The problem is where we are leading to!
  11. I think he has been okay injury wise until getting injured in a national squad at the start of this season. Since then very unfortunate. I don't know what his injuries have been or whether they are all related to the first one. Hopefully he can recover fully in the off season.
  12. Just to be sure, you might need to add some punctuation
  13. Edinburgh

    Central Coast Mariners: Season 2018/19

    Not the first one this season