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  1. I'm tempted to make a statement in response but I don't want to be the centre of attention.
  2. After reading that, I think I'm right to say I'm left confused!
  3. How does a team that played so well for the first 30 minutes turn into such a rabble in the 2nd half?
  4. https://www.google.com/search?q=braveheart+kilt+scene&oq=braveheart+kilt&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l3.9468j0j8&client=tablet-android-samsung&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#imgdii=PqpmgoB4lp1PzM:&imgrc=Mh5zqWA6IoICDM:
  5. Andy and others will be there tomorrow
  6. Dear ticket holder, The Sydney FC v Western Sydney Wanderers #SydneyDerby originally set to be played on Sat 8 Feb has been rescheduled to the below date and times: Friday 28 February 2020 Box Office Open: 6:00pm Gates Open: 6:30pm Kick Off: 8:00pm Tickets purchased for the original date will still be valid for the rescheduled date so please hold on to your tickets. If you cannot attend the new date and require a refund or need to contact Ticketek, please do so here Please note: Refunds due to change of date need to be received by Friday 21 February 2020, 12pm. We hope you enjoy the game! Regards, Ticketek www.ticketek.com
  7. Yeah, and you can put your crutches here ....
  8. I realise that, but here use an Opal card or else and if you lose it call Fred Flintstone!?
  9. Still open, 6 week extension/reprieve.
  10. Those were the days. 54th anniversary today.** Although, I don't see what was so difficult adding up the pounds, shillings and pence. Looks straight forward to me. Which also means I started work at the Bank of NSW 54 years and 10 weeks ago.
  11. Not sure these fully qualify for wrgmg but off topic doesn't seem appropriate either. Aaaah, the "benefits" of new technology. I expect we all realise that we are being inexorably pushed and even forced to use and accept the introduction of technological versions of so many things, like it or not. All for the customers benefit of course. Some aspects of the changes leave a lot to be desired. Firstly an older issue we were caught out on & were reminded of by a friend's recent experience. Once upon a time there were Medicare offices where you could go to to submit claims. You could wait in line or just drop it off, you could see how long the line was to help with deciding whether to wait. Then they were merged with Centrelink where you could get a readily available form, filll it out and leave it for processing, you knew you could quickly go in and get the form etc. Nowadays, you line up, wait your turn, ask for a form, your request is entered, you wait until that "job" pops up on someones screen, the form is printed, your name is called, you fill out the form, then line up so you can hand it in, and then wait x weeks which is longer than it used to be. There is an option to wait to be served instead of wait for the printed form, time period unknown either way. Printing the form at home is not an option. I think there is an online option as well? Which I've used? Those less likely to cope with the online technology are also those less likely to cope with the added physical difficulties of current office processes. This next one is happening to a lady my wife knows. She lost her seniors/pensioner Opal card. Bearing in mind what I said earlier about being forced to use new technology including Opal cards, what happens next is mind boggling. The only way to report this and request a replacement is by phone. You can't deal with it online, or go to any office of any sort. So, she calls the number - yes, I can see you have a card linked to your pension number - good, please arrange a replacement - I can't do that because your husband was the one who applied for the card, as one of two, we need to talk to him - that will be difficult, he's dead - we still can't arrange a replacement for you - can I go online, send an email, write a letter ... ? - no! She gives up and calls again the next day hoping for a better result from a different customer service officer. No such luck, but she perseveres a little more. So, to get a replacement of one of these wonderful technological advancements, she needs to submit a paper form with attachments, she can't get the form online, it has to be posted, she then needs to complete it and submit it with proof of her husband's death to get a replacement card in her own name, which she will be able to use to spend her own money (albeit with seniors concessions). You must use the new technology!! However if you lose it we will use prehistoric processes to give you a replacement! Madness! She would have been better off getting some bloke to get on the phone and pretend to be her deceased husband! Aplologies to MathyouWSW for the length of this post.
  12. Very uninspiring to say the least. At times it looked as if most of the team were trying to convince us they hadn't kicked a ball before.
  13. Why do I immediately think that doesn't happen/doesn't happen that way in the a league?
  14. I read that and decided to click on the dead parrot sketch* link - before it started there was an ad - for the movie "H is for Happiness"!! * I hope Simon Hill's related gag was funnier than the sketch!
  15. I'm surprised you could tell the difference! Imshi to Fox?
  16. Wrgmg - reading someone else's wrgmg that's sooooo long that I end up being late for a breakfast get together this morning! PS - MathyouWSW, I told you to call him and ask!
  17. Decent match. Barely a quiet seecond
  18. Dear ticket holder, Tonight’s #SydneyDerby has been postponed due to an unplayable pitch following the extreme weather experienced in Sydney over the last 36 hours, and further torrential rain forecast right throughout Saturday. A morning pitch inspection conducted by match officials, representatives from the FFA, Netstrata Jubilee Stadium and Sydney FC concluded the pitch unplayable and the decision was made to postpone the match. Sydney FC Chief Executive Officer Danny Townsend said: “Obviously we are disappointed to have to postpone the game, but the safety of the players is paramount and the pitch was in no state to host the game due to the amount of rain we have had. Discussions will take place between Sydney FC, Western Sydney Wanderers and Football Federation Australia and other stakeholders regarding a re-arranged date for the game. Ticket purchasers are advised to hold onto their tickets and Sydney FC will be in touch in due course regarding ticket details once the rescheduled fixture is announced. If you need to contact Ticketek please do so here: https://help.ticketek.com.au/hc/en-us/requests/new Regards, Ticketek www.ticketek.com
  19. Japan super cup https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/video/1695493187862/postecoglou-s-yokoham-s-bizzare-penalty-shootout?playlist=latest-videos-twg
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