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  1. Apparently the naming sponsorship is only for the Matildas (and young Matildas etc). The Socceroos sponsorship is as the "banking partner".
  2. Yeah, yeah, sure you did ......
  3. So NZ has provided 100k of 390k target = 25.64% Aus has vaccinated 1.14m of target 4m = 28.5% But somehow our politicians are failures in comparison to NZ!?
  4. My Dad used to say I was always trying, very trying.
  5. Shouldn't this be in the rail network thread?
  6. I'm not a poet and by christ I know it. I'm not strong on football tactics eiether. Hence: Use your boot, ***** shoot!
  7. https://images.app.goo.gl/cSLzM9EUHwTLZ2YTA
  8. Another handball penalty against Adelaide. Both decisions correct. And this one saved too!
  9. So another 50 years before Covid strikes?
  10. Where did the NRL team fly from? Weren't they in Melbourne already after their last match? With Brisbane in lockdown the Roar flying out wasn't an option?
  11. But, but, he's one of the good guys Miller remains jailed in Oklahoma City. His transport to Washington is on hold because he broke his collarbone while playing soccer in the recreation yard at a Dallas jail.
  12. Is the venue outside the lockdown area? But even so, I expect we'd have to go via Brisbane airport to get there.
  13. With Natta going off injured on Friday, Tass could well be replacing him next match
  14. Bobo kicks someone VAR review, not even a card of any colour
  15. I doubt that. Speedie just mentioned that Victory offered the job to Talay in the off season but he decided to stay with the Nix.
  16. I read somewhere that the club pressured Brebner to take on the job. If so, despite the situation, maybe he has the job for the season regardless.
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