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  1. As I posted in the Olympics thread, I can't use 7+ because of the age of my smart tv (they don't provide the service to tvs 2013 and older due to technical limitations). This type of technology and using it is beyond my ken. Does anybody have any idea whether I'll be able to access Paramount+ on my current tv?
  2. We changed our appointments from last Friday to today to make sure our sniffles on different days last week were only sniffles. Jabs received this morning, no after effects. The doc mentioned he suffered muscle pain with his first AZ.
  3. So, couldn't sort out a good enough deal in Israel, wasn't offered enough in Australia, and now trying for a club in Greece so he doesn't get paid. Makes sense.
  4. This morning I decided I need to figure this out. Googled for instructions, which I was unsure about, overcame my trepidation and set about trying to set it up. Bumbled through and found 7+, selected it and got the message "due to technical limitations support for 7+ was discontinued in December 2019 for tvs made in 2013 or earlier". Guess how old our tv is?!
  5. The partially refers to being in the community or not while infectious not the level of infection.
  6. A new pb for my 3km run tthis morning. Knocked 26 seconds off my previous best and under 18 minutes for the first time.
  7. Absolutely, we don't play with wingers* so a must signing. *So I'm told.
  8. Free advertising every time there is an incident
  9. The clubs can't be trusted to do the right thing?
  10. Half hour show then 3 hours for each country team to march in and out of the stadium one at a time to maintain social distancing?
  11. I'm not at my wits end so only many supporters. Unless of course my wit is shorter than I think it is. Maybe this post is an indication?
  12. But, but 8th out of 12 is so much better than 9th out of 11!
  13. Hopefully they also sign Lennon Kamsoba and he gets the half time gig instead. I can only imagine how that would go.
  14. I don't know whether that is an indication of CR's coaching limitations or the depth of the club's cultural/mentality failings. I hope it's the latter and CR gets a much better turnaround this coming season.
  15. But I don't understand the kangaroo reference
  16. How will filming spiders help?
  17. Ah, yes, I remember it well. I think I watched it on a live stream using my penny farthing app.
  18. In our history we have only had all the players here in time for the full pre season once. That was the year Popa pulled the plug.
  19. How old is competitive women's football? I don't know, but this is interesting. https://www.heartsfc.co.uk/news/article/sweet-fa-plays-at-tynecastle-park "1916. The men fight on the Western Front. The women work in the factories, and form football teams, playing other factory teams across Scotland and raising money for the war effort. Women’s football fast becomes the most popular game in the land. Worried that their game is starting to rival the men’s, the football authorities ban the women’s game in 1921."
  20. 2nd AZ booked in for Friday for me and Mrs E at our GP.
  21. I only saw a little of them back in the day without making a conscious decision to watch or not. I had a look at (most of) the 10 highlights posted above earlier today. If that's the best of them then I certainly didn't miss anything.
  22. A fleet of cars driving past with their windscreen washers on.
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