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  1. @Midfielder You're wasting your time squire. Those objecting to your views are so blinded by their political allegiances they are as bad as the Trump supporters they (rightly) criticise.
  2. That was my first thought too.
  3. I know keepers are a strange bunch but that's hardly the way for a referee to behave!
  4. Just in case anyone on here finds this useful: https://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/maritime/safety-rules/safety-equipment/flare-disposal.html
  5. Based on Boro's posting history about his Dad, it's too late for that to be a useful indication.
  6. Stop whinging. Being able to buy Pandora for my wife was a godsend. Every birthday, Xmas and anniversary easily sorted, with variations where possible. Now she doesn't want anymore of them because she has more than enough of them (fair enough) I'm back to "Streuth what the hell will I buy?"
  7. There are two reasons I can't answer that. I don't know what the Kamau song is and I don't remember what songs most artists did, Slade included.
  8. Sorry to hear that Matthew. Good luck for the future. I suffered that once after 35 years - work wise it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. May you be so fortunate.
  9. I read somewhere this week (the Fox interested in A League again article?) that the clubs assume control of the A League on 1 December? Maybe they will introduce a change to increase the number of allowed foreigners.
  10. I hope you're ready for the incoming. There are too many on here that will attack you because ... well mainly just because ...
  11. Maybe the other way round will work better?
  12. I actually thought it was a typo. That is, not enough talent, but he tried. I can confirm he is always trying, very trying!
  13. Interesting extract from the SBS season draw article "The World Game understands the official unbundling of the A-League is set to occur on December 1, at which point a pre-planned marketing campaign will be given a green light. Players will be able to live life as normal during the season, although venues they attend must comply with COVID-19 protocols. The venues for eight Western United home matches are yet to be confirmed, as they continue to have stadium availability issues. The W-League draw will be released inside this week."
  14. After I started writing (rambling) this, and more so the further I went, I sort of started to disagree with myself. Or at least think of contradictions. Unless you think tldr keep reading. If tldr, I agree or ... I disagree or ... I don't know whether I agree or not, or ... I don't know whether any of the prior three options apply. I am inclined to agree with Wanderboy, and often think exactly the same. I never received any award for just trying or just being in the team. I don't remember ever getting an award for a specific success as a child, except for cub and scout badges. Mind you the only sporting efforts as a child were in school teams, nothing else existed as far as we knew. As far as I can tell there are no psychological after effects.** But there's also many a time where I've seen the happiness brought to a child receiving a "participation" award, including my sons. More often than not I was on the committee choosing the various trophies for both that and actually winning something. I guess I wasn't prepared to rock the boat. Now I hold the view that both giving only to winners and rampantly giving a tophy to everyone are "wrong". Getting the right balance is often too difficult and complicated for the organisers (volunteers!) involved (and understandably so). Add the boat rocking concern and we are where we are. When trophies or whatever are given to everyone for participation that's fine as long as it's clear what they are for. The cricket bat example mentioned by sonar is an excellent example. But that doesn't readily transfer to all other sports. My sons have on occasions been awarded something for individual or team successes which has always been acknowledged, respected and applauded by their team mates. And a belated thought, is a sport participation trophy all that different from a certificate for finishing primary school? I say primary school to the exclusion of high school on purpose. Maybe that's where the trophy for everyone should stop? A medal or trophy or whatever for everyone up to U12 (or 13?), with those for participation clearly indicated. After that selective trophies only? Generally speaking I think that children at 12 or even younger know the difference between gratuitous and meritorious awards. I know I did. While I think a bit of both is best, if I had to choose one or the other, I'd agree with Wanderboy and opt for dropping participation awards because children can tell the difference. ** Maybe my default lack of confidence would be different!? I've thought more than once while writing this that I should just forget it and delete it but as I finish this glass of red ....
  15. But being serious this time, while I believe Trump wouldn't hesitate to to get involved in a war if it suited him, part of his policy of the USA withdrawing from trade agreements, world organisations, climate agreements etc etc is not having the USA involved in what he sees as other countries wars with a financial drain on the USA.
  16. 4 teams 3 times, Adelaide, Brisbane, Smurfs and Phoenix
  17. And as a side observation, I had to laugh when the commentator said "I'm speechless" then kept talking without drawing breath until the video ended.
  18. I remember playing this, but not often enough. I think I've still got the album in the cupboard, but nothing to play it on. Thanks for posting. It's even better than I remembered.
  19. But were they legal votes? Maybe someone should start a court case.
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