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  1. A lot of good discussion today. I cannot comprehend how anyone hearing someone admit to paedophilia in the confession box could not report it to the police. Regardless of the "rules". If they can't do that then they shouldn't pretend to be looking after anyone's soul - and quit the priesthood (which I suppose they'd probably need to do if they did report it). How anyone in such a supposedly caring role could fail to do so and continue with a clear conscience is also beyond my comprehension.
  2. I'll move the discussion to here Trying to be serious, there is just something about cp that just goes against the grain in every sense. That first cp monkeys animation clip you posted moons ago just grated immediately with the visuals (it's an insult to the real animals?), and the music just sounds like the needle is stuck, and when you add in the mundane vocal banality I'm left with a desperately urgent need to escape.
  3. @StringerBellend Bloody kopites are everywhere https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/wesley-stars-as-aston-villa-notch-first-win-since-premier-league-return Oh, wait ....
  4. Aaaarrgghhh, words escape me - no, wait, try this Every drop of rain has more musical variety than what I just tried to listen to.
  5. Excellent. Definitely a huge improvement on coldplay. My tongue in cheek comments have actually now been scientifically proven correct.
  6. I gave it 2 minutes. Back to the rain - it's got more variety.
  7. Below the belt again! Rain's not that bad!
  8. Based on the opinion of the author of the article Cynth posted, Jess' comments are spot on.
  9. Come on, surely one of you should have said by now "I could use one of those after a night out on the turps."
  10. With NSM and CCM doing so well why do they need to raid our junior ranks for the a league?
  11. @mack I was about to post the same thing
  12. Many? Before, during or after the trial? And while their at it with Pell, the authorities should take everyone of the bastards that concealed/protected the other known paedophiles in the Catholic church or elsewhere to court and accuse them of being accessories after the fact or perverting the course of justice or whatever the law allows.
  13. I don't know how things work in the referee world - but that aside, my first thought is, rather than worry/wonder why you didn't get what you expected/hoped for, you should just ask why you missed out and develop your view from there.
  14. Sometimes I really struggle to understand what they were thinking (or perhaps more importantly, not thinking) when they come up with their decisions/interpretations of the laws and the application of VAR.
  15. Got my eyebrows trimmed today, and at the end the bloke gave me a haircut!
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