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  1. Yes... three blokes having a kebab killed the game for us...
  2. 728 - Second Half Lows https://www.aroundthebloc.com.au/728-second-half-low/ New one-off sponsor this week! https://open.spotify.com/episode/4eeRoP9u3LGAkz2Eqbrw3m
  3. 100% Agreed I also recommend 'The Hollowmen' as fantastic from the Working Dog Production crew
  4. Prydzopolis, I think you and I have different ideologies, which is more than fine. I think if I replied, it would be a long essay that none of us have to time to prepare or read. If you like, I'm happy to make myself available for a coffee at a game to chat further - just dm me via WSF and I'll make myself available. Good chat mate
  5. Yeah I knew your overall point - hence my post starting with "I'm nitpicking here". I was going too far down another tangent - my bad! On this point you make - what more would you like the club to do? The information gets released & the club make themselves available to be discussed with. It's also discussed at the Marconi forum too (of which I'm constantly disappointed at the turnout each year for what is such an important event). If you suggest a more consistent member forum over a season I would agree but general turnout does not suggest so (unfortunately). Regarding information that isn't more readily available or widespread; there are sensitivities as the information and relationships between the club, FFA, other A-League clubs, local area command, active support, security, stadium management, sponsors, local council, state politics, etc. are extremely sensitive and volatile. Especially right now with the move back to Parramatta. I imagine you know or understand this. I only ask then, why expect any details on the inner workings unless all parties are agreed? Adding more parties to this information would only complicate matters further. I'm personally not party to it and I'm happy not to be. Imagine if one of those parties publicly released information that is then contradicted by another party? It's not a great look. This also doesn't even consider possible misunderstandings or miscommunications of which I could imagine there is a few in differing issues. Each party has a vested interest and responsibility and they don't always marry up (if ever) - trying to find a common ground can be arduous. My personal feeling is that we should be happy the club provide an avenue to discuss these matters (whether it's via a conversation, email, phone call, etc.). JT makes himself available as do other members of the club. Granted, the community forum, as Manfred has mentioned, is a tool for the club to understand what is happening in the wider fanbase in different segments and demographics. They post the minutes of the meeting on the website (I believed they may have emailed all members a link to it - don't quote me on that). Whether there should be a way to communicate member's voices to the club in a more efficient manner (other than general punter feedback or surveys) would be beneficial to all involved - there could be a good argument for it.
  6. I'm nitpicking here - we share what can share. If someone asks us not to disclose something and shows trust in us to comply - we respect it (regardless of where that avenue comes from). We seek clarification on how we can share the information from the person who shared it - if they don't feel comfortable - we don't share it. If it's easier - we just won't share information at all from now on. There hasn't been a secret method to how we get our information; we just strike up a conversation and keep a relationship - you're all free to do the same. I dare say there are members of this forum who have a better inside track on information that what we have on the podcast anyway. My personal feeling towards rumours is that they're all rather meaningless till it becomes fact. Nice to indulge in but rather meaningless over all.
  7. 726 - PTI Too https://www.aroundthebloc.com.au/726-atb-pti-too/ Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4bLt7hTupoJyJ3UTs70fc8
  8. THIS WEEK ON ATB: PTI "Pardon the Interruption" show! We've stolen the timeless ESPN format for our show this week and we will be debating 6 topics at ten minutes a piece. Emphasis on the word "debate". We have got some ideas as to what topics to debate but would like to hear your input and have it incorporated on the show. Feel free to post here, on our twitter, facebook or even email us with your feedback at feedback@aroundthebloc.com.au Cheers Josh
  9. I've been pretty anxious about doing this episode even for the lols. For the record, I did think it would be funny to do. I can certainly understand everybody turning it off a fraction in to the episode. This week, we had the following issues: 1. No Game 2. No Controversy 3. No guest lined up 4. No ATB Feedback (as we had done one a couples of weeks before) The only content we could've delivered was an evaluation of the season thus far. Which would've been pointless with only 5 rounds left to go. It's also something we would do post season. Next time there's a split round and we don't have a game - we will be prepared and organise some quality content. For those that listened all the way through, there was some quality discussion surrounding the ACL and the A-League's approach to it. I hope that was enjoyable and something that people are interested in once we return to the ACL. Apologies if this week's joke of an episode went too far.
  10. Wasn't a whole lot to talk about re: the Guangzhou R&F game. The youth plus Fitzgerald looked quite threatening at times against Guangzhou in the first half and also defended quite well under pressure. Come second half, it was a totally different story - Guangzhou figured themselves out a little bit and went for it and pull us to pieces. 3 goals conceded in the second half.
  11. They were players signed under instruction from Gombau. Those contracts were pre-signed (which is common) during that season for this season ahead.
  12. JT goes for the players that he is instructed to under the Manager. He doesn't recruit players without that guidance.
  13. From what I hear, that is correct. Lederer is in completely in and wants to see this club do well. The other board members are in to the extent of their investment. I, personally, can not stress how happy I am with the club off the field. Academy, owner, new stadium, corporate relationships, staff, etc. - I am quite please with.
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