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  1. It was a good game, thought both teams defended pretty well, our girls haven't gelled well yet but they will come good eventually. Abby Smith with a Lopar like performance, she was immense with some brilliant saves. That Free Kick at injury time, that defending was park football stuff, I was so surprised that we scored from it and good on cross for scoring it. If next week's game was a family friendly day like Saturday or Sunday, I would have went, not many people can easily come to 5pm game on a Friday. W-League schedules need to be better
  2. I think he was a good set piece taker, scored a cracker of a FK in the derby in S1 against the Smurfs
  3. We should have some players return for the game against Heart, Baccus maybe tired from teh games he has played but if Sullivan has recovered, I'd start him
  4. Why is everybody blaming Babbel for leaving a player behind? That's not his responsibility. They have a 'team manager' that looks after the team and one of his job was to make sure that every player is on the bus so the blame should be directed at him.
  5. Injuries hasn't helped him and we have a bench full of youth players who are more than capable of holding their own. I am not making excuses for Babbel I do think there are certain players who shouldn't be in the starting 11. I think the most important thing is we really missed Jurman' leadership at the back. This 'bye' is a blessing in disguise, we needed this break, the players haven't really gelled together and there are a lot of fitness issues and concerns relating to some players
  6. SBW

    Mitchell Duke

    Arnie will make sure he gets injured
  7. I gotta wander, what happens if that house catches fire? From what I have, firefighters have to take real pre-caution when dealing with Electric fire
  8. Well that was ****, besides Duke's scoring we just looked second best for the rest of the game. I preferred the ball did over the line rather than Appiah scoring that flukey winner against us. That was a **** way to concede
  9. So with Pirmin looking like he is fit,I still think we could see this line up tomorrow
  10. Would this woman in question happened to be a certain presenter for and NRL program?
  11. Just curious to ask... what was the story with him and "listen here **** face"?
  12. Yeboah - Meier - Adam Duke Baccus - Grozos Wilmering - McGowan - Ziegler - Georgevski Lopar Subs: Tass, Monge, Trew, Muller, Suman
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