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  1. fixed #NoToKruse Oh wait...
  2. My seat is now on the east stand at the new parra stadium, I sat in my seat at the open day. Personally I don't mind it. Considering that A-League games are KO late in the afternoon, this shouldn't be much of an issue as the sun will start setting behind the western grandstand by KO are at some point in the first half.
  3. SBW

    Sydney FC: Season 2018/19

    He can have a beer with Cameron Smith and both can reminisce on they use to influence the ref's decision to go their way
  4. Watched the game on TV, turned it off at half time, there was no effort by the boys, its like thhey didnt really care, but only 3 players showed their worth, Duke, Gaullifuoco and Elrich. The rest couldn't careless. Any team that allows Matt Simon to score deserves to lose.
  5. It was really annoying with them playing the music very loud over the RBB last night and that stadium announcer is just as annoying.
  6. I went to the 12pm session, it looks very impressive outside, inside even better. Concourse reminds me of Central Coast stadium, very open. Walking into the stadium, its hard to believe this is our hard ground. There's a great view wherever you sit in the ground. The upper tiers is very close and very steep, much steeper than Lang Park. Facilities wise, firstly, the toilets, even though its new, its going to smell like piss in there with the smell of piss going to linger in the toilets, doesn't seem much 'ventilation' or fan to help get rid of the smell. Food i'd say are priced reasonably ok for stadium food, I only had the hotdog and I give it a thumbs up, quality is there. CHecked out the RBB end, the seating and view is not bad, pretty close to the action Overall I'll give this stadium a 4/5,
  7. Gallop is the biggest Sydney Centric person you'll ever come across, oif he had it his way with Expansion, he would have added 2 more Sydney teams. Gallop is not a big fan of a National league and not a fan of having regional teams either.
  8. Interesting... I'm reading the post on Facebook from someone who was there last night. He also mentioned one other supporter who supported both ESFC, us and now is looking to switch to SWS?
  9. So what's this about a Wanderers fan who was there last night looking to switch because of the RBB?
  10. SBW

    Central Coast Mariners: Season 2018/19

    those 2 UK boys are really poor signings, I don't think they have improved the Mariners in any capacity or whatsoever and what is the point of signing young foreign players where you have pretty much the same or maybe better players in Australia at their age? As for the Mariners, the whole club has a problem... up until Charlesworth bought the club, the Mariners were competitive, they were consistently making the finals, after Charlesworth bought the club, they have only made the finals twice but thats because of Arnie. If Charlesworth thinks not spending the entire cap but its ok to sign players on the cheap, then they are going to have this kind of result. To me it's more like trying to balance the books and trying to make the club at least profitable. Charlesworth is not a football guy, he's a businessman and he's treating the Mariners like a business rather than a football club. And because there's no Pro/Rel, they can get away with this kind of performance so easily and there's no consequences of poor performances.
  11. Well I never thought I'll see Jonesy get owned like that. But Michael Daley has picked the wrong person to fight with.
  12. SBW

    Wanderers Members Committee News

    Theres a lot to take in but I'll start with the SWS bid. So @ManfredSchaefer, have you ever heard of the David Gallop Metrics? You know, Sydney centric, fish where the fish are, its all about numbers and meeting the corporate kPis? In David Gallop's definition, doesn't matter how bad the crowds are in the A-League, Gallop will consider this season a success and he will bring up his metrics to prove that. Also, while I'm here, has anyone asked the club about club's recruitment and retention policy? How do we go about recruiting players and so forth? Because last few seasons, it just seems we are signing NPL2 quality players on the cheap and the results on the field are showing how poor of a team we have been over the last couple of seasons.
  13. I can see this drag out for years and the costs blowing out if Labor gets in at the state election and nothing gets done about the SFS. Labor will just finger point at the Libs for causing this and take no responsibility for it
  14. Just as long as he is not spending his own cash on Marquees