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  1. Well that was **** but then again, we were missing key players in the team. I'm not really overly fussed about the result, there were some worrying signs of our team when we have key players missing. Lopar, mistake aside... Was pretty much our best player tonight with the crucial saves he made, he can't be blamed for the defence going missing for the whole game.
  2. Still have plenty of time to hit Bradman's run record
  3. 119 not out... We're doing far better than the Aussie cricket team
  4. That should depend on how many runs Steve Smith scores in the 1st innings in the 2nd test...
  5. SBW

    FFA Cup 2019

    Tbh... Having the game at Campbelltown kind of takes away that special feel for the match against Sydney United. I think the Atmosphere at the King Tomislav would have been epic. I'm not concerned about the conditions of the pitch there, if it's.good enough for an NPL game then it should have been good enough for an FFA cup game. We have played at **** pitches in much worse conditions and somehow they're still playable.
  6. SBW

    FFA Cup 2019

    So our game is not at The King Tomislav? Why is it at Campbelltown stadium?
  7. So do the management want to win or do they want to keep penny pinching and don't want to spend money on players?
  8. 5SOS Justice Crew Miracle Ilier Israel Cruz Tamara Jabbour The Iiconics
  9. It was a good night all-round, you can feel Parra was buzzing again yesterday after making our return, the pre-match march was brilliant, it caught other people in the Street off guard. The stadium is amazing, sitting above the RBB and looking over pitch, it felt like I had an eagle eyeview of the whole field, looking over the RBB when the safe standing area, it looked great, there was a lot more freedom to move around and be active. Gotta love the double cheeseburger at the ground. As for the game, I don't think we did too bad per say... I think there were some pet peeves that I hate what we do and Leeds kind of exposed them as they were technically and tactically better. Things I didn't like: - playing out from the back, Leeds immediately pressed our defensive line whenever we hard the ball and we make stupid mistakes, that led to Leeds first goal - not being first to the ball, waiting for the ball to come has been an issue and Leeds have managed to cut out our passes a last night, Leeds always run onto the ball and they are very direct with their passes Things I did like: - Baccus setting up Kwame with the through ball, pure class - Lopars GK, brilliant saves, and has a good boot on him as well - Grozos through ball was sexy, shame Duke couldn't get on the end of it. - our youth team held up their own and did very well against a very senior team. Lots of good signs and hopefully some of these issues will be ironed out
  10. Just say Mario Balotelli is our new marquee
  11. Mario Balotelli confirmed He will announce himself as the fresh Prince of Blacktown
  12. Thoughts on Ross McCormack after he got released by Villa?
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