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  1. I thought we played ok, most particularly between our first and second goal, could've scored more but take with a win. I know a fair few fans had concerns about signing Ziggy from Mariners but I didn't, the guy was always a solid CB, he just didn't have the talent playing with him at CCM but he's gone to the next level with us, he doesn't have pace but he never let Yuel get the better of him. Our young guns have definitely stepped up this year, Russell looks like he has bulked up in the off season and seems a lot more quicker, he had become more smarter in defence as well and that ro
  2. Gotta admit, Stajcic is finally getting the Mariners to play his way. They look more organised in defence and on top of that, they still have their foreign players to come in
  3. So Mariners defend deep, win the ball back, play long balls and put the ball behind MacArthurs defence. Thats brilliant tactic from Stajcic
  4. Well I would think we were pretty crap tbh Ibini, Troisi, Cox and Dorrans were very poor, I mean Cox looked a tad slimmer than last season. Troisi and Ibini just looked completely lost. However, Russell, Mourdakoutas and Baccus were great tonight. And to be fair with MacArthur, they were stubborn in defence, and they defended very deep as well. They got lucky with a dubious free kick and scoring off it and it was undeserved win for them I am not sure if the boos after the game was justified but maybe it's a message they need to send to the club that this wasn't good enough
  5. I just have that feeling that tonights game could be the last game we will have crowds in NSW for at least a few months.
  6. Unfortunately Me and my old man are out for tonight's game.
  7. I'm ing... Our defence still looks a bit suspect. I don't feel confident about Margush being our No.1 but we will wait and see on Sunday
  8. Before I decide to jump to conclusions and blame JT and Lederer for releasing lopar... I got to look at the various reasons for him leaving: Family - AFAIK... His wife and family are still in Switzerland and have no chance of coming down to Sydney and he wants to be back with his family and that's fair enough. Money - if it's about cash, surely the club management and lopar would have negotiated on the pay before he returned to Australia in September. If that did not happen, then that's on the club for leaving this so late Not in the coaches plan, visa spot - CR might have an id
  9. Do you have that Reddit link? Keen to check it out
  10. Unless WSW are willing to pay the Jets his contract
  11. Robinson is a good coach but ideally I'd rather he stay where he is ATM. The last thing Robinson needs is to go into a toxic club and do things the Lederer way
  12. We are a joke of a football club. Someone needs to ask Lederer and the way how he has ran our football club for the last 6 years. Whatever happened to the external enquiry Lederer said he will get?
  13. What a complete shambles this club has become under the leadership of Paul Lederer. It's no wonder that we have become one of the worst run club in the A-League and the last few seasons have reflected that
  14. I thought it was a 5 year deal but maybe would have been an "initial 3 year deal with an option to extend for 2 more seasons" To be honest I am not fussed about losing Nike, they've been terrible for a long time. Just need a kit supplier who can at least make an attempt to make good jerseys
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