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  1. Is there a way we can maybe offer a few A-League refs some kickbacks just like Juve did 15 years ago?
  2. That was my first thought when I heard he got the sack I don't know what the full story is. So far I have read that there is maybe 2 or 3 sides of the story? I don't know. But to me this is sounding very sus, why hire some feminist group to conduct a survey for the Matildas? wasn't the PFA enough to go through in this case?
  3. I'm not a big believer of conspiracy nor do I believe such nonsense. But the constant blatant bias refereeing against especially from KGJ in the VAR box is starting to become too much of a coincidence. Is there some sort of anti-WSW agenda within the refereeing ranks? I don't know but the way how the refs being reffing our games, well something has got to give. What about Mark Rudan earlier in the season having a go at the refs because they don't want the Nux in the A-League and are doing what they can to sabotage their season. Refs protested by taping up the respect patch on their jerseys but since then the Nux haven't had bad calls go against them.
  4. I am not going to be bother talking the VAR and the constanct Anti-WSW bias from the refs. As Babbel said in the last game, they're ******* blind! As for the game itself, if the club thinks that only manufacturing youth players into the first team is the way forward, then they have another thing coming, we'll pretty much be like the Mariners, and speaking of the Mariners, if they win against Hollandia this weekend, not only will the Mariners leap them on the table but they will only be 1pt behind us! Football eh?
  5. No... they paid I think $1m to bring him here and dont know how much they have paid Sam Kerr to play in the W-League
  6. Like I said about Hamill in the other thread, he gets into good positions to clear and/or play the balls out but he has a very poor reading of play and gets caught out defensively by putting in poor and clumsy challenges like he did against Perf and the game against the Nux.
  7. SBW

    Let's give this a shot.

    Thought we're having a discussion about South West?
  8. Thats a shame, he killed it China. Looks like he's going to regress at the mariners
  9. There are a lot of top class strikers coming off contract at the end of the season... I wonder how Babbel can influence Max Kruse to come to the Wanderers for next season...
  10. SBW

    West Coast Collapse

    One thing about Hamill is that he gets into good positions to clear and/or play the balls out but he has a very poor reading of play and gets caught out defensively by putting in poor and clumsy challenges like he did last night and the game against the Nux.
  11. SBW

    West Coast Collapse

    I'm more than happy to cop the loss on the chin if the ref doesn't determine the outcome of the game like yesterday, we had a lot of BS calls go against us yesterday and in other games. We didn't deserve the loss yesterday, a draw would have been a fair result.
  12. SBW

    West Coast Collapse

    With a bit of aggression and leadership to add to that.
  13. SBW

    West Coast Collapse

    I think he put it to his young players to impress him and they have done brilliantly. I think this means that its upto the seniors players now to step up or they will be replaced by our younger players. Babbel has put our senior players on notice. But in saying that, Suman commanded his box pretty well, he's not at fault for all 4 goals, 1st should have been disallowed, second one was a bullet header from Franjic (wtf is up with Franjic always scoring stunners against us?) 3rd one was just poor defending by both Hamill and Tarek, 4th one he couldnt do much about it. Tats and Russell worked very well defending on the right hand side, Fitzgerald, Baccus, Kamau and Majok all stepped up and if we can give Majok and Kamau some proper development in terms of touch, control and a bit of end product in the off season to work with Yeboah up front and Baumjohann playing in behind them, I think we can be quite dominant with our front 3 having some electric pace. There was a lot of promise shown yesterday by our young players, I hope Babbel can keep the faith in the young players against Adelaide on Friday night. They were floaters that can easily be defended against.