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  1. I am shocked and saddened Elrich is gone.
  2. almost lost it on the last cartoon strip with the RBB mascot
  3. Thats because Japan's emissions laws are becoming more stricter where Japanese government are enforcing Japanese companies to meet the Governments strict emissions law. Thats why you are seeing Japanese companies leading the way with 'Green technology' to cut down on emissions. Japanese car companies are no longer making these 'desirable' JDM cars as most of their cars are becoming more economical. Japanese tech companies are losing a bit of money from investing in R&Ds for Green Tech and have now been surpassed by the Koreans and the Chinese
  4. 4-2-3-1 formation I think we should give it a go. its a bit more balance than the formation that Babbel has been putting out for the last few games Cox Duke ----- Sullivan ----- Muller Schwegler --- Baccus Jetski - Jurman - Tass - Russell Lopar Bench: Suman, Elrich, Ziegler, McGowan, Adam, Yeboah, Kamau
  5. Read the article, he is definitely making **** up. As if Hayden Foxe will return to the club after they didn't give him a chance to continue on when they hired Gumby, Carrasco unlikely will not come, seems to be getting good money in the Ukraine
  6. I am not surprised and he had a go at the standard of the A-League but I think he held back and I think he will have more to say when he gets the chance.
  7. How long is your Podcast going to be this week?
  8. I posted this in the other thread for Potential candidates to replace Babbel and my pros/cons on them, I have also added a few more potential candidates on top: Ernie Merrick Pro: He wouldn't accept a caretaker's role but he would accept the job if its long term. He would have the resources to recruit players he wants I think we would see some stability and some style in our plays. Cons: I don't think he will give youth players a chance and I am just not sure if he would consider coming to us. Dean Heffernan Pros: He's done an amazing job with our W-League team, what he has instilled to our girls is amazing, making them understand what it means to play for our club, what it means to be a Western Sydney Wanderers player, if he were to coach our team, he would bring Michael Beauchamp across and would still prefer to have Labi there as well, all 3 players were part of Popa's success in our first 3 season, he knows what our culture is and know what it means to play for our team Cons: the step up from W-League to A-League is massively different, have a look at Alen Stajcic, brilliant coach for women's football but not doing too well with the Mariners and that's where the risk is for Heffernan. I don't know how he will be like under pressure but I think the job will be too big for him to fill Paul Okon Pros: He plays a possession type football, like Popa and likes to keep the ball moving. He has a good eye for talent, he's very knowledgeable and will be very keen to play youth players Cons: He was a dismal failure at CCM, won't last a season with us when things get hot, he's an NPL coach at best Kenny Lowe Pros: He's a character and a good man-manager, and like Ernie, he would have the luxury to recruit players he wants, signed some brilliant players at Perth. He would likely play some of our youth players. Cons: He has struggled to get the best out of his players and his team have been inconsistent when he was manager at Perth. John Aloisi Pros: After his stint with Heart, he took a break, learned to be a better coach, coaching Brisbane they became one of the best attacking teams in the league, he has somehow got the best out of Taggart and Maclaren when they were both at Roar. He is very likely to utilise our youth players. Cons: He's short tempered, easily falls out with his coaching staff and club management. He doesn't deal well with pressure. He doesn't fit in with our culture. Harry Kewell Pros: Coached overseas, did ok for Notts county and Crawley Town despite some circumstances, he would have a good understanding of the culture of the club, Very likely to play youth players, has a huge hatred/dislike for Robbie Slater Cons: Has no respect for the A-League, probably will not get the respect of the players, unlikely to last a season as coach. Aurelio Vidmar: Pros: Brought in one of the best style of plays in the A-League, took Adelaide to the ACL final, has a very good ability to identify talent locally and internationally, he is very likely to play youth players and will back the youth players. Cons: Doesn't seem have any interest in coming back to the A-League and if he were to come back, he will go back and coach Adelaide. If he were to coach us, I think he will butt heads with our management and walk out if he doesn't get what he wants like he did at Adelaide. Luke Wilkshire Pros: Has brought in beautiful style of football to the Wolves, has the respect of the players, will play youth players regardless. Cons: He's a Smurf, unlikely wants to coach us or any other teams in the A-League, will stick with the wolves. Ufuk Talay: Pros: He has instilled mentality and culture at the Nux, he is getting the best of the players who aren't even A-League standard. Cons: He's another ex-smurf, unlikely wants to come WSW, he will stick with the Nux, if he were to leave them, he would most likely be Corica's replacement at the Smurfs. I don't know much about the other coaches especially the NPL ones but I heard last night on SST that Rallis recommends that the club do all they can to sign Arthur Pappas
  9. I watched Popa's interview on fox last night, he looked like he really missed the joint, but I don't think he will want to come back under the current regime, he seems to enjoy more freedom and control at Perth.
  10. I was in the Babbel In camp, I had faith in him to turn our side around, we saw some improvements but I honestly think that the injury Majewski screwed up his plans for the season, trying to scramble to find a replacement, we got results in the first 3 rounds, we felt we played our grand final against the smurfs in rd 3 and we won, since then its been a massive slide. Its disappointing how things have turned out for Babbel, the VAR decisions didn't help him at all and you can tell after the decisions were going against us, our team were flat. I had doubts about Meier but I was willing to give him a chance because he is a talented footballer but he just never got fit and wasn't able to find the physicality of the A-League.
  11. Forecast for Sunday Partly cloudy, medium chance of rainfall, most likely in the afternoon and evening. High chance of a thunderstorm in the afternoon and evening. Looks like we are going to have our traditional afternoon thunderstorm on Sunday
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