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  1. Gallop is the biggest Sydney Centric person you'll ever come across, oif he had it his way with Expansion, he would have added 2 more Sydney teams. Gallop is not a big fan of a National league and not a fan of having regional teams either.
  2. Interesting... I'm reading the post on Facebook from someone who was there last night. He also mentioned one other supporter who supported both ESFC, us and now is looking to switch to SWS?
  3. So what's this about a Wanderers fan who was there last night looking to switch because of the RBB?
  4. those 2 UK boys are really poor signings, I don't think they have improved the Mariners in any capacity or whatsoever and what is the point of signing young foreign players where you have pretty much the same or maybe better players in Australia at their age? As for the Mariners, the whole club has a problem... up until Charlesworth bought the club, the Mariners were competitive, they were consistently making the finals, after Charlesworth bought the club, they have only made the finals twice but thats because of Arnie. If Charlesworth thinks not spending the entire cap but its ok to sign players on the cheap, then they are going to have this kind of result. To me it's more like trying to balance the books and trying to make the club at least profitable. Charlesworth is not a football guy, he's a businessman and he's treating the Mariners like a business rather than a football club. And because there's no Pro/Rel, they can get away with this kind of performance so easily and there's no consequences of poor performances.
  5. Well I never thought I'll see Jonesy get owned like that. But Michael Daley has picked the wrong person to fight with.
  6. SBW

    Wanderers Members Committee News

    Theres a lot to take in but I'll start with the SWS bid. So @ManfredSchaefer, have you ever heard of the David Gallop Metrics? You know, Sydney centric, fish where the fish are, its all about numbers and meeting the corporate kPis? In David Gallop's definition, doesn't matter how bad the crowds are in the A-League, Gallop will consider this season a success and he will bring up his metrics to prove that. Also, while I'm here, has anyone asked the club about club's recruitment and retention policy? How do we go about recruiting players and so forth? Because last few seasons, it just seems we are signing NPL2 quality players on the cheap and the results on the field are showing how poor of a team we have been over the last couple of seasons.
  7. I can see this drag out for years and the costs blowing out if Labor gets in at the state election and nothing gets done about the SFS. Labor will just finger point at the Libs for causing this and take no responsibility for it
  8. Just as long as he is not spending his own cash on Marquees
  9. I'll break down your posts The Suburban grounds do need upgrades, and so do some of the other community or local grounds around the state, Suburban grounds do not really need a significant upgrade, probably no more than $10mil to be spent for each ground just to get it up to standards. The 2 stadiums that I think that need major work are Hunter Stadium and WIN stadium, both of those grounds look half complete. As for the community model, if you look at where each of the AFL clubs are located in Melbourne, they are pretty much inner city clubs that are walking distances from the MCG and Etihad stadium, only Geelong is the out of town club, NRL clubs in Sydney are spread out far and wide. Lastly about Homebush, when Nanny McPhee announced the knockdown rebuild of ANZ stadium to happen before the SFS refurb or demolition, Alan Jones had an on-air tanti that the SFS should be given priority over ANZ stadium for the rebuild and he pressured the libs to put the ANZ stadium demolition on hold and start with the SFS first, Nanny McPhee crumbled and went ahead with the SFS knock down-rebuild first.
  10. More like: "I am not going to spend my own money on marquees, I am going to use the FFA money to sign a Marquee, problem solved"
  11. https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/monday-buzz-suburban-ground-boost-for-nrl-fans/news-story/1996792b1613e153264cdaa77ef43d02 Monday Buzz: Suburban ground boost for NRL fans FEBRUARY 23, 2019 If wannabe premier Michael Daley wins next month’s state election it will be a victory for NRL fans who love consuming their footy out of our traditional old suburban grounds. The opposition leader has vowed to abandon the Liberal Party’s $1.3 billion spend on Allianz and ANZ Stadium to spend more money on hospitals and schools. And while he has stopped short of guaranteeing funding to refurbish the likes of Brookvale, Campbelltown, Leichhardt, Shark Park and Kogarah, he said: “Families must never be denied the opportunity to sit on the hill at a suburban field and watch the action up close as two NRL teams go head to head. “Surely that’s better than sitting in some huge and lifeless stadium where, after paying for your entry, you can’t afford a beer for yourself and pies for the kids.” The future of Sydney’s suburban grounds is a big story. There’s no question this city needs one major-event, 80,000-seat stadium to host NRL grand finals, State of Origin, Socceroos internationals, Liverpool, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. One, not two. We have to keep up with other major cities or we’ll lose big events. The soon-to-be-opened Bankwest Stadium will be worth every cent of the $300 million spend. Yet the state of our suburban grounds are a disgrace and something needs to be done about it. We’re raising this issue again today because it’s February and the playing surfaces at Brookvale and Kogarah ovals are already considered too dangerous to even host NRL trials. What will they be like by mid-winter and how can you guarantee members, who have already paid for their season tickets, that more games won’t be transferred this season? Building a $36 million high-performance facility and a 3000-seat grandstand at Brookvale is hardly the answer. The Sea Eagles can’t even do ball work there. And they will have to catch a team bus to Narrabeen for skills training. Every fan survey over the past 10 years overwhelmingly supports the traditional old venues. We are not Melbourne and we are not the AFL. The bosses of TV networks Channel 9 and Fox Sports also prefer the suburban ground atmosphere to beaming a backdrop of tens of thousands of empty blue seats into our homes. “Suburban football grounds are at the heart of communities right across our great city,” Daley said. “Even when the world is changing before our eyes, we can still identify with our local footy team. “In recent years, Sydney has grown at a breakneck pace — sometimes it seems barely recognisable anymore. And this is one reason why our local communities are becoming more important than ever. Our neighbourhoods are where we can still feel at home. “And for me, there is something very special about taking my kids to a game of local footy.” Whatever happens, there needs to be a long-term plan to save suburban grounds. They all need TLC. They need to be safe for players and comfortable for fans. At least we know it’s on the opposition leader’s radar.
  12. SBW

    Auf Wiedersehen Spotless

    Riera looks like he tried but he's just not upto it anymore ABJ looks like he does not want to be there anymore
  13. Nah, I rather we sign the Bulut Looks like Higuan has over indulged himself with Italian food
  14. SBW

    The Refereeing Thread

    The Japanese ref in the Australia Korea friendly used the big screen for VAR and instantly awarded the goal for Australia without much delay, and I think thats how VAR should work rather than running to the sideline to check the incidents on the bloody iPad
  15. It just seems the club is ok with signing fillers on the cheap, it gives us doubts about the club's recruitment and retention policy, the lack of quality in our squad hurt us a lot this season and you just feel the club are not willing to make improvements with our squad instead just rely on youth players and become the Athletico Bilbao of the A-League. It makes you think that will the club back Babbel next season by letting him sign players he needs to be competitive for next season? But if the signing of Mileusinc and we have signed a classy German Midfielder for next season is true, then its a great step forward by club management to allow Babbel sign the players he wants.