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  1. I'm not going to repeat what I said about the last game because it's insanity but I'm going to expand on what FCB said about Muller and to an extent Baccus. Under Babbel, Baccus was a very tenacious CM alongside Pirmin, he goes in hard, wins ball for us in the midfield and on the odd occasion moves the ball forward. Under Robinson, that's been taken completely out of his game, and Baccus has massively regressed under Robinson. Baccus does not look comfortable on the ball, he looks confused on what to do and carelessly gives the ball away. You can blame Baccus for the **** he put through t
  2. CR cannot mask the incompetence of Beath's performance when his system is clearly not working. The playing out, the possession football, being so **** slow on the ball, the endless passes to no where this season have killed us. City, Roar and Mariners have closed us down very quickly as soon as we have the ball and they have been able to to go on a quick counter and see have to defend and play deep because of this. The should have been could have been would have been in the last 5 minutes doesn't matter when our football in the first 70 minutes has been pathetic.
  3. Doesn't matter what incidents happened on the field, we deserved that. Not saying we played poor because I don't think we did, it's just that City are on another level compared to the rest of the A-League. It definitely was itshays
  4. A solid win against Perth and VAR. I think this was Ibini's best game for us and was very unlucky not to have the first goal awarded to him. Duke was superb, I'm glad we got him back. Now onto Melbourne Heart next week
  5. So anyways I have rewatched the entire 90min of the game. Yes the game was entertaining with a couple of worldies from both teams however the quality of football was pretty poor from both teams. The football we played in the first was very poor, not much ball movement and go forward from us, but we have the caught the Nux a few times last night when they are pushed up. 2nd half we improved, the passing and movement was much more quicker but we kept losing the ball on the midfield too often. I do really feel for the Nux, I thought a draw would have been a fair result but as much
  6. I ended up smashing my phone in vain after Hemed scored that equaliser and swearing my head off at how we dropped 2 points yet again only for the VAR to say otherwise. Now I'm wondering if Optus will accept my damaged phone to be replaced for free
  7. Just put Kayo on now and I'm trying to figure who's the team In red and then realised it's the Nux, not the Illawarra Steelers
  8. Horrible and pathetic Cannot find any positives in this game
  9. Again, those stats don't mean anything. We didn't dominate, we weren't moving the ball quick enough and Adelaide took their chances and make them count.
  10. This was a horrible performance, how do you get 18 corners in the game and not score 1? Unbelievable! I don't know what's going on with our defending in set pieces but from what I have seen, no one is winning a header or winning a ball and margush is either rooted to his spot or is out of position trying to win the ball. This needs work. And again our attack we are toothless, you can have possession, make the opposition work to get the ball off us but that counts for nothing if you're not scoring. I'm over these 'possession' football or even playing from the back, I want to us be mo
  11. 2 points dropped, we should have won his game and put the Nux away, our defending in set pieces continues to be an issue
  12. “The defender has done nothing wrong, he just stands there, and the Adelaide attacker is the one that initiates the contact,” Ok that's how everybody saw it. Ams should have known this but then again, he is one of the worst refs in the league. “It would have been better if we played on,” he said. “From a VAR point of view ... there is holding from both players, including the Central Coast player, this is normal contact, so those are the facts and those facts are not clearly wrong.” The thing is this would have went either way, had Mauk not dived, he would have fouled Nisbet in
  13. I just watched the highlights of the game, plenty went on, I'd say that maybe 2 of those 3 calls were penalties. I don't think the first one was a penalty let alone a foul, Mauk was already going down and collided with Tongyik who just stood his ground. I've seen Sadio mane do the exact same thing Tongyik do and have a player collide with him but the ref didn't give a pen. The second one was a pen, Nisbet was grabbing his arm and all Mauk had to do was fall down and he got the pen, fair call. 3rd one was quite harsh but again the right call Maybe CCM have every right to co
  14. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST! Bulldogs player Adam Elliot who was supposed to be the best man for Michael Lichaa at his wedding was sleeping with Michael Lichaa's fiance and Michael Lichaa got so mad that he had a fight with Adam Elliot and yelled at his fiance. NRL players hey?
  15. I must have missed those 2 goals because I did fall asleep around the 60th minute, it was a very lackluster game where both teams showed little quality on the ball barely creating any chances in the first half. I seriously thought that Dorrans should have gotten a red card for this high boot on Rojas but very thankful he got away with a yellow because from what i I saw catching up on the game this morning, he was very crucial to our win. I thought Victory would fire up but they didn't.
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