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  1. I don't think that's the case, Lederer dumps $3-$4m per season on the club and makes little to no return on it, Lederer is in it for the long haul with WSW whether we like it or not, But regardless, if or when PL carks it in the future, his sons have no interest in running the club, it would be upto the Lederer group to decide what they'll do with the club whether they will sell the club off and make that money back that Lederer has spent on it.
  2. Plus Tara would be very keen to stay close with her husband Cooper Gronk
  3. No I think he said he doesn't want them to be here
  4. I think the rot started when he substituted Tass for Ziegler in that game against the Jets and CR's excuse has been that Tass had an ankle injury and we don't see Tass for 6 weeks. CR should be sacked, the supporters have lost faith in him and can see the BS right through him. He talks up a big game yet fails to deliver. This team with this depth and talent should have been a top 3 yet we're sitting in 9th and it won't be long to WU over take us if they can get their act together. As for JT and Lederer, they both need to review their operations and running of the club. It's **** sham
  5. I took this statement with the grain of salt when he first posted this and besides the style of football, he's pretty much spot on in everything else
  6. I'm on my way home from Derby now, the performance from WSW was very flat, no intensity whatsoever. Carl persisting with 3 at the back after being exposed by Perth last week does nothing to fix the issue for this game. I just hope now that he is gone at the end of the season and bring in a proper local coach.
  7. I stopped watching after Keogh scored his hatrick but what pissed me off the most was Keogh's second goal! no one, absolutely **** no one picked him up in midfield, Dorrans and Ugarkovic both were jogging back and no one got near him. That allowed Keogh so much ******* time to lob one over Margush. And speaking of margush, who the **** told Margush to be off his line?
  8. You Really think club willhelp and do you think the club even cares? Since Miekelemp left the club, there hasn't been a supporters liaison officer to replace him so there's that no dialogue and communication between club and fans and the RBB have constantly mentioned this and it seems that JT is doing all of this work on top of other things. It seems that's the NPL brawl the week before the Derby was the catalyst this over policing and unfortunately WSW fans have near the grunt of this no fault of their own
  9. It appears tonight that nothing has changed from last week, I'm not sure what the full story was with the RBB capo getting a 12 month ban for swearing and a member getting kicked out for not sitting in their seat
  10. The football in the last 2 games and a bit has certainly changed... It appears Carl has thrown the system out the window and decided to play a bit more simple and direct football which we should have been playing from the start of the season and alas we have scored 8 goals in the last 2. You can see how much Troisi has improved. He's playing through the channels as he is supposed to do and both Duke and kamau are benefitting from it. With Mutch playing in the midfield, Dorrans looks far more comfortable and isn't making silly mistakes like he was before. The back 3 of Natta, Zig
  11. What an atmosphere and what a game.
  12. Couldn't agree more about Pro/Rel it seems that CR is quite comfortable where he is atm and Babbel was like this as well because if we lose then there's no consequences or punishment for finishing in the bottom 3.
  13. SBW

    Jordon Mutch

    Haven't seen Mutch of him since he scored that goal against the Nux. He's been absent since then. What's the go with him?
  14. Ever since Heart humbled us a few weeks ago, they exposed our weaknesses and now every team we have played since then have been taking advantage of our weaknesses because Carl has done nothing to rectify it. The high pressing, putting balls behind our defence and stretching our backline we are badly exposed at the back and that will not get fixed until we go back to a back 4 and having a proper DM to anchor that midfield.
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