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  1. With the mini outbreak happening in Melbourne, whats going to happen with the 3 Vic teams?
  2. I don't think you can entirely blame the surface for ACL injuries. The pitch at bankwest is soft.
  3. Peter V'Landys has the Gladys and state Government by the balls, whatever he wants, he gets. Just like how he runs Racing NSW V'Landys is in bed with Alan Jones, Jones when he was on Radio had too much say that influenced the State Governments decisions. But I personally think Tony Shepard should go as I think he will start causing problems he is going to run every stadium in the state.
  4. Tbh, we should be having exclusive rights to the stadium since it is our stadium, if parra or any other NRL teams want to play there, they have to pay our club to use it.
  5. As soon as Gallop was CEO of the FFA, I knew he was a wolf in sheep's clothing... him along SLowy single handidly destroyed football in this country for their own selfish interest, the lasting of Gallop's legacy will linger for a while the board and Johnson have to clean up their mess. This TV deal did nothing other than to benefit Foxtel to have complete control of the A-League.
  6. Foxtel have removed A-League, Socceroos, Matildas and W-League content from all their platforms. Now there is rumour that they have walked away from Australian football altogether https://www.afr.com/companies/media-and-marketing/foxtel-walks-away-from-football-federation-australia-20200618-p553s9
  7. With such uncertainty, Western Sydney Wanderers' chairman Paul Lederer defended the decision to stand down entire squads. "Look, our number one priority is to save the clubs. That's our number one priority. These are unprecedented times, we need to have a reality check. None of us have lived through times like this," Lederer said. "The clubs are doing their best to survive, that's all I can tell you." Lederer said it would be "un-Australian" to seek to gain an advantage from the COVID-19 outbreak and hopes Fox Sports will stick to its contract. "We have an agreement, we have a contract with Fox, I firmly believe they should honour that contract because there is no reason not to, none whatsoever," he said. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/fifa-laws-allowing-free-agency-won-t-apply-to-unpaid-a-league-players-20200402-p54ghw.html
  8. BOSSI WARNING Western Sydney Wanderers have stood down their entire squad and staff indefinitely due financial losses stemming from the postponement of the A-League. The club is facing significant cash flow problems as a result of the competition's shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, losing match day revenue and sponsorship. It is also unlikely to receive the final quarterly windfall of the A-League's broadcast deal with Fox Sports, worth close to $900,000 per club. Players, coaches and administrative staff at the Wanderers were told on Tuesday they will not be required to work and will not be paid until the club knows when the competition will resume, which will be no earlier than April 22. The club and the A-League players' union confirmed stand down notices were issued to all players and staff when contacted by the Herald on Wednesday. The Wanderers have become the third A-League club to stand down its entire roster while the competition is suspended, following Perth Glory and Central Coast Mariners in issuing stand down notices. In a worrying sign for the future of the competition, they aren't expected to be the last. Senior A-League sources expect a handful of other clubs to not be able to pay their squad until games resume. While final announcements are yet to be made, sources expect Brisbane Roar, Adelaide United, Western United and Newcastle Jets to also issue stand down notices this week. The A-League is in a precarious financial situation with the competition and Football Federation Australia already preparing for the possible end to their broadcast deal with Fox Sports. The Pay TV provider is expected to try and walk away from its contract with the A-League if the competition fails to provide content for an extended period of time. More to come. Advertisement
  9. Hopefully this is an April fools joke
  10. Oh dear... we're ****ed now https://theworldgame.sbs.com.au/arnold-set-to-be-appointed-interim-technical-director
  11. At least its not Nickelback
  12. J-League to resume in 5 weeks time
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