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Found 6 results

  1. Whether its from their movies or tv shows whats your favourite Monty Python Sketches/scenes? heres a few personal favourites to get the ball rolling
  2. HungHuynh


    Is there any food/resturant/pub/bar eating experience thread made yet? All the talk about the Ajvar ,cevapi, lepinja and all other food i ahve absolutely no clue.. made me wanting to try them! Any recommendation where I can go for good balkans flavour?
  3. Basketball and NBL Discussion Thread General Discussion What do we all think of the Sydney Kings squad? How did our Olympic campaign go? Thoughts on the big match against the United States?
  4. I know there is already a thread for books/literature, but I'm looking specifically for books related to football. So far I've read the recent "A-League 10 year tumultuous history" book and I also enjoyed fever pitch by Nick Hornby. I'm currently reading Ange's book too. I'm getting back into reading but only really interested in football atm. Any recommendations?
  5. Have you encountered any Z-list celebrities in day to day life? Who? What? Where? When? Why?
  6. Hi, Thank you to those who understood why the previous thread needed to be locked. I have created this thread in the hopes we are able to discuss and enlighten one another in relation to Politics. Please do not use this thread to personally attack or insult others of differing opinions. I hope you enjoy this new thread (Mick, the bill is in the mail!) Thanks Balkanite
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