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Found 17 results

  1. HungHuynh


    Is there any food/resturant/pub/bar eating experience thread made yet? All the talk about the Ajvar ,cevapi, lepinja and all other food i ahve absolutely no clue.. made me wanting to try them! Any recommendation where I can go for good balkans flavour?
  2. Whether its from their movies or tv shows whats your favourite Monty Python Sketches/scenes? heres a few personal favourites to get the ball rolling
  3. Basketball and NBL Discussion Thread General Discussion What do we all think of the Sydney Kings squad? How did our Olympic campaign go? Thoughts on the big match against the United States?
  4. I know there is already a thread for books/literature, but I'm looking specifically for books related to football. So far I've read the recent "A-League 10 year tumultuous history" book and I also enjoyed fever pitch by Nick Hornby. I'm currently reading Ange's book too. I'm getting back into reading but only really interested in football atm. Any recommendations?
  5. Have you encountered any Z-list celebrities in day to day life? Who? What? Where? When? Why?
  6. Hi, Thank you to those who understood why the previous thread needed to be locked. I have created this thread in the hopes we are able to discuss and enlighten one another in relation to Politics. Please do not use this thread to personally attack or insult others of differing opinions. I hope you enjoy this new thread (Mick, the bill is in the mail!) Thanks Balkanite
  7. I have watched football factory, Blue moon rising, United, Green Street Hooligans can anyone recommend any others? These are just a few I have heard of anyone got any others hopefully there would be an A-league one soon or Birth Of a Wanderer?
  8. First Aussie was Robbie Kruse a couple of months ago: http://www.futhead.com/14/players/12355/robbie-kruse/ First A-Leaguer of the season with Adam Taggart: http://www.futhead.com/14/players/12585/adam-taggart/
  9. Noticed that there wasn't a racing thread, poor form....(pun intended) Caulfield Cup today, any tips?? I'm going Silent Achiever or Royal Descent
  10. I've joined https://www.couchsurfing.org/profile.html?id=5HN2AHSRU. This is where you offer a spare bed free to a visitor to your city for a day or two. I've filled my profile up with football and a-league references. I was thinking it would be a good way to cutdown expenses for all these away trips. So I'm happy to give a couple of Roar or Heart or whatever fans a free bed for a night or two, and if the idea takes off, then I might get the same in return. And of course, there's no danger a Sydney FC fan will be knocking at the door ))
  11. Haven't seen a thread about one of the best series in the world. Any sons fans on here? The season finale tonight was epic, so could not see any of that coming. Next season is too long away and seasons are short overall.sons
  12. Just wondering if there were any DSLR photographers in the mix here? Whether you are a beginner to an expert, please share your images, equipment and blogs. First off, I'm a beginner. I was always interested in photography and was keen on it throughout college, but for some reason never really pursued it afterwards. I've recently purchased a friends 'old' Nikon D700 with Nikkor 28-70mm 2.8 lens. I'm expecting some quality images from it.... ..now.. to find the 'on' switch.
  13. Hello All. I need help on my photography assignment. Put simply: I need 10 photos that defines what Syndey Life is. Since I'm the only westie in my class I've decided to focus on Western Sydney. It can be about significant (or insignificant but nonetheless good) people/places/buildings/graffiti etcetc. At the moment I have almost nothing specific in mind except for this club and its supporters. So that's hopefully 2 photos down. Help a brother out and recommend something!
  14. I did some digging on the origin to the name.... to summerise the result. (mind you this is looking at English origin, heck even Chinese claiming to have invented football and pasta) Firstly almost every type of game back in those days are Football. Round ball is too called football. When rules and standards are applied to the game it is then known as Association Football (October 26th 1863) The game is distinguished as Football in 1881, favourably by lower class citizen at the time. Gentleman (aristocrats and other privilege citizen) called it 'Soccer/Soccer Football' or 'Association Footb
  15. A thread for all the night owls. Post any random bs. Posts must be between 12am and 6am otherwise stooge requirements are not met. I'll start off by saying I can;t help but sleep late even though I work early. Sleep when I'm dead baby! Anyone else have the same problem? My ass we need 8hrs sleep! Maybe if 4hrs of that were sex.
  16. Hi all, Would anyone be keen on wearing a gargamel costume / mascot costume for derby day? I am keen on showing those smurfs they should be running, see image below'; The cost of this unit shipped to australia is $305 AUD .. im thinking it might be a good investment for future derby games? Opinions / thoughts / comments? Balkanite
  17. www.cpa.org.au/guardian/2012/1557/04-police-brutality-exposed-by-case.html First things first. Go have a read at the article. Thoughts? I'm interested to see what kind of punishment they give these cops. If it's anywhere under what Barker would've got for their bullshit...well we all know this story. ****ing cops. You'd think they'd know how to cover up evidence seeing as it's their field and all. I hope they get what's coming to them. They've already been ordered to pay around 30k in legal fees. I reckon the inside of a cell with a few of their mates will do wonders.
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