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  • The Western Sydney Wanderers failed to take advantage of their opponents going down to ten men as the Mariners & Wanderers played out an entertaining 2-2 draw at Homebush.

    With the return of Josh Risdon from international duty  the home side were fieldling a full strength linueup against the Mariners whose team included young gun Daniel De Silva and it was the visitors who struck first. After building an attack on the left flank, Storm Roux found Andrew Hoole with a cut-back, and Hoole fired in a weak shot that Vedran Janjetovic did his best impression of Andrew Redmayne with, dropping it cold in front of Asdrubal who had the simplest goal he'll ever score to make it 1-0.

    Despite the setback the home side mounted attack after attack, and they equalised from the penalty spot in the 39th minute. Roly Bonevacia was smashed from behind with a shoulder charge in the box and the referee had no hesitation awarding the penalty. Marquee striker Oriol Riera stepped up and powered a brilliant penalty into the side netting that the Mariners keeper couldn't keep out.

    The third goal was awarded to De Silva but could easily have been an own goal for Brendan Hamill, who had subbed on for an injured Michael Thwaite. Hoole put De Silva in own goal and he lifted the ball over Janjetovic with the final touch being smashed into the back of the net by a despairing Hamill.

    The Wanderers came back yet again thanks to another less than adequate disaply of goalkeeping. Josh Risdon steamed down the right flank, and fired in a cross to the edge of the 6 yard box, Glover spilled it into the path of Roly Bonevacia who summed up the situation perfectly and emphatically finished past Glover and the diving Mariners defence.

    Hoole saw a late red card after a second yellow offence, but the Wanderers weren't able to maintain any level of control over the ball, giving away soft fouls & mishit passes that allowed the Mariners to waste enough time to end the game in a 2-2 draw.

    The Wanderers face Sydney FC next weekend on Saturday 21 October.

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    • Hehehehe... Channel 10 just did a really good rundown on the derby!  Footage of Cejudo's goal in a Spanish  derby last season, words from with Brosque, and Foxe ...footage of training. lololol! I wonder why??    
    • Predictions 1 I’ll get angry and probably swear at some North Shore type  2 If Hammil plays he will score an own goal 3 The Cove TIFO will be some pretentious meaningless nonsense about state of mind or similar bollocks 4 There will be some decision that the VAR over rules in their favour and some mistake that favouring them that doesn’t get reviewed (like the “offside” call they had against Wellington) 5 This game will be forever known as the Reira derby due to his hat trick 
    • Arnie is a great front runner. Loves trolling others when things are going well for him, and loves to display his dominance and machoism when it comes to talking about his club and how they are physically dominant specimens in comparison to others. Although there is a bit of irony in the 'shed' comment, considering the rebuild of Parramatta Stadium, and Allianz has now become the 'shed' (or death trap). But one thing Arnie is not is a gracious loser. His narcissistic personality won't allow him to be. Just go back to Asian Cup with Socceroos, the season SFC didn't make the six, his Japanese club experiment, our Derby victory last season. He is a bitter and spiteful human being when things don't go his way. There is no greater sight in Australian football than Arnie in melt down. So just saviour this, because the tables could turn anytime and then you will see a different Arnie. God help us if he become Socceroos coach. Because the things he will have to endure will be beyond his scope. We've seen how Postecoglou has handled it. Arnie will be ten times more melodramatic, and just wait until the media gets stuck into him..
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