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Wanderers Draw Again

Nov 22 2014 06:05 PM | mack in First Team Match Reports

The Western Sydney Wanderers have doubled their A-League Premiership points tally with a draw against the Newcastle Jets tonight at Parramatta Stadium.

The Wanderers were the far better of the two outfits, but could only take the point away after some sloppy defending let Marcos Flores 27th minute equaliser following Tomi Juric's stunning volley in the 12th.

Edison Montano the big man upfront for Newcastle should have give the away side the lead in the 10th minute. A long punt from Ben Kennedy, taking his place in the starting lineup as Phil Stubbins dropped #1 Mark Birighitti to the bench, saw Shannon Cole bring the ball down but directly into the path of Montano. Ante Covic scrambled back to the goal line but slipped on the turf. All the striker needed was to calmly pass the ball into the open net but instead scooped it high and wide. It was embarrassing play all round.

Two minutes later Juric did open the scoring. His 9th A-League goal was a pearler, Vitor Saba delivering a deep corner to the back post. The Jets fell asleep and left Juric wide open and he took full advantage, blasting a left foot volley through the crowd in the penalty area and past Kennedy.

Marcos Flores came within a whisker of equalising in the 19th minute. Montano, on the left flank lobbed in a cross that Cole stupidly headed back across goal instead of out of play. Flores thumped a powerful volley from the edge of the area and it nearly cracked the crossbar in half with Ante Covic stood still as a statue.

The warning wasn't heeded by the Wanderers defence and they let Flores get his equaliser. David Carney, the man who cost Australia the Asian Cup, chipped into Flores who was given the freedom of the penalty area with Daniel Alessi getting caught in no-man's land when he should have been marking the dangerous attacking midfielder's run into the box. Flores brought the ball down with a single touch then slipped the ball past the onrushing Covic with a neat backheel.

That goal signalled the second bus parking at Parramatta Stadium in the space of a week, the Wanderers dominating crosses, corners, shots and territory but being unable to get back in front before half-time, Nikita Rukavytsya having the best chance with his fearsome left peg, rifling a long range effort after beating Nick Cowburn all ends up. His strike was palmed away by Kennedy.

Tomi Juric came the closest to a goal in the second half, Rukavytsya going past three Jets defender before laying it off for Juric. Juric's first time curling effort curled back in on goal like a guided missile but it impacted the post and bounced out for a goal kick. Juric had another good chance in the 77th, getting on the end of a short cross he leapt and made good contact with the head but it lacked power and was directed straight at the keeper.

As the Wanderers pressed for the winner substitute Labinot Haliti near stole the three points at the death, after some pinball in the box it fell to the winger who lashed a right foot strike that would have been on target had it not been for a lucky block from a Jets defender that saw the ball skew out for another corner.

Nothing came from that or any other chance in the final few minutes, Western Sydney taking 1 point from a game that could easily have gone either way, the Wanderers wayward defending in the first half only being punished once while the Jets got away with the help of the woodwork and lucky deflections. Tony Popovic and his men would be the unhappier of the two teams as this makes two games in a row they were the better team on the night but unable to prove it on the scoreboard.

For perhaps the first time since the inaugural Sydney Derby, it will be the blue quarter of Sydney that will go in as favourites. With 6th place already 4 points behind and 1st placed Perth Glory a full 16 points ahead of the Wanderers the Red & Black need to start picking up points before the fixture pileup set to take place due to the Club World Cup.

The Wanderers next game is the Sydney Derby, on Saturday the 29th of November at Parramatta Stadium, kickoff at 7:30PM.

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Western Sydney Wanderers vs Newcastle Jets 22/11/2014 5:00PM

Nov 20 2014 08:41 PM | mack in First Team Pre-Match Articles

Western Sydney Wanderers vs Newcastle Jets

Posted Image

Posted ImageVS Posted Image

Date and Local Kick-Off Time at Stadium: Saturday 22 November 2014 - 5:00PM

Sydney Kick-Off Time: 5:00PM EDT

Round: 7

Competition: A-League Regular Season

Location: Parramatta, New South Wales

Stadium: Parramatta Stadium

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Mariners Park The Barge To Claim Point In Parramatta.

Nov 19 2014 08:28 PM | mack in First Team Match Reports

Western Sydney dominated their midweek A-League clash but couldn't find a way through a packed Central Coast defence.

It was 90 minutes of anti-football from the Mariners and 90 minutes of a team still struggling for cohesion and match fitness failing to break them down. There were a handful of chances but few if any managed to be put on target, and those that did were easily covered by the defence or goalkeepers. The Wanderers looked reasonable on an individual level but no-one stepped up for a moment of glory, while the Mariners sat back and played as if in a 6-4-0 formation for the majority of the match.

That's it.

That's the match report.

The Wanderers next match is against the Newcastle Jets on Saturday the 22nd of November at 5:00pm at Parramatta Stadium.

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Lobbyists Push For More Unwanted ANZ Stadium Upgrades

Nov 18 2014 09:16 PM | mack in Supporter Articles

Another day, another attempt by the privately owned ANZ Stadium to subvert the will of a community that wants Parramatta Stadium upgraded.

ANZ Stadium, which was once acquired by a consortium involving current AFL Chairman Mike Fitzpatrick, is pushing yet again for a multi-hundred million dollar upgrade, paid for by the taxpayer yet intended to profit the private companies who own the stadium. Those private companies have generously offered to pay $100 million, and in exchange would receive $250 million in taxpayer funding and an extension to the ownership rights that expire in 2031.

This 'deal' is akin to the teenager promising he'll get a job at Maccas for a few months to save up for a car, as long as their parents put in triple what they save up and never ask them to take their little siblings to the shops. There is no benefit to this plan for anyone but the owners of ANZ Stadium and the politicians wanting to get their hands on the modern form of kickbacks and corruption, the lucrative "directorship" and "consultancies" heaped upon them once they leave Parliament by those who they gave favour to during their time in office.

Powerful lobbyists with a well drilled PR machine in step with a pliant mainstream media have a well worn tactic when anyone should dare to question the logic of handing over what would likely be close to half a billion dollars in exchange for $100 million. They put out another flashy set of photoshopped pictures, a new 3D rendered video along with some quotes about a plan that is "revealed" to a local newspaper.

The press releases cry "It will have a roof! Free wifi! One of the greatest stadiums in the world! It's 15 years old! Moving stands! It must be upgraded to keep attracting major events!"

It's been done four times in the last 2 years.

The problem is that nothing short of a knockdown rebuild into a proper rectangular stadium will give Sydney the marquee stadium it deserves. That is a currently impossible situation. Because of this, I believe that no more money should be spent on ANZ until it returns to public ownership and can be torn down or perhaps set fire to like Cumberland Oval in 1981.

An upgrade won't fix the awful lines of sight.

It won't fix the mountain treks up to the top tier.

It won't fix the fact that Cityrail don't properly cater for major events leaving 1000's waiting ages to leave.

It won't fix the outrageous cost of everything in the precinct.

It won't fix the fact the place has no atmosphere either inside or outside the stadium.

It won't fix the turf from being ruined by AFL, Cricket, monster trucks, music concerts and just generally being one of the worst surfaces in the country.

It won't fix the place being somewhere no-one wants to go for anything but the very biggest events. The press releases re-badged as news reports carefully hide the fact that the full redevelopment will require much more than the $250 million being lobbied for.

ANZ chief executive Daryl Kerry was right when he said "Sydney’s sporting infrastructure has fallen behind other states and major cities in the Asia-Pacific region".

Where he is wrong is the idea that we can fix that issue by putting lipstick on the pig that is ANZ. Instead of spending money on a privately owned half-pregnant 'multi-sport' monstrosity, we can fix the problem of our sporting infrastructure by focusing on local stadiums for teams who actually want to be in their community alongside their members.

One of these local community developments must be to rebuild Parramatta Stadium to the level it deserves. A rectangular stadium that accommodates the two major tenants, the Wanderers & Eels. 35,000 seats, with safe standing that can improve the atmosphere for football matches while bringing back cheaper tickets and an old school "hill" mentality for Parramatta Eels matches.

Parramatta Stadium is regularly filled to capacity, and is far older than ANZ, with inferior facilities. The success of the Western Sydney Wanderers makes upgrading or rebuilding Parramatta Stadium the obvious choice, but not the one the politicians in charge of the country & the state want to offer up to their corporate paymasters.

ANZ Stadium does not need an upgrade. It is up to us to make our voices heard. When the Wanderers were first being formed we rejected the idea of playing at ANZ Stadium for the reasons listed above. The football supporters who pushed view that were proven right with the success and renowned atmosphere that has been built at Wanderers games in just a few short years. It is now time for the Government to invest in a public facility for a change, and to help the Wanderers grow even further at Parramatta.

I call on members of Parliament to once and for all to declare which side of the sporting fence they sit on.

Parramatta Stadium, a facility that is part of our community.

Or ANZ Stadium, a facility which is the very antithesis of community.


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Western Sydney Wanderers vs Central Coast Mariners 19/11/2014 7:30PM

Nov 17 2014 07:48 PM | mack in First Team Pre-Match Articles

Western Sydney Wanderers vs Central Coast Mariners

Posted Image

Posted ImageVS Posted Image

Date and Local Kick-Off Time at Stadium: Wednesday 19 November 2014 - 7:30PM

Sydney Kick-Off Time: 7:30PM EDT

Round: 3

Competition: A-League Regular Season

Location: Parramatta, New South Wales

Stadium: Parramatta Stadium

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