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    • Wendy, I know this is off topic, but why nervous? We are having conversations about lack of success primarily because of ongoing sub standard import recruitment, plus Popa leaving when he did. MB is well connected, the new crop of imports will be different from what we've seen in recent years. Plus we'll have a top notch fitness coach at the start of pre season. The whole club has to work around the limitations, and it chooses not to breach the cap. Instead, the focus was on infrastructure. WSW have just gone live with the new training facility, and the new stadium is waiting. I believe that WSW have used the last seven years far better than Smurfs, VIC, Glory have used the 15 years they had, and it will make a difference. The owners consider the academy their crown jewel. Gombau chose to ignore that, while MB is running with it. He knows what an academy is supposed to look like, and that's what he wants to bring to the club. This season we've seen Suman, Greenwood, Wilmering, Cordier, Tass, Russel, Majok in the HAL squad, and on the pitch. Monge, Grozos, maybe Roberts, and a couple of others to come next. Add Baccus and JoD to the list. These guys are already making HAL journeymen redundant, and that's a good thing. From here onward the others have reason to be nervous. Not us.    
    • Some interesting points in there Hughsey, as per the time slot for kick off can fully understand evening kick offs to avoid sun blast, but it does hinder the families who have younger kids, my whole family attended early kick offs at Pirtek behind the goal but these 7.55 kick offs which seem to be the norm now, means only my elder son and i attend as the two other times juinor was asleep before full time and whining all the way home, as a result no interest now in attending, i guess i am not the only dad here with that story. Guess it is a balance thing, you want the younger kids as fans because they grow up as hardened dye in the wool WSW fans, so earlier kick offs make sense but not at the risk of alienating current fans by subjecting them to sun blindness, also i did not like from day one (but i have no control over stadium design) the west stand being fully used for corporate use, much fairer to spread around around the ground on one level between upper & lower in my opinion, but i do not control budget and design, just a fan who wants to watch a local football match with his sons. As the old adage goes "you cant please all of the people all of the time"  
    • Another dirty approval after Adani. Controversial uranium mine approved day before election called http://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-04-26/government-approved-uranium-mine-day-before-election/11047252
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