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  • Daniel Severino launched an extraordinary attack on the Western Sydney Wanderers organisation over twitter last night.


    Severino is currently playing for Marconi Stallions in the New South Wales Premier League. He previously picked up the wooden spoon with the defunct Gold Coast United. Overnight he used his Twitter account to attack the new club on a variety of fronts including race, politics, corruption and backdoor deals.


    He blamed "racial politics" for David Vrankovic's move to Melbourne Heart over Western Sydney Wanderers.


    Severino then proceeded to tweet that the club had made "lowsy (sic) signings" and that all at the club except for Aaron Mooy and Jarrad Tyson are "big time rejects".


    Another comment was that football is being run by an "old boys club". That comment appeared to suggest that ex-players are involved in corruption and back door deal with the agents they used while they were players.


    There was also an implication that the Wanderers had "neglected their own" by failing to sign Dylan McAllister in addition to Vrankovic.


    Severino was considered one of the lead targets of Wanderers at the beginning of the life of the club, but after this vehement attack on the club it would seem extremely unlikely that he will be joining the club any time soon.


    It remains to be seen if the Wanderers will respond to the allegations made online.


    Update - Since this was published Severino deleted his tweets.


    I would like to also confirm that at the time I did not know that Luke Casserly was the coach of Marconi football club. His comments were provided as the context for Severino's responses. There was never an intention to imply or suggest that Luke Casserly agreed with them. At his request I have removed his responses and questions.









    Reports out of Melbourne have confirmed the addition of South Melbourne's VPL Player of the Year Jason Trifiro to the newly formed Western Sydney Wanderers squad.


    When Trifiro was left out of the lineup for the match against the Southern Stars, South Melbourne's coach commented on his absence, "He has signed for the new Sydney team, so he’s going to the A-League. That’s fantastic for him, it’s another South Melbourne player that’s taking the next step into the A-League, (he’s) a quality player, VPL Player of the Year last year, all credit to him because he deserves the opportunity.â€


    Trifiro performed well in the inaugural match against Nepean and this as well as his performance in training appears to have given Tony Popovic the evidence he requires to sign the player to the club.

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