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Aaron Mooy


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Congratulations to Aaron and Huddersfield Town on staying in the Premier League.

These German managers are pretty damn good aren't they?

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I think Wagner did a pretty good job to keep them up on the lowest budget in the Premier League with a pretty ordinary squad overall.

From what I've read on the Terriers forum there should be a considerably larger amount of money available to improve the overall quality of the squad.

I think it's a pretty good story anyway for a club that hadn't been at the top level since 1972,  and had  won three successive league titles in the 1920's to be able to stay up at the top level again.

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Huddersfield have done well this year given limited resources. If they hadn't started the season well they would have been relegation material. I can't see much more in the way of funding so it wouldn't surprise if they get relegated next year.

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I'd have a guess and say Newcastle but it could be anyone of 8 to 10 clubs at a rough estimate.

The betting agencies should start a book on it.

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Mooy likely wanted to stay in the PL and less likely to renew his contract with Huddersfield (he had 1 year left on contract) if a PL club could get him on a free next season.

This way Huddersfield are able to retain him and if they're promoted again he can play for them next season, or decide to loan/sell him if they're not.

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Good piece of business from Brighton and we can't forget the money Mooy is probably earning anything from double to 5 times what he was earning at Brighton and his edging 30 now. Playing with Oscar and Hulk and Asian Champions league not a bad move 

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